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What, pray tell, is a 'family wage'?

The intellectual midgets of the tallest order have been working so much overtime on America's Northleft Coast that they've fried the last of their brain synapses. Why else would more than 2,600 people in Spokane, Wash., sign a petition forcing to the ...

Medicare, Medicaid key to cutting back federal spending

If entitlement spending were a bomb, Medicare and Medicaid would be the two wires that would need to be cut because those programs drive up federal spending. Paul Howard, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research and director of th ...

NY's $15 minimum wage will hurt jobs statewide

The fight continues over fast-food workers' wages in New York. One political economist says the plan is unfair and discriminatory, yet technically legal. Franchise owners filed formal objections this week to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to r ...

Employer learns about income equality the hard way

Those obsessed with "income inequality" often suggest most of life's woes could be eliminated if workers' wages were arbitrarily and artificially boosted to high levels. Dan Price, head of a Seattle credit card processing firm, decided to put that th ...

Jobless numbers deceiving as many are underemployed

You probably don't realize it, but the powers that be have long been lying to you about how good (or, bad, actually) the economy still is. Perhaps, not exactly lying to you. But, certainly, hiding the truth from you in plain sight. I'm talking about ...

Website helps shoppers put their money where their values are

Conservatives and people of faith can shop wisely with the debut of a new website. The theme of 2ndVote, a new website for consumers, is “Follow the money.” Chris Walker, who heads the organization, tells OneNewsNow the website will help conservative ...

Living wage push in NY is feel-good folly

The governor of New York wants a minimum wage that avoids legislative approval, but a political economist says the governor fails to take things into account. "What (Andrew) Cuomo fails to take into account is that there are any negative effects from ...

Learn a skill to get a good job

If tomorrow is like every other May Day, you'll hear a lot about worker rights. But why not worker smarts, too? This year more than most, the complaints grow louder about income inequality, the "income gap." Such a flaw, we're told, in the American w ...

Unions, not workers, behind push for $15 wages

People pushing for $15 an hour in various jobs will continue their efforts next week. Critics, meanwhile, warn it will make things worse. The so-called "Fight for 15" is planned for April 15 or 4/15. What began last year as demonstrations of fast foo ...

Huckabee: Walmart execs victims of a Sharpton-like shakedown

[caption id="attachment_21936" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]Two conservative leaders have spoken out against retail giant Walmart's opposition to the religious freedom bill in the company's home state of Arkansas. One says he ...

  • "Obama already forgot about what happened in Paris. He's way too busy fixing the environment and taking away our guns..." Comment by wisbob
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  • "Obama is a tyrant, Hillary is a tyrant tyrants always take the guns of free [people and then put them..." Comment by joejackson
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  • "Here is the problem, liberals are masters at playing the victim and making everyone else feel guilty for pointing out..." Comment by Jota_
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