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Obama is Fundraiser-in-Chief


Barack Obama constantly talks about "putting politics aside" and "governing" rather than campaign. But here's some news... Obama has held more fundraisers than the last five presidents... combined! Oh well, as long as he's out on the campaign trail, he's not messing things up in Washington.

Barack Obama has already held more re-election fundraising events than every elected president since Richard Nixon combined, according to figures to be published in a new book.

Obama is also the only president in the past 35 years to visit every electoral battleground state in his first year of office.

The figures, contained a in a new book called The Rise of the President's Permanent Campaign by Brendan J. Doherty, due to be published by University Press of Kansas in July, give statistical backing to the notion that Obama is more preoccupied with being re-elected than any other commander-in-chief of modern times.

Read the full story at the Daily Mail

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  1. middlegroundComment by middleground
    April 30, 2012 @ 10:05 am

    Fruit trees killed by cold always bear a bumper crop of fruit just before they die.

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  2. cinbadComment by cinbad
    April 30, 2012 @ 1:21 pm

    Obama is now bashing American citizens BY NAME for donating to Romney’s campaign, calling them out for alleged misdeeds and/or actions of immorality. There is obviously no bounds this campaigner in chief will not cross to insure his re-election. He justifies this with his class warfare arguement which vilifies wealthy, successful business people and the evil oil barrons. When will Obama turn his attention to regular Americans living their lives and vote for republicans?

    The URL is listed below:

    If this doesn’t take you there, go to , scroll through the bullcrap to the bottom of the site, on the right side is Related Sites: go to “Keeping the GOP honest”. The comments about Romney’s donors are down a few stories. The distortions and out-right lies on this site are enough to make your eyeballs and brain hurt, not to mention the blood loss.

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