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Final Debate: Obama Declares War on Romney

By Ivan Kenneally

Anxious to appear resolute, Obama exercised some executive prerogative and declared rhetorical war on Mitt Romney. No matter what the issue, Obama turned his focused attention to Romney’s past remarks, citing his speeches chapter and verse, labeling his every utterance “wrong and reckless”. When Obama had to suffer Romney’s responses, and one could see the palpable distress carved in his stony face, he replaced his incessant barbs with a long steely glare. When Bob Schieffer asked the two candidates what the greatest threat to national security was, I fully expected Obama to answer: Mitt Romney.

In less sardonic terms, Obama might have overdone his two debate Un-Humiliate Myself Tour. After his fugue state like performance in the first contest, a torpid trance of a showing, Obama wanted to appear strong and commanding. However, he took his cues from Joe Biden and seemed more pedantic than presidential, conflating combative fury with manly toughness. Romney deflated the entire strategy when he responded:  “Attacking me is not an agenda”. This made Romney seem presidential and serious while it raised suspicions that Obama’s overflowing aggression was an evasion of the issues, a desperate attempt at misdirection.

When he wasn’t impersonating Bobby Knight, Obama managed to deliver his most impressive showing of the three debates. He was obviously well studied, spoke floridly and confidently, and always seemed knowledgable. He was at his best forcing Romney into several concessions and agreements, taking advantage of the fact that, at least at the level of strategic theory, there isn’t exactly a yawning canyon that separates the two candidates. His most powerful and challenging posture: ”What would you have done differently?”. He sometimes made it seem as if Romney’s only point of disagreement was over tone and tenor, as if the addition of some bluster could transform a lame policy into one that projected national greatness.

Romney obviously made the decision that his principal task was to appear moderate and stately, assuaging fears fanned by Obama’s negative campaigning that he was a rabid war monger, eager to embroil the US in endless conflict and gratuitous brinksmanship. He largely executed this strategy well, carefully training his remarks more on his own plans and principles than Obama’s failings. Obama’s oft repeated charge that Romney had no substantive plan to speak of was consistently contradicted by plans successively offered by Romney, somewhat obsessively delivered in numbered bullet points.  He, too, came across as knowledgable and assuringly sane.

Romney was at his best when he focused on the economic underpinnings of any foreign policy, noting that our fiscal health underwrites national security. (I take this as powerful evidence he read my article in yesterday’s edition). In fact, much to Obama’s disadvantage, the debate often got sidetracked into lengthy exchanges over domestic issues like job creation, the national debt, and the possible avenues to renewed commercial vigor. Obama did not do well in these moments, speaking stridently of his future designs as if the last four years of economic enervation never occurred.

Special Headline: Guess Who’s About To Go Bankrupt in America will Shock you

The big moment that never was on Libya opened the debate, and both Bob Schiffer and Romney gave Obama a free pass on the scandal that continues to gather steam. Romney seems to have decided that it was better to guard against the potential for any full frontal assault appearing like an opportunistic politicalization of a national tragedy. He let the matter slide entirely, maybe in hopes that it will continue to find legs of its own.

Obama was saddled with the heftiest disadvantage of the night: stubborn reality, tougher than even the best executed speech. Whenever he touted his economic accomplishments, Romney rattled off his now familiar catalogue of American despair. Whenever Obama celebrated our burgeoning influence, the cowed retreat of our enemies, or our historically affectionate relationship with Israel, Romney only had to shrug and gesture towards an uncertain and parlous world that defied his passes at rosy self-aggrandizement.

Bob Schieffer did a laudable job, the best of the three moderators. The clearest evidence for this was that the debate was a pretty boring affair, predictably contentious but generally civil. Wrenched from context, it could be judged a tie, with no conclusive blows delivered by either side. But context matters: while Obama needs to restore his once celebrated mystique, Romney only needed to reinforce his suitability for office, disabusing those who still fear he still plans to spark a nuclear war with Iran and a currency war with China. And mystique is hard to recapture once squandered. Obama’s all too human performance was a forlorn reminder that he is a politician and not a prophet, and that yesterday’s soaring promise of hope is today’s chastened entreaty for patience.


Ivan Kenneally is Editor in Chief of the Daily Witness.

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  1. billwvComment by billwv
    October 23, 2012 @ 8:56 am

    “Romney’s wrong, I’m right. Romney’s wrong, I’m right.”
    If that is all Ozero has to offer, he’s in trouble.
    Romney was very astute on foreign policy and took it to Ozero on his ‘apology tour’ and purposely skipping Israel. Ozero looked like a trapped animal and then came back with lame excuses.
    My wife and I will vote tomorrow and we look forward to
    President Romney & Vice-President Ryan.

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    • gopluvaComment by gopluva
      October 23, 2012 @ 9:37 am

      Romney did a better job without hammering. Obama tried to say he was stupid or misleading. Screwed up on the bayonet issue.If Romney had hammered him on Libya like I had hoped obamas minions would be saying he was politicizing a tragedy.So he was right in hitting hard on the economy. obama tries to say he is strongly tied with Israel but he has not been there since taking office and I am sure Natanyahu does not feel close with him.Somehow phone calls just dont cut it.

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    • pypypypyComment by pypypypy
      October 23, 2012 @ 10:08 am

      I am glad that Gov Romney didnt give BO his talking points over these last 2 wks! They would have then said that Gov Romney wanted to start a war. Still I am sure they will say it since they have no record of success. Those of us who have our eyes and ears peel, know that BO is lying through his teeth. He lied about what Gov Romney said about the auto bailout then about the number of troops in Iraq.

      BO has no integrity and is a liar

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    • lizzieComment by lizzie
      October 23, 2012 @ 10:28 am

      I feel that people have already made their decisions on their candidate. Last night was a war of words. Obama trying to carry his role off as the President with an approach that he is in charge. He is not in charge. Romney approached the debate as a calm, in control and ready to be President of our country. We have a leader ready to take over..Mitt Romney.

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    • gpo1913Comment by gpo1913
      October 23, 2012 @ 10:59 am

      I totally agree and people had better do some research on what 0 is going to do when re-elected. He’s delayed at least three things until after election Also he’s delaying pink slips, medicare advantage take aways due to obamacare, and new EPA rules. He’s delaying all this before elections,why is that?, could it be people would be pissed. Oh yea, all of our taxpayer monies waste on green energy, not that green is bad but when your bad at picking them,the wise thing is to quit. Of course it wasn’t his money.. and the battery plant that has yet to turn out a battery…

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    • redseaComment by redsea
      October 23, 2012 @ 3:41 pm

      Wow, thanks for all of those links. Romney did great when he pointed out the government should make investments in technology & research, but not in companies. A government company would not be more efficient, because the government would of course bail out it’s own company and support it against competition.

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  2. pypypypyComment by pypypypy
    October 23, 2012 @ 9:04 am

    All we know to understand is:

    Strong economystrong militarya strong USA

    these past 4 yrs

    weak economya weak USAunrest in the MEAQ on the rise

    ps: when BO was called out by the Gov about his apology tour after he was President, BO skipped over that like he skipped over Israel!

    Romney/Ryan 2012

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    • bizzybuzzerComment by bizzybuzzer
      October 23, 2012 @ 9:58 am

      Skip, skip, skiptoomaloo, that’s wut Obama, will do to you,
      Gov. Romney, that doesn’t mean you, have to do it too.
      Skip, skip, skiptoomaloo, my darlin.

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  3. gnafuComment by gnafu
    October 23, 2012 @ 10:02 am

    The third Debate was boring. I knew Obama would repeat what he thinks are his accomplishments these past four years. Obama evaded the bows to Saudi King like it was a plague. Obama’s remarks on Libya were much the same but he ‘stayed out of the Rose Garden.’ Romney has a full grasp on what is happening in the world and I think this surprised Obama. Romney is not a war monger as some have said. He doen’t want war and wants to try for peaceful solutions. Sanctions should be stronger on Iran. They have the nuke on the way. Disarming the Military is a big mistake and I agree with Romney. Obama did lie about Isreal. His dismissal of visit with Netanyahu’s request so he could be on Letterman stinks. Obama’s return of Churchill’s bust to England was indeed a smack in the Queen’s face. And, Russia does pose a threat. There are communists everywhere, even in our White House. Obama doesn’t want to admit this. Obama is hellish bent on anti-colonialism and this is a mental sickness. Read between the lines of anything Obama says and know this anti-American.

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  4. Joseph C SkuesComment by Joseph C Skues
    October 23, 2012 @ 10:09 am

    My favorite pastor says “nobody is upset for the reason they think.” Let’s all take some time to really get to the bottom of these anti opposition attitudes here today. After the true reasons emerge progress can be made.

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  5. elixirmixerComment by elixirmixer
    October 23, 2012 @ 10:11 am

    Agreeing with president “Kardashian” on anything didn’t help Romney’s case at all.

    These sound-bites really don’t mean anything to thinking people who follow politics.

    Elections have consequences and getting rid of this corrupt Obama administration is first and foremost.

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  6. mrsgunnut10Comment by mrsgunnut10
    October 23, 2012 @ 10:12 am

    Frankly, There was another subject that could have put Obama in a “trick’ last night. Romney should or could have made the point that just as soon as Obamass was sworn in, he started Campaigning for the 2012 Presendintial Race. Almost immediately, he was using Air Force One flying here and there asking for donations for his next Campaigne and making World Wide visits to his Muslim Brotherhoodlims. Romney did an excellent job last night and now, I know I will get to use the “Republican Pencil” on Nov 6, 2012. By the way, I sharpened that ” Pencil ” back in 2008, just after those Liberal Fools elected Obama to the Presidential Office. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired

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  7. bizzybuzzerComment by bizzybuzzer
    October 23, 2012 @ 10:19 am

    Hehehehehe..Pres. 0 kept telling Gov. Romney that Romney kept saying he had all these great plans but never told anyone wut the details were. I keep a barf bag near by. I guess Pres. 0 doesn’t want to miss hearing Gov. Romney say wut they are so he doesn’t want to be explaining what his detailed plans are if Romney decides to tell his details. Now ain’t that plum thoughtful ? Pres. 0 is too humble to detail his plans. He is also too humble to list his next green programs. Doesn’t want Romney to know all his secrets.
    Would it do Romney any good to promise to screw a few things up for the sake of the Democrats.

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  8. ptbaaComment by ptbaa
    October 23, 2012 @ 10:51 am

    Let’s face it; if you are a liberal, Obama did great! He kept hammering Romney as being “wrong and reckless” over and over again. You know in your heart of hearts, they just loved that and think Obama “smoked” Romney.

    If you are a conservative, you may be somewhat disappointed in the way Romney chose to try to come off as “Presidential” rather than taking it to Obama over the Libya fiasco, or not pouncing on Bob Schieffer’s softball to Romney on the Pakistani doctor who is still in jail for helping us locate and take out Osama bin Laden. You might have thought he was too Myron Milktoast last night.

    It was obvious that Obama was playing to his base and Romney was playing to the dwindling few “undecideds”. When will the Republican nominee in any year get it?

    The pundits who tell you to play to the undecideds have been wrong every time. Those who took their advice (Ford, Dole, George H. W. Bush when running for re-election and McCain) have all lost. Those who have played to their base and therefore increased the turnout of their base have won. I know this is an oversimplification at which it is easy to take pot shots. But, it sure appears that way to me.

    This election, just like every other is about just three things: turnout, turnout, turnout!

    Get your like-minded friends and family to the polls.

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  9. JDZComment by JDZ
    October 23, 2012 @ 11:06 am

    Romney played “big ball” last night while our President played “little ball” which, to me, just highlights the differences between an experienced senior executive and a “wanna be” person who by a fluke is in the job. Romney tied together the strategic relationship between our economy and our foreign policy and why we undermine our ability to continue to be a strong player at the global level when our economy is in the ditch. He related a comment by the leader of Iran who said that the USA has become a weaker player in the world because of its suffering economy and financial health.

    Obama continued his past behavior as he continued to call Romney a liar and “flip flopper” on his policies. The comment about Romney’s recommendation that the auto industry go through a managed bankruptcy with government guaranteed loans to protect car warranties, etc. was challenged by Obama as not true and Romney came back that is was true, and the fact checking later has recognized that Romney was correct and Obama wrong. I wanted Romney to go into that in more detail and explaing to the viewers how Obama did run a “form” of bankruptcy for both GM and Chrysler but it was a perverted process that did not protect all of the stakeholders which ended up screwing bondholders, long term dealers, and 20,000 Delphi employees while giving away free equity in the new GM and Chrysler to the big auto unions. Pure cronyism and basically illegal.

    Romney came off as the more controlled and Presidential of the two and established himself as someone the American people can trust to lead our country.

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    • EuclidComment by Euclid
      October 23, 2012 @ 12:59 pm

      “while giving away free equity in the new GM and Chrysler to the big auto unions”…And you just know that UAW is going to be coming back to the table making more demands. Hopefully, one of the things President Romney will do is start shutting down some of these corrupt unions as part of his plan to get Americans back to work.

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  10. Mort_fComment by Mort_f
    October 23, 2012 @ 11:19 am

    Only sorry that Romney did not grasp at his opportunities to completely destroy Obama, with the openings that Obama gave.

    1. Israel. The touted joint maneuvers have been both delayed and scaled down. The Obama administration has denied Israel spare parts for their Apache helicopters, while providing Egypt with a squadron of new helicopters. The US radar site in the Negev is off-limits to Israelis. Those are just for starters.

    2. China and out-sourcing. GM, Government Motors, recently announced that Cadillac car production will be moved to China, as well as Volt technology.

    3. Defense. An aircraft carrier, by itself, is a ‘white elephant’. It is only effective as part of a battle group that requires at least two carriers and a host of support ships, as well as a logistics chain, more ships. And what few understand, due to maintenance and overhaul requirements, only a third are usually available for operations.

    4. I recognize ‘political correctness’, but Al Quaida is just an operational arm of a far greater threat. And it is rather naive to even think that its capablities have been degraded significantly. Nay, they have significantly increased their operations in many African and Asian countries. It is not ‘just’ the Middle East. Here too, I am being ‘politically correct’, but I am sure that I am being very ‘transparent’.

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    • agent007Comment by agent007
      October 23, 2012 @ 12:12 pm

      On the reduced number of Navy ships, or other force elements:

      The big kicker is that Obama never disputed that the US is changing its policy for defense: instead of being able to fight in 2 conflicts at once, it will now only be 1 conflict.
      That is a serious reduction in military capability, and in power projection of the USA in the world.
      Not everything can be dealt with by a few drones!

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    • redseaComment by redsea
      October 23, 2012 @ 4:39 pm

      Mort, I am sure that Romney realizes all of these things, and thanks for pointing them out, because I was not aware of them all. But I think he was trying to keep things simple and to the point. There are a lot of issues that have legs of their own, being discussed on blogs and forums. And with Obama, he can talk forever and never get to the point, so I think Romney did a good job of not stirring the pot too much, and he did to a large extent keep him reigned in. He kept on track like driving a driving a hammer into a nail. America is not strong without a strong economy, and Obama failed, he can fix it, and he knows how. He did a great job at tying the economy to foreign policy. Unfortunately there are only a limited number of points that can be nailed in a single debate. I too can name many points where he missed opportunities regarding the Middle East, besides Libya, and could have judo his own arguments against him. I will give you one example: Obama said that you have to send a clear and consistent message to your allies, however in Egypt during the Revolution, he hedged the whole way and would not take a clear stand, until he knew the outcome. It was a big topic in the local media of Egypt, and he was highly criticized by the Egyptian people for taking a stand way too late. And they certainly do not like Obama now because he has embraced Morsi, and they feel sold out by him. The majority of people do not approve of Morsi or agree with his victory. (That is another topic how he became president). You brought up some great points. And while the media is saying that Romney played it safe, I say he played it smart. But safe, no way. He was gave Obama a royal butt kicking over his apology tour. That was awesome!

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  11. bna42Comment by bna42
    October 23, 2012 @ 11:24 am

    I thought Romney had the opportunity to knock Obama out when talking about the “apology tour”. All Obama said was “not true, not true”. Romney should have followed up with asking why we have photos of Obama bowing to at least four foreign dignitaries and why he felt it necessary to apologize for “American arrogance”.

    I thought Obama simply tried to humiliate Romney with sarcastic remarks about the military not using horses or bayonets, and I was disappointed that the moderator didn’t stop Obama from interrupting Romney on several occasions. At least Romney scored some points when he told Obama that attacking him was NOT as agenda.

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  12. redseaComment by redsea
    October 23, 2012 @ 11:25 am

    I thought the debate was the best one of all 3, and Bob was a great moderator. Obama looked to him for help several times and did not find any, and Obama was on his own. I think it was Obama’s best debate, which is why I enjoyed it more. This was a debate that challenged Romney the most, so I did enjoy to see him respond to the challenge. The 2008 election was a softball game for Obama, and had it not been he would have never been elected. I still do not think Obama won. I thought Romney did a great job! Since much of it was a repeat of some points of the last 2, I was able to focus more on body language and voice changes. And I noticed Obama looking at Romney with a scoffing look of disdain almost every time he spoke. And he was slumped over with his head crouched down in his neck a little bit. It was great when Romney drilled him on his apology tour, and all Obama could come back with was that he visited Israel when he was a candidate! Bob was very distinguished, and showed that he has a great deal of knowledge about the topics himself. He asked great questions and was fair in allowing the candidates to engage. I am quite happy with the debate, and for me Obama did not win. I think who won, is who you believe, and which vision of the future you agree with. Obama does not get a pass with me on Egypt and Libya, because I am an expat living in Egypt, I own a business here, and I am intimately knowledgeable about the Revolution of both Libya and Egypt. For both, I was glued to the television. Early on in the Revolution of Egypt, Obama was not quick to come to the side of the Revolution and he nor Clinton were clear in their stance. He only became clear once the outcome was well known. I specifically remember it being a disappointment of the Egyptian people and a big topic of the local news media here. As well on Libya, the support of Libya was by NATO, of which we are a member, but most of the support was provided by France, and Obama speaks as if he led the way and the US was solely involved. Even now, the Egyptian people are not happy with the US support of Morsi. The Christian people threw eggs and tomatoes at Hillary Clinton’s motorcade when she visited here, and refused a meeting with her. He is making huge mistakes with Egypt presently. I could go on for a long time, about how Obama is failing in Egypt and the Middle East, but think I will just vote.

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    • bna42Comment by bna42
      October 23, 2012 @ 11:41 am

      The thing that irritated me about Obama’s Egypt interference was the fact that he insisted on the Muslim Brotherhood having a seat at the bargaining table. He is well acquainted with Muslims, he knows their agenda of world domination, and he also knew that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over the government of Egypt if given the opportunity. Obama allowed Egypt to become a Muslim country, and as he has stated: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

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    • mach37Comment by mach37
      October 23, 2012 @ 11:47 am

      Obama’s expression while Romney was talking, at least during the first 15 minutes, looked like he was trying to give him the evil eye. Or possibly he had indigestion.

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    • jetstreamComment by jetstream
      October 23, 2012 @ 1:10 pm

      Thank you! Your comments are very enlightening, and your presence in Egypt gives you a close-up credibilty that we are not hearing from the media. I hope you’ll post again soon to offer us more insight into events as they occur and how they are viewed there.

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    • redseaComment by redsea
      October 23, 2012 @ 5:26 pm

      bna, I am not aware of when Obama insisted the MB have a seat at the table. But from over here what I see happened, is that the liberal secular people are young with no experience in politics, and they allowed themselves to be outsmarted by the Muslim Brotherhood. They failed to organize under one candidate and have a plan to move forward. They had plenty of time, and they used that time to continue to protest military rule. They became protest happy and did not know when to stop, organize and make a plan to move forward. The army had their backs, however there was 1 point the army was vulnerable on, which is the top military leaders can be be prosecuted and end up in El Tora (The prison where all the ex regime ministers are.) And because on this point the Muslim Brotherhood also outsmarted the military. The Muslim Brotherhood did not really win legally. They violated several election laws, and the majority of the Egyptian people are not happy about the Muslim Brotherhood, and they are not happy with Obama’s support of them, however I believe Obama highly steered clear until after they were elected. But I am not really sure what Obama did in secret. I know the day before Mubarak stepped down, some top generals were in DC, and before the MB was elected they were in DC. even so I don’t see that Obama had a lot of influence on the Revolution, or the outcome. The main failure was of the Egyptian people to organize around 1 candidate, and if they had done so, the MB would not have stood a chance even if they cheated. It was a very complicated situation. The last saving grace these young liberal secular people have, is the Constitutional council. If they go to protests and another Revolution, there will be civil war, and no General Tantawi to save them. They should have the lesson by now, from the 1st parliamentary election, which got disqualified and declared illegal, and then the presidential election. They need to win parliament back, otherwise I believe Egypt will be lost and become something similar to Iran. During the Revolution, Iran was very interested to get their foot inside Egypt, and now there are Iranian backed extremist in Egypt. Any support that the US gives to Morsi, should be based on certain objectives being met. There is a huge dispute going on about the Constitution and the panel that is writing it. They want Sharia law, and the majority of the population is against it. There are all kind of journalists writing articles that they hope Western Governments cut off aid to Egypt and to make i based on certain conditions. One journalist even requested for all Americans and Brits that live here to write to their government and urge them to withhold aid, and make it based on certain objectives being met. One journalist was already given 4 months in jail for criticizing the president. Morsi is just another dictator, only he wants to impose sharia law. It was just in an article that he attended a mosque and the preacher was calling for jihad against Israel and all hews, and Morsi was into it, saying Amen and agreeing with the preacher. It is a mess here! Actually I have my own opinion about Mubarak, (I liked him, but know he was bad, but suitable for Egypt for many years and during the historical period he was president, he did what was right, until about the mid to late 90′s so his time was really up), and while I agree with the Revolution, it is very sad, and a large shame that the Muslim Brotherhood are in power. They are not the same as the MB in Tunsia or Turkey. So I hope when it comes to the nest parliamentary elections, they are more smart, and are using the time and the waiting period they have right now to organize, instead of just waiting to protest when they do not like the outcome. They should be wise now to the ways of the Muslim Brotherhood. If they protest or start another revolution, Tantawi is no more! They might just be fighting Al Quaeda! You do not know how many weapons are in Egypt right now, coming from Libya.

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  13. redseaComment by redsea
    October 23, 2012 @ 11:35 am

    This is brilliant: OSU students sing Lucille!

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    • LAPhilComment by LAPhil
      October 23, 2012 @ 12:08 pm

      Not bad! I especially liked the very last line.

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  14. LAPhilComment by LAPhil
    October 23, 2012 @ 12:00 pm

    From the polls today it certainly seems Romney gained ground. Latest Rasmussen shows him ahead 50-46% nationwide and 50-45% in the swing states!

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  15. William ShambrookComment by William Shambrook
    October 23, 2012 @ 12:03 pm

    Obama’s only hope is that the US voters have Obamnesia….that is they will forget the devastation brought upon the US economy over the past four years by the Obama Administration and the Democrats during their first two years in total control ant that will continue if he is reelected.

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  16. neonbudComment by neonbud
    October 23, 2012 @ 12:30 pm

    Obama bloviated like a bag of wind and a pompous ***.
    Obamanation looked like a staring fool with that ugly zombie face and grin; plus he came across complaining and sarcastic. Obama tried to make Romney look like he was incompetent but he couldn’t get the job done. Romney stood his ground and corrected Obama whenever Obama was lying. If this is all Obama has then the democrats must be desparate. Romney looked and acted more Presidential and in command of the debate. Romney won the debate by being himself a brilliant debater.

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  17. Migeo RockshorComment by Migeo Rockshor
    October 23, 2012 @ 12:32 pm

    I didn’t, no couldn’t, watch the debate in real time – I find it difficult to keep my food down when obama is in my home – however, from the analyses that I’ve read, from many sources, and leaving substance and knowledge and presidential stature aside, which Romney ALWAYS wins in spades, it seems that many people are actually surprised at obama’s nasty, petulant, spoiled-brat demeanor.
    I find it very difficult to comprehend that after 4 years of seeing and hearing this person some people, incredulously, are still hanging on to obama’s “likeability” factor.
    Now as we all know, a president doesn’t have to be “nice” to be an effective president, but for four years we’ve seen obama given a pass on his incompetency and his congenital dishonesty and deceit because “he’s such a nice person”, well anyone watching with “open eyes” last night must have seen what many of us have known for a long time, that the only “qualities” with which this disturbed individual excels, is sarcasm, insults and immature condescension.
    For those “touchy feely” guilty white liberals who voted for him in 2008 solely because of his partial “blackness” his “nice guy-ness” last night must have left them in more of daze than they were back then.

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  18. Fabian ThierryComment by Fabian Thierry
    October 23, 2012 @ 12:54 pm

    Mitt Romney performed like statesman and Obama answers economic questions like a 5th grader who hasn’t done his homework. What I’d like to know from Obama is why his dear EPA imposes cap and trade regulations to all utilities whilst exempting GE (one of his biggest donor), a corporation that doesn’t pay any taxes (fair share anybody?).

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  19. ggfilthyComment by ggfilthy
    October 23, 2012 @ 12:58 pm

    I love it! President ROMNEY shoved so much frustration up Obozo’s keister I thought he was going to implode right then and there. You have to know that Obozo spent many many hours rehearing all the witty answers and come backs for the Benghazigate scandal…. and Prez ROMNEY never let it see the light of day…. So Obozo could NOT have a chance to LIE and DECEIVE his way out of it. Ya know… the “regressive lib socialist’s” think they are soooo much more intelligent and evolved than conservatives they must be defacating in their pants right now. They don’t know who they are dealing with in President ROMNEY… they NEVER seen him coming. OH YEAH.. I definitly want that man in the oval office. I’m sure the tingling that ran up and down Chis Matthews leg has changed to a warm wet feeling running down….you can’t “spin” your way out of stupid. I LOVE IT! ……..long live….. PRESIDENT ROMNEY!

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  20. jetstreamComment by jetstream
    October 23, 2012 @ 12:59 pm

    Thank you! Your comments are very enlightening, and your presence in Egypt gives you a close-up credibilty that we are not hearing from the media. I hope you’ll post again soon to offer us more insight into events as they occur and how they are viewed there.

    (This comment was directed to Redsea and did not post in the correct position.)

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  21. greenteethComment by greenteeth
    October 23, 2012 @ 3:48 pm

    I’m still undecided, don’t know if I want to vote in the morning or at noon or in the evening.All I know is I’m going to fire bho.

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  22. gileyComment by giley
    October 23, 2012 @ 4:17 pm

    It is not over until the curtain comes down and I hope that Obama is on the outside of that curtain when it does come down. Hindsight is 20-20 and I think Romney played it the way he saw it. Obama was on the defensive when you look at the childish statements about the horses and bayonets,ships where airplanes land on and submarines. Obama is desperate and will stoop to anything to try and discredit Romney. Heads up in these last 2 weeks before election.

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  23. lokiswifeComment by lokiswife
    October 23, 2012 @ 6:16 pm

    This debate showed one thing very clearly: Obama’s inability to get along with those “across the aisle” in the House and Congress. His arrogance, know-it-all attitude, rudeness and “It’s my way or the highway” attitude would doom any chances of any cooperation from the Republicans. Romney talked about what they could agree on, and showed that he could breach the aisle and work with Dems.

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    • twspears144Comment by twspears144
      October 24, 2012 @ 6:05 pm

      lokiswife; you have hit on a very important issue during the debate on October 22nd. Romney mentioned that he was in a position to reach across the aisle to an 85 percent Democratic government in Massachusetts. My first thoughts were how in the heck did Mitt Romney win the race to be governor of Massachusetts in the first place. I am sure the liberals hit Romney with all they had to keep Romney from winning. Romney won anyway and showed his excellant leadership in governing a very Democratic State, Massachuesetts. My second thought is how did Romney accomplished this incredible feat. Romney was a uniter not a divider. Romney brings out the best in people and knows that he must include all ideals even those he disagree’s with to bring about a consences of agreement. My third thought is I know that Mitt Romney will bring these same leadership qualities to his Presidency and all will see his resolve to unite the House and Senate no matter what the makeup of the parties he will be successful in solving this nations problems. Dividing has been Obama’s greatist failures as President of our nation. Obama even blamed Congress for his failure to lead even though he had a Democratic Legislation for the first two years of his Presidency. Obama lost the House because of his arrogants,and its my way or the highway I won the election you Republicans lost I get to run the show now and you have to just sit and watch what I will do to change this nation. Obama is always blaming his failures on someone else this might be good for his kind of politics but it will not right a sinking ship. Trenton Spears

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  24. theoldsargeComment by theoldsarge
    October 23, 2012 @ 10:33 pm

    I watch debates just to see how the candidates react on the hot seat without teleprompter or other visual aids. Last night’s debate was just like the other two. It told you nothing about the candidates. It was just another dog and pony show. I would like to see the Media pitch them some real hardball questions instead of throwing cream puffs. Candidates in both parties are just saying what they think the voters want to hear. As in all elections, this one is no different, all the candidates are making powerful speeches to convince you that you must vote for them. Do not be fooled by what the candidates, in both parties, say in their campaign speeches and debates. Those are just words and slogans. Edward R. Murrow said “Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions.” Actions speak louder than words. Research the candidates. That means doing a little work. That’s right. I said that four letter word “WORK.” Look at their past voting records, accomplishments, backgrounds, the issues they supported, activities they participated in, books they may have wrote and the organizations they joined. Those things can tell you quite a lot about the person. If you can read this you can do that research. You just may get the added bonus of being able to make a better informed decision on election day.

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  25. FlyboyComment by tw4300
    October 23, 2012 @ 11:00 pm

    Well, as for me I’m sorry to see the debates come to an end. Unlike the Obama administration. It seems the more the nation gets to see who Romney really is the more we know what Obama is all about. My analysis of the debates is thus: Debate #1. Obama sent his ill informed and unprepared doppelganger who clearly looked like the proverbial “Deer in the headlights.” Romney was steady, confident and presidential. Debate #2. Obama fires doppelganger and attends debate himself. Knowing that he had lost precious ground, especially in light of Romneys uptick in the poles, he was more on top of things but had increased his volume and the upper range frequency of his vocal timber. He seemed quite defensive, as though pinned in a dead end alley. Romney was steady, confident and presidential. Debate #3: Obama very much on his game. Had ready and confident statements and responses, even though 90% of what he confidently said was complete BS. Seemed especially fond of quoting, er excuse me, MISquoting Governor Romney and outright misspeaking, er excuse me again, lying about his own administrations positions on issues like sequestration. Back to his favorite tack…..find someone else to blame. The military funding cut (sequestration) was the brain child of his own administration to hold as a threat over the republicans heads if they didn’t agree to a huge tax increase. At the end of the debate he said it was put forward by congress and wouldn’t happen. Now his “damage control” parties are saying that the President meant to say that the sequestration “Should” not happen. In this debate Obama was agressive, rude, condescending and let’s not forget his favorite character flaw…ARROGANT. Anyhoooo, Romney remained steady, confident and presidential. What do we want in a president? Someone who doesn’t show up? Someone defensive and given to rash statements of untruths? Someone overbearing and arrogant who takes on the persona of what he has said America has been? The decision is ours now. Let’s make the right choice and put a man in the White House who will not by-pass congress and the American people with 923 executive orders in 3/12 years, have to bribe members of his own party (Cornhusker kickback, Louisiana Purchase, etc) to pass wholly unconstitutional legislation like The “Affordable Care Act” better known as “Obama Care.” in spite of the fact that 74% of the American people never wanted it. We can have a speaker of the house that won’t tell the American people that we can’t know what’s in the legislation til we pass it. A Senate that will read legislation before they vote on it and finally a White House that won’t lie out their backside about a terrorist attack in Bengazi that kills 4 Americans including our Ambassador in an attempt to cover their own incompetence so close to the election cycle. We have seen the utmost level of incompetence from this president and his administration than has ever before been seen in this country. when anti government protests took place in Iran, this president was silent. No action taken when the people of Iran were saying they’d had enough. Tells long time Eqyptian ally Hosni Mubarak he must step down and does nothning, takes no active role in seeing to it there is some one to fill the vacuum that would be favorably disposed to dealing with us in the region. Goes into Libya, deposes Ghadaffy, then steps back to watch the Muslim Brotherhood fill the leadership vacuum. As Mitt Romney said “We can do better than that.” And I’m not misquoting him.

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