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Caption that Photo -- Up and Away!

Something is up at this campaign stop. Barack Obama is being lifted off his feet. But why? What is this guy thinking? Jump in and give us your best caption. Keep it clean and have some fun! ...

Step Right Up and Get Your Obama Phone

The federal government has really gone overboard. The housing mess was fundamentally caused because of government's influence in forcing banks to give loans to people who were bad risks. Liberals claimed a house was some kind of "right." Obama feels ...

The Difference Between Free Speech and Vandalism

Here's a perfect example of how left-wingers think. Imagine there is a poster that some left-wing moonbat disagrees with. The poster, mounted in a public place, is an expression of free speech. But does the left-winger put up a similar poster? No. In ...

Ryan Hits Stride with Teaching Over Stumping

At a recent townhall meeting, vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan apologized in advance for his use of a PowerPoint presentation. But that's his style. As much as he is a legislator, Ryan is also an educator. And we may be seeing more of the educat ...

Romney Says Obama Should Level With American People on Libya

In an interview covering a number of topics including foreign policy, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney blasted Barack Obama for his handling of the attacks in LIbya. Romney said that it's "pretty clear" that Obama and his White House team have ...

Iranian President Says Israel Will Be Eliminated

As world leaders gather at the United Nations building in New York, one can expect the... expected. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has a turn at the podium on Monday and wasted no time blasting Israel and saying the country would be "eliminate ...

Caption that Photo -- Oh my, Oh my...

Unemployment is still high, and the economy is in shambles.  Barack Obama is facing a foreign policy crisis, and his White House may be implicated in the Colombian prostitution scandal.  So... what's he thinking?  Jump in and give us your best captio ...

Obama Official Admits Libyan Violence was Terrorist Attack

Denial after denial after denial. No... of course the killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others wasn't a terrorist attack. That was the line. The violence was "spontaneous," and it was due to a YouTube video. That's what Obama and Cli ...

Obama: I believe in redistribution

As the media and Democrats go after Mitt Romney, we get another reminder of how one-sided their coverage is. It's ok to blast Romney for pointing out the obvious: many people don't pay income tax and are dependent on goverment. But it's not ok to que ...

Justice Department Turns to Liberal Mouth Piece for Spin Help

Through a Freedom of Information Act release of documents, it has been revealed that Barack Obama's Justice Department often turns to Media Matters for America for help in getting its message out. Media Matters is a left-wing publication whose missio ...

  • "The words democrat and antisemite are interchangeable." Comment by stanparrish
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  • "Pity is, we have two distinct problems which converge to form one insurmountable mess. We have a host of incoherent,..." Comment by wyored1
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  • ">> Obama is the bully in chief and the US congress will let him know in due time. ..." Comment by thedove
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