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Even Michael Moore Thinks Obama Will Lose

Some people will be diehard supporters of Barack Obama no matter what. For some, it doesn't matter if the economy is in the dumps, and the debt is out of control. However, not everyone is so sure about Obama's chances, and the disappointment does app ...

Reelecting Obama like Popping a Blister?

Here's an analogy you may not have heard before. In an interview with Time Magazine, Barack Obama said that his reelection would be like the popping of a blister. He also said that once reelected, he expects Republicans to cooperate more with him. Is ...

NBC's Brian Williams Has Problem with Ann Romney Comment

The media will grab at anything in their attempt to save Barack Obama from election defeat. As Ann Romney made the rounds following her stellar speech on Tuesday night, NBC anchor Brian Williams took her to task for simply saying, "I believe in my he ...

Obama Honors Fallen Troops with Form Letters

There is likely no tougher job (or there shouldn't be) for a president of the United States than to inform parents and loved ones of a fallen serviceman or woman. This person has made the ultimate sacrifice, and the since words of the president have ...

So who is the GOP Convention's Mystery Speaker?

Speculation is running around the Internet regarding the "mystery speaker" on Thursday at the GOP National Convention. There is a spot that's being held with a "To Be Announced" designation, but as of now, no one seems to know the answer. Sarah Palin ...

New Video -- Bow to Nobody -- Blasts Obama, Highlights American Exceptionalism

A new video was released by Special Operations for America which focuses on American exceptionalism and the desire to keep America strong so that we never have to "bow to anybody." The video shows service men and women in action, and it flashes the p ...

Obama honors Neil Armstrong with Picture of... Obama?

Neil Armstrong passed away on Friday due to heart ailments, but the heart that failed him at age 82, guided him to a life that changed America and also taught the world what humility is all about. So how does Barack Obama honor this great American he ...

GOP Convention Highlights Growing National Debt

Front and center that the GOP National Convention is not one, but two national debt clocks. These clocks which will run throughout the convention show just how out-of-control America's debt has become. The first debt clock which was unveiled on Monda ...

Ann Romney, Chris Christie Highlight Tuesday Convention Speakers

Ann Romney and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie highlight a packed day of speakers on Tuesday at the GOP National Convention. Texas' Senate candidate Ted Cruz along with South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will also be sharing comments with the national de ...

Protesters Scarce at First Day of GOP Convention

Law enforcement officials were out in massive numbers on Monday in the event that left-wing protesters would get out of hand in their demonstrations at the GOP National Convention in Tampa, Florida. As it turned out, the police outnumbered the protes ...

  • "Sometimes this guy is really funny. The sarcasm and spoofing are much more effective than somber criticism. But if we..." Comment by wesm
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  • "When will people wake up to tinkerbell B. Hussein obama is the "Enemy from Within"? :evil: And the Democrat Party is..." Comment by Scruffy-USN-Retired
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  • "Obama is getting everything he wanted. Harken back to Van Jones who said prisoners and Native Americans needed more say..." Comment by roy32
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