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Bin Laden vs. United States of America

By Kay Daly

A new chapter in the Osama bin Laden saga has erupted, courtesy of Junior bin Laden, son of the deceased terror master. He appears to have a bit of a western flare to him, fully embracing its more litigious qualities. That's right, Omar bin Laden wants to take America to court.

Not much has previously been documented about this particular bin Laden progeny, but according to various sources, the elder bin Laden fathered between 20 and 26 children, six of whom are currently in Pakistani custody along with two bin Laden wives after the Sunday night raid.

Omar bin Laden, though, has a bone to pick with the USA and in particular, believes that his father's death was in the "wrongful" category and his burial was an embarrassment to his family.


There appears to be a big disconnect here between Omar's perception of dear old dad and ours. Although doubtful, he may have been father of the year, going to Cub Scout meetings, tossing a football around outside the various hideouts and compounds, but in his spare time, he did some truly evil things. Such as mass murder, plotting the downfall of western civilization, etc.

Here's the kicker -- given what we have seen in the past week post bin Laden demise, what has emerged is clearly a war between socialist liberal Obama and wannabe decisive, gutsy Obama. To be all things to all people in an election year seems to be his goal, principles aside. And remember, socialist liberal Obama views the War on Terror not as a war at all, but as a law enforcement operation, applying all freedoms, rights, etc. to even the worst of terrorists.

This is clearly a liberal principle held very dear, as evidenced by the hoopla over the Gitmo detainees and the liberals' desire to shut down the facility and put the little darlings through trials mere blocks from Ground Zero.

Remember that President Obama has now had a couple of years to put many of his like minded buddies on the federal bench -- a plethora of ACLU lawyers, law professors from the most extreme liberal hothouse law schools in the nation, legal activists of the highest order.

Just imagine what happens if a bereaved son comes to one of their courts with his case against the big, imperialistic, evil United States who maliciously murdered an unarmed ailing old man, who leaves widows and orphans behind by the dozens.

We may scoff at the idea of Omar bin Laden bringing a case against America for taking out his Daddy dearest, but having seen the bios of the pantheon of judicial activists who have been put on the federal bench across the nation virtually unchallenged, the outcome may be a bit more murky than one might assume.

Or perhaps young bin Laden will go to an international court, where, despite our Dear Leader's best promises to make America into the world's sweetheart with sheer force of his charming personality, true friends and allies are few and far between in this increasingly dangerous, opportunistic world.

This whole ordeal may be far from over. In fact, Omar bin Laden may just be starting a whole new terror campaign in his father's name, utilizing virtually autonomous, lifetime appointees to our own federal bench, cloaked in black robes and wielding a gavel in one hand and whatever passages might suit them from the US Constitution in the other.

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  1. Mort_fComment by Mort_f
    May 12, 2011 @ 12:02 pm

    Better would be if bin Laden junior seeks prosecution of Obama in one of those farcical ‘Universal Courts of Justice’, might I mention Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, etc. For there is a prima facie case of directed assasination here, In other words, MURDER.

    That the act was fully deserved should have no bearing on the Act itself. That is, if one truly believes in that farce called ‘International Law’.

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