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More Money? Seriously?

U.S. Rep. James P. Moran thinks members of Congress are underpaid. Yes, of course they are. That's why they cling to the job for dear life over the course of decades whenever humanly possible, and come out the other side as millionaires, the poor dea ...

Sheila Jackson Lee says Constitution 400 years old

As far as flubs go, Sheila Jackson Lee's "oops" moment on the House floor isn't the worst. But the Texas Democrat did learn it's pretty embarrassing to be a member of Congress and not know how old the United States Constitution is. Lee, speaking on t ...

The Adegbile nomination: Rejecting race-baiting

The unvarnished truth for Debo Adegbile was that he had engaged in a blatant case of race-baiting. And that was too much for even seven Senate Democrats -- among them, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania -- who joined with every Senate Republican -- led by Pen ...

Un-American? That's Harry Reid

An abhorrent floor speech by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., revealed such a twisted conception of both the First Amendment and the facts that all Americans, whatever their political persuasion, should be repulsed. Mr. Reid singled out bil ...

House GOP must step up

The Obama administration cries out for adult supervision. Instead of enforcing the laws, President Obama skips the tedious and inconvenient legislative responsibility and makes national policy with executive orders, public statements and press releas ...

Committee Finds Major Problems with Benghazi

Mystery continues to swirl around the Obama administration's failure to respond to the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya, but some questions are being answered. The House Armed Services Committee on Monday released preliminary findings from its in ...

Exploiting the miserable

Congress left town Friday for a week's recess, leaving the emergency extension of unemployment benefits as unfinished business. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, for all his huffing and puffing about how important the extension is, leaves for Las Ve ...

Old Mother Hubbard found nothing to cut

[caption id="attachment_1717" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]My favorite quote in 2013 came from Nancy Pelosi on that crazy day when she turned into Old Mother Hubbard. "The cupboard is bare," she pronounced. House Minority Lea ...

Harry Reid's favor factory

The radioactive smoke has yet to clear from Harry Reid's detonation of the nuclear option, but the senator from Las Vegas is already using his new powers. Mr. Reid can rubber-stamp any name President Obama puts forward to hold a high office; Republic ...

Democrats make naked power grab

[caption id="attachment_1657" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]After the election of George W. Bush, Democrats in the Senate decided to change the way presidential nominees had been considered for more than two centuries. They em ...

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