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Crushing dissent in the name of tolerance

If you want to know where the left is taking the country, a quick trip to the Southern Poverty Law Center's website is instructive. There you will find a "hate map," on which the precise locations of reputable Christian organizations are listed, alon ...

CPAC's pure conservatism turned heads, changed minds

[caption id="attachment_22200" align="alignright" width="300"] Dr. Ben Carson, CPAC[/caption]One of the young lions I met at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., last week was stunned by what he heard there. So stunned, i ...


Last Tuesday, The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College hosted its ninth Ronald Reagan Lecture, a much-anticipated annual event. This year featured Art Laffer and Roger Robinson. Laffer is the namesake of the Laffer Curve, a cornerstone of ...

Presidential Hubris on Display at the Press Conference

There is a reason why the President of the United States should have ice water for blood. A rash word sends the stock market on a three day tumble. A misunderstanding can create a cataclysmic series of diplomatic missteps that can lead to nuclear war ...

It Costs $544.28 to be a Non-Union Teacher in Michigan...

And for Andrew Bulkema, a Michigan teacher with a decade of teaching experience, it is worth every penny to be free from the mandatory political monolith that the teachers union has become for liberal causes. For Bulkema, the compulsory dues in direc ...

The Old Left, the New Left and the What's Left

Well, they are finally admitting it. Democrat campaign strategists are outright abandoning the white working class voter in 2012, relying instead upon a "center left coalition" comprised of the "educated" (limousine) liberal and the lower class, mino ...

Ka-Ching. (Is this what Sharon Bielak hears?)

Does anyone else find it odd that presidential candidate Herman Cain had an entire corporate career completely free of any sexual harassment claims -- we are talking decades at Burger King, Pillsbury, Godfather's Pizza and there wasn't a whiff of any ...

The Caingate Flapdoodle Kerfluffle -- Potomac Fever?

Let me see if I have this whole Herman Cain flapdoodle straight.  For the first twenty-five, thirty years of Mr. Cain's career, which was in the corporate world, there was nary a peep about sexual harassment, a complaint filed or hordes of women runn ...

Tea Party Protests vs. Wall Street Protests

Natasha Lennard, protesting with the leftists against Wall Street, corporations, capitalism and money in general, was wearing two hats the other day at the Wall Street protest.   She was not only stomping around with looney leftists like Michael Moor ...

Stick a fork in the Perdue campaign, it's done.

And her campaign hasn't even (officially) started! Governor Bev Perdue (D-NC) inserted a political equivalent of a shoe store into her yapper today when she suggested at the Cary, NC Rotary Club that elections be temporarily suspended. Just for a cou ...

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  • "Exactly HOW is a coach asking his students "Does anyone have a prayer request" unconstitutionally Promoting a religion? Now if he..." Comment by ltuser
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