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The Nanny State is Sour on Lemonade Stands

By Kay Daly

One of the best parts of summertime used to be the plethora of summertime lemonade stands that would pop up in neighborhoods across the nation. A current trend even had several kind hearted children raising funds for a variety of causes from natural disasters to deadly diseases.

Enter stage left, the villain of the tale, a bureaucrat with no soul, no heart, and clearly no brain. It happened in town after town, city after city as lemonade stand after lemonade stand was shut down. Why?

Some bureaucrats claimed it was for a lack of a permit, other bureaucrats claimed it was a health issue.

When a child's lemonade stand is fined or regulated out of existence, it is pretty simple. Government is out of control. Period. End of story.

There need to be fewer bureaucrats and more kids' lemonade stands. It'd be a better world.

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