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Romney Takes Obama to Task on Jobs Report


Another month, another dismal jobs report. Although the media tends to ignore such news, thankfully MItt Romney doesn't. In a statement released today, Romney noted that "if you look at the broader analysis of people who are out of work or have dropped out of the workforce or that are underemployed in part-time jobs needing full-time work, it's almost 15 percent of the American public."

The manufacturing reports of the last several weeks indicate that manufacturing is not growing either domestically or in our exports as we would have expected at this stage. And of course that's a long-term trend that is very disturbing and troubling. The President's policies have clearly not been successful in reigniting this economy, in putting people back to work, in opening up manufacturing plants across the country.

The heartland industries where manufacturing occurs are struggling by virtue of policies on the part of the President that have not worked. The highest corporate tax rates in the world do not create jobs; highest regulatory burdens in our nation's history--those do not create jobs; trade policies that have not opened up new markets for American goods, particularly in Latin America--those don't create new jobs; failing to effectively crack down on China for cheating and stealing American jobs--that has not helped.

The president's policies have not gotten America working again.

In a speech on the latest jobs report, Romney talked about his plan:


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  1. Sue ElvinsComment by Sue Elvins
    July 6, 2012 @ 3:17 pm

    I am running very low on patience as it seems the POTUS does not care what happens to this current economy and the American people which is very depressing and upsetting. I have been out of work for a very long time. Every job I have applied to I have been ignored. Every resume I have sent out has either been ignored or I have gotten denied because I have been over qualified; how is it that you can be over qualified and not hired? I do not understand why a business is too afraid to hire someone. Why is it that the WH refuses to do some changes so these small business owners can actually begin to hire again?! Oh, I know. I can bet it has a lot to do with the health care bill um tax, er bill, no tax, or was it a bill? *sigh* I’m getting dizzy just thinking about what ever it was that just passed because it still has yet to give me a job which many Americans need! *another distressed sigh*

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  2. billwvComment by billwv
    July 6, 2012 @ 4:16 pm

    When it comes to the economy and [killing, destroying, and maiming] jobs: Mr. Ozero gets an A+; [he is a homicidal ax murderer of employment opportunities]. Name one economical advantage we have with him in control of the Executive Branch.

    We need rid and shed of Obungler and Oclueless.
    Vote: November 2012 Vote for America.

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  3. JDZComment by JDZ
    July 6, 2012 @ 10:29 pm

    The sad part about it in terms of our President is that he thinks he is doing the right thing and that all we have to do is give it more time, give him another term, and everything will be OK. He wants another stimulus bill (he calls it his “Jobs Bill) and more what?…investment in green energy companies who are all going bankrupt? He has run out of liberal ideas…he has nothing new to suggest that would turn the economy around. He and his minions actually have never worked in our private economy and have no real feeling for how companies are formed and the overwhelming intrusion of government oversight in these companies.

    Mitt Romney has spent most of his professional life intimately involved in our private economy and knows the cause and effects first hand on what can affect a company’s ability to be competitive. He has created companies (like Staples) and has helped numerous companies restructure and survive, and grow. Bain Capital had an amazing 80% success record with regard to companies they invested PRIVATE funding. Romney almost instinctually knows, when he looks at a company business plan and financial statement whether the company has potential or not.

    He has ideas, based on first hand experience, as to steps to take to begin the turn around our economy. For example, he wants to restructure the tax rates starting with lowering the taxes on buinesses to help them be more cst competitive on a global basis, he wants to approve the Keystone Pipeline and change regulations that are suppressing energy exploration and growth. He knows that low cost energy helps everyone, but especially the competitiveness of all of our businesses. He knows that private industry is the drivetrain of our economy, not government, and therefore knows that he wants to get government out of the way to allow our private businesses to grow which is how jobs are created.

    We just have to get Romney elected or this stagnant economy is not going to recover. In fact, Obama has been talking about a new set of “norms” for how a “normal” economy is defined. For example, instead of an unemployment rate of 4.5% which has been traditional, he could “reset” it to 8% and begin “selling” it as our new “norm”.

    So those of you out of work need to help Romney get elected in November, otherwise, who knows when the private economy is going to have confidence to take risks and attempt to grow their companies, and provide you with an opportunity to get a decent job.

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    • cxComment by genesal
      July 7, 2012 @ 8:21 am

      He, apparently, is doing the WRIGHT thing.

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    • iamacmanComment by iamacman
      July 10, 2012 @ 2:35 am


      Agree wholeheartedly with everything you wrote, except for this:

      “The sad part about it in terms of our President is that he thinks he is doing the right thing”.

      Nobody as intelligent as he is could be this inept, or be so blind to what is happening as to really believe that, if he continues doing the same thing, somehow it will get better if simply given more time.

      I think he is much more sinister that that and has a completely different agenda. I believe that he KNOWS he’s doing the wrong thing, and is doing it on purpose because he hates the US and wants to destroy this nation.

      I just don’t see it any other way. His policies are blatantly destructive and the dismal results obviously prove that that don’t work. His lies are rampant and equally as blatant. His constant trampling on the Constitution is sickening but also obvious. His pandering to minority voting blocs at the expense of the middle class that he purports to defend is equally transparent. On and on and on.

      It’s obvious. He hates this nation and he’s trying to take her out. I don’t believe for one minute that he actually thinks he is doing the right thing.

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