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NY couple appeals 'sexual orientation discrimination'

If New York appeals court judges consider the Constitution, the owners of a family farm may win their discrimination case - so says the attorney handling the case. Cynthia and Robert Gifford live in a barn constructed on their farm and have occasiona ...

Texas Supreme Court to issue ruling on homeschooling curriculum

A decision as to whether or not Christian homeschool parents will be forced to prove to the El Paso Independent School District that they are teaching their children education basics will soon be made by the Supreme Court of Texas. After district off ...

Fired fire chief, First Amendment get their day in court

A former Atlanta fire chief is in court today fighting for his job and defending his First Amendment right to free speech. Kelvin Cochran, fired from his job last year after he wrote a self-published book about marriage and sexuality, is suing the Ci ...

The Clean Water Rule: Clearing the smoke

A federal appeals court wisely has placed the Environmental Protection Agency's new Clean Water Rule on hold nationwide, delivering a welcome slap to an Obama administration known all too well for its costly and unprecedented federal power grabs. A f ...

Supporters of Michigan cross holding out hope

A court order banning a cross in a Michigan city park won't be the final say. At issue is a 48-foot-tall cross in a park display in Grand Haven that allows other things, such as an anchor, to be displayed. An atheist, associated with the Americans Un ...

Lawsuit targets last state with 'gay adoption' ban

A constitutional law expert contends a Mississippi lawsuit is a clear indication to the nation to stand firm on biblical principles. On Wednesday, four lesbian couples filed suit in Jackson federal court to strike down a Mississippi law that bans hom ...

Attorney: Supreme Court needs to be held accountable

A constitutional law expert says the stakes are so high that now is the time to take action against the U.S. Supreme Court. Attorney Mike Farris of the Convention of States Project is convinced it's time to prevent justices from making political deci ...

Obergefell Threatens U.S. Democracy

In Obergefell v. Hodges, a bare majority of the Supreme Court upended the millennia-old meaning of marriage, invalidated the marriage laws of more than half the states, disenfranchised millions of American voters and sidestepped decades of constituti ...

The lessons of Roe v. Wade for judicial same-sex marriage

What does the Supreme Court's nationwide legalization of same- sex marriage mean for religions, for people of faith and for individual conscience? The battle over abortion rights over the past generations provides some clues. But the fundamental answ ...

NY Christians appeal fine for refusing lesbians

A Christian couple who owns a farm in upstate New York is appealing a decision that punishes them for standing by their faith. Cynthia and Robert Giffords supplement their farm income by allowing use of the property during autumn for various activiti ...

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