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Big Brother is Watching YOU!

By Kay Daly

And reading your emails. And tracking you on your cell phone. And monitoring your internet browsing histories. Not to make you paranoid or anything.

This, according to the Wikileaks latest document dump of 287 files that embattled Wikileakes leader Julian Assange claims definitively proves the depth of the capabilities of the mass surveillance industry, not fully vetted up until this point. Once reserved for superspies and superspy agencies, surveillance has now become big business says Assange and governments have the serious horsepower to monitor the comings and goings of whomever, wherever.

P.S. Assange's sexual assault case is due to come up again in court on December 5th.

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  1. cynicalobserverComment by cynicalobserver
    December 2, 2011 @ 1:32 am

    This is only fair because I, along with millions of others, is watching Big Brother very intensely.

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