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Are schools pushing an anti-gun agenda?

An education expert believes an anti-gun campaign is behind a recent incident in which a middle school student in New Jersey was forced to undergo a mental evaluation for simply twirling a pencil in class. Seventh-grader Ethan Chaplin was accused by ...

Mom sues student and parents for alleged bullying

A suburban mother filed a lawsuit claiming that an elementary-school student bullied and beat up her son, a third-grader at the same Northwest suburban school. In the lawsuit, which also identifies the boy as a plaintiff, Deveri Del Core, claims ther ...

HS drama teacher apologizes for profane awards ceremony

A Washington drama teacher has apologized after she conducted a profane awards ceremony that included jokes about priests having sex with children and sex toys. A parent attended the ceremony at Bellingham High School with her 17-year-old daughter an ...

Fla. district rethinks, retracts Bible ban

After a lot of public pressure, school officials in one Florida county have surrendered and will allow students to bring Bibles to school to read during free reading times. A controversy concerning a Bible ban began when fifth-grader Giovanni Rubeo w ...

Arizona HS features teen moms in yearbook, sparks outrage

An Arizona high school principal has been dealing with calls from angry parents after the school decided to donate two pages in its yearbook to students who are parents or who are expecting. Mesa High School's 255-page yearbook has donated pages No. ...

Trigger warnings: Should schools use them?

Higher-education institutions have an obligation to take reasonable steps to protect students from physical harm, dangerous people and situations, harassment and bullying. What they should not try to do is to protect students from ideas that might sh ...

America's college campuses, where speech isn't so free anymore

Welcome to America's college campuses, where the feelings of students are never to be bruised and where freedom of speech is reserved for only some of those doing the speaking. Examples abound from coast to coast. Ayaan Hirsi Ali's case may be the be ...

AZ school district latest to cave on either-sex bathroom policy

It's a story being repeated in public schools, and now an Arizona school district has a policy to allow children to use bathrooms of the opposite sex. On the advice of attorneys, the Tucson Unified School District was told it has to allow young stude ...

University corrects can't-thank-God professor

[caption id="attachment_10777" align="alignright" width="300"] Professor Eli Hvastkovs[/caption] Students at East Carolina University have been told to disregard a professor's order that graduates can't "thank God" in their graduation ceremonies. ECU ...

Why are they graduating?

It's nearly graduation day for America's high schools, so let's bring up a fair assumption: a majority of this year's graduating seniors will be up to speed in math and reading when they receive their diplomas. Even with the well-documented troubles ...

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