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Imminent war with Iran!

By The Political Commentator

From The Political Commentator, written by Michael Haltman

war with iran

Is war with Iran a foregone conclusion and sitting right around the corner?

As U.S. foreign and national security policy continues to wallow under the weight of benign neglect, Israel may be prepared to take-out Iran's nuclear weapons infrastructure.

Such a strike would likely take place in the fall.

This attack would be undertaken as a move of self-preservation as Israel would most likely be target number one when Iran is nuclear ready.

This Iranian nuclear capability would have occurred under the watchful eye of the IAEA, the U.N. organization that the U.S. has ceded control to.

If a military strike on Iran by Israel were to take place, and despite President Obama's obvious dislike and disdain for Israel, the United States will be drawn into the conflict as well.

The painful lesson for the Middle East and the rest of the world that will have been learned from the way in which Iran's nuclear program has been dealt with is that negotiating with terrorists is simply not possible.

Never, never, never possible!

While such a process may serve to address some short-term political agenda, it will never serve to protect national or regional security interests.

Why you ask?

Simply because during any charade of good faith negotiations, the terrorists will continue to work on whatever goal that they are trying accomplish.

In the case of Iran, it is the continued attempt to enrich uranium to weapons grade, weaponize it and develop a delivery system in the form of long-range ballistic missiles.

All being done under the watchful eye of diplomats and U.N. watchdogs!

You see, threats of sanctions or suffering and duress of their people don't carry any weight, because terrorists do not care about their people.

Terrorists understand one thing, and that is the clenched fist!

Why has it come to this?

If an attack on Iran were to occur, will it happen due to the politicization of security or because of the naivete of the good guys? Is it A or is it B?

A) Would a preemptive strike on Iran by the United States, undertaken to prevent potential regional and global armageddon, have failed to fit into some domestic political agenda? or

B) Do leaders of free and democratic society's naturally think that all other leaders are inherently honest and genuinely interested in doing what is best for their people making negotiations the preferred methodology for problem solving?

If watching the Obama administration is any guide to answering this question, the answer is most definitely A!

H/T G2 Bulletin

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  1. cynicalobserverComment by cynicalobserver
    July 19, 2011 @ 10:22 am

    The government gave part of Israel to the terrorist nations and now is trying to give more away, why not offer Iran three of American States to appease the Devil. It won’t work but they can try.

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  2. Son Of ThunderComment by mcrank
    July 19, 2011 @ 4:22 pm

    I see two points to consider:

    1)  The rest of the world thinks we are supposed to solve everybody else’s problems.  We have come to be looked upon as the keeper of peace and the mediator in international conflicts.  Even countries that hate us expect us to come to their rescue—and not just militarily—but also as providers of humanitarian aid—even if they would like to destroy us whenever the chance and their ability come together at an opportune time.

    2)  We get too involved in situations for too long that sap our resources and spread our military too thin with no real benefit or accomplishment to justify it.  Vietnam was just ridiculous.  Opposing terrorism is honorable, but we are trying to fight that on a battlefield in Afghanistan and it has turned into a second Vietnam.  We need to ascertain where we need to be involved, to what extent, and when it is time to pull out.  Some things we plainly do not need to be involved in.  Other things, we need to identify the mission and the purpose—accomplish it—then get out.  And in any case, we need to employ the right methods.

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  3. mikehComment by mikeh
    August 1, 2011 @ 1:33 pm

    War with Iran? No thanks. Perhaps Israel and keep knocking off Iranian nuclear scientists, and spread computer viruses etc. But war?!

    What is Iran going to do with a bomb? Their big enemy in the neighborhood Israel is home to some of their holiest sites, and is 20% or so Muslim. And any nukes on Israel (a tiny country surrounded by Iran’s sympathizers) would be unthinkable, even for a crazy zealot like Ahmadinejad.

    Iran is just looking for attention. I think we should just remind them that a bunch of secular Jewish communists invented the bomb for the US over 60 years ago. Maybe that will shut them up ;-) 

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