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Even in liberal Massachusetts 12 people believed in justice

A miracle happened Friday in ultra-liberal, bleeding-heart Massachusetts. After 14 hours of deliberation, 12 jurors sentenced Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a radicalized Islamist terrorist, to death. Bravo to these courageous patriots who made the right call. T ...

ADF taking on 'clear-cut case of discrimination'

A case that has gone on for years regarding city officials who have adamantly denied zoning for an Ohio Christian school is now before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Beginning in 2011, Upper Arlington refused zoning for Tree of Life Christian Sc ...

Free-speech rulings such as that in Kentucky are a victory for all

Court rulings and common sense don't always go hand in hand, so it's refreshing when a judge's decision appears both logical and entirely reasonable. Such is the case with a Kentucky judge's recent free-speech ruling in a case pitting a small busines ...

Civil rights and wrongs

While the U.S. Supreme Court held an Alice-in-Wonderland session on the nature and value of marriage, one of the nation's largest cities lay partly in ruins over the death of a black man in police custody. What do the two events have in common? In ea ...

Court OKs 'Kill Jews, draw close to Allah' ads on NYC buses

A district judge ruled that ads posted on New York City buses and subways reading, “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah,” are acceptable under First Amendment protections. Ironic and confusing to many, the ads were created by the pro ...

Court: KY law protects Christian businessman

A Kentucky judge has ruled that a T-shirt company in Lexington can operate his business according to his faith and the government can't force him to do otherwise. More than three years ago, Blaine Adamson of "Hands On Originals" declined to print T-s ...

Drug charges dropped; cop violated man's 4th Amendment rights

A man convicted on drug charges has been absolved of guilt by the nation's highest court, and the case sends a lesson to others. Dennys Rodriguez and his passenger were stopped by police in Nebraska for driving onto a median. An officer gave him a wa ...

Will one man decide the future of marriage?

WASHINGTON -- Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will be in a familiar position today: hearing arguments in a high-stakes legal drama and knowing that all eyes in the court's marbled chamber will be on him. Kennedy, the so-called "swing voter" who ...

Ginsburg and Kagan must recuse - the law demands it

Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan must recuse themselves from the upcoming decision on homosexual "marriage." The reason is simple: their impartiality on the matter has been hopelessly compromised. Here's how Title 28, Part I ...

Cruz to pastors: 'Uphold sacrament of marriage'

In anticipation of next week's Supreme Court hearings on same-sex "marriage," Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is exhorting tens of thousands of pastors across the U.S. to champion biblical marriage from their pulpits this Sunday. Cruz, son ...

  • "I guess they didn't hear about this one:" Comment by cgretired
    Posted in Boy Scouts sign their own death warrant
  • "You are QUITE RIGHT, ewtheckman. The Boy Scouts have traditionally embraced Christian values, and THAT is what is under attack..." Comment by oleteabag
    Posted in Boy Scouts sign their own death warrant
  • "It is sad that this venerable, and once-honorable institution is headed for the ash heap of history, but its "leaders"..." Comment by oleteabag
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