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VA schools banning zeroes to avoid hurt feelings?

Even though Virginia is one of only a few states not having to deal with the alleged "dumbing down" of the controversial Common Core, many parents statewide are now concerned with the proposed ban on zeroes from the classroom so that students' feelin ...

Students vote to celebrate communism at prom

Students at a private school in New Mexico have voted to hold their upcoming high school prom with a communism theme, which could be the most bizarre theme ever. Students at the Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School in Albuquerque recently voted on ...

Campus gestapo: Avoiding LGBT training an 'act of violence'

At George Washington University, declining to submit to LGBT doctrine is a punishable offense — one that runs so contrary to campus politics that it is dubbed an “act of violence.” After the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) indicated that it would no ...

Higher ed., lower thinking: 2 states dumb-down student speech

A university in Utah believes that students should not say or post anything that "disparages" or mocks any individual — even including Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara — while a university in Wisconsin prohibits all speech that can cause “emotional di ...

La. teacher gestapo'd for criticizing Common Core

For teachers in one Louisiana school district, any criticism of the controversial and problematic Common Core Curriculum is not only prohibited — it’s a punishable offense that may cost them their jobs. When 12-year junior high school teacher Deborah ...

Climate change defectors having to weather Democrat led storm

Top Democrats are turning up the pressure against college professors who aren't on board with their agenda to unconditionally promote "climate change," even when the evidence stacks up against it. "I am under 'investigation,'" declared University of ...

Jindal: Repeal Common Core along with ObamaCare

Potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal has made sure his fellow Republicans understand that he has no love lost for the federally imposed education guidelines and curriculum known as Common Core. During his speech last week at the Con ...

Black families turning to homeschooling at fastest rate, but why?

The demographics of homeschooling are quickly changing, as African American children are becoming one of the fastest-growing segments of the United States population that is deciding to teach their own … and the reasons might surprise you. According ...

Government's Next Step: Are you ready for mandatory preschool?

With many states still concerned about their public schools making preschool mandatory, the state of Nevada is honing in on bringing children into the school system who have yet to graduate from their diapers and cribs. The Nevada Legislature is push ...

'Free Speech' Professors Greatly Outnumbered by 'Thought Police' Peers

A number of professors at a South Carolina university apparently want to ban hateful free speech on social media. More than 100 Clemson University faculty and staff signed their names to a school newspaper ad denouncing "hateful statements" on Facebo ...

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