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Minimum wage hike could have consequences

Snyder signed the legislation last week to raise the state's minimum wage by 25 percent gradually over the next four years, with the goal of reaching $9.25 an hour. Reports out of Lansing say Republicans -- who control the state government -- made th ...

Senseless in Seattle: Fantasy economics

By upping the minimum wage to a ridiculous $15 an hour, Seattle City Council has virtually guaranteed a losing hand for an untold number of workers. Sharply higher than Washington state's $9.32, Seattle's new hourly minimum was promised by the mayor, ...

Minimum wage, maximum damage

Do you like self-service kiosks? Enjoy speaking to automated voice systems? Rather interact with a touchscreen instead of a friendly face? If so, call your elected representatives today and urge them to increase the nation's minimum wage from $7.25 t ...

Raise the minimum wage, retard the jobs recovery

The Keystone Research Center, that reliably liberal (and, thus, reliably misleading) mouthpiece for organized labor and the social justice crowd, is out with its latest entreaty to raise the minimum wage. And as per usual, its "analysis" suffers from ...

How ethanol boosts the price of your hamburger

Checked the price of hamburger at the grocery store lately? Whoa! Beef prices have been soaring, along with the cost of dairy, fruits and vegetables. Drought in California and elsewhere accounts for some of the rise. Strong demand for U.S. food from ...

Free Enterprise Struggles to Thrive

So now business has two phantoms to fight. One is climate change, of course, the notion that we're killing the environment by the carefree way we burn fuel. The other is the "widening income gap." Heartless old capitalism keeps letting the rich scamp ...

Jobs crisis: U.S. economy continues to underperform

February's job creation figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday underline the continuing pathetic state of the American job market. New jobs for the month numbered a middling 175,000, but the three-month average including January an ...

Raising minimum wage would do more harm than good

Gov. Scott Walker says he isn't focused on raising the state's minimum wage but rather on boosting wages for family-supporting jobs. That's good to hear, particularly when a bill introduced in January would push Wisconsin's minimum from $7.25 to $10. ...

Federal unemployment benefits can discourage job hunting

Due to national recession and the ongoing anemic recovery, Democrats have advocated for constant extension of unemployment benefits. At one point, beneficiaries could be on unemployment for up to 99 weeks. Many Republicans argue that extended benefit ...

The president's pen could create 40,000 jobs

President Obama has promised to "slash bureaucracy and streamline the permitting process for key projects, so we can get more construction workers on the job as fast as possible." The Alberta to Texas Keystone XL pipeline would let him do exactly tha ...

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