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Happy Anniversary, Obamacare! Now go away.

By Kay Daly

It has been one year since Obamacare was passed.  So far, it hasn't cured cancer or the common cold, righted all wrongs, or provided a Fountain of Youth for all who seek it.  The way it was sold by its supporters and believed in by the uninformed, we should have expected no less for the cost.

Newt Gingrich, John Goodman and James Capretta have an excellent idea for a suitable gift to the American people for such an occasion -- REPEAL.

In the year since this monstrosity was passed, the details that keep coming to light prove only that it is an expensive burden for the American people that will do nothing to solve the problems of the current system.  In fact, it will make matters worse.

But we have evolved into an entitlement culture, dependent upon government rather than ourselves to solve every problem in every nook and cranny of our lives.  Those who look to the government for the solution to every problem must not mind bureaucracy and mediocrity so long as they get their "free money" and "free health care."  When asked, most haven't a clue as to where the money comes from and apparently could not care less.

According to the Gingrich, Goodman, Capretta article, "ObamaCare did nothing to address the relentless march of ever-rising health care costs.  Unless the courts decisively conclude that the individual mandate — and perhaps even the entire law — is unconstitutional, ObamaCare will force most Americans to purchase health insurance with premiums rising at twice the rate of growth of their incomes.  To make matters worse, the new law takes away many private-sector techniques for controlling costs, like flexible benefit design and cost sharing — and actually drives up costs through an array of new regulations and requirements. ObamaCare thus locks us into the unsustainable path we are already on."

And of course, since trial lawyers are a huge source of campaign cash for Obama and his fellow liberals, tort reform isn't a part of the solution.  Not addressing medical malpractice issues in any so-called solution for America's health care woes just doesn't pass the straight face test.  Real medical malpractice reform, loser pays, etc., will do more to help bring down health care costs than nearly any other option.

Health care needs vary from individual to individual and even then, needs change during the course of one's life.  One of the best solutions that was belittled by Obama and others was the proposal to create Medical Savings Accounts.  This way, medical costs are handled by each individual for whatever individual needs arise and as situations change, coverage does not then become obsolete.

The two solutions that the Gingrich, Goodman, Capretta article support, a flexible, generous tax subsidy and allowing cross-state purchasing of health insurance, would expand the base of coverage, but without true medical malpractice reform and Medical Savings Accounts, the costs won't be substantially lowered.

The biggest problem with an entitlement culture is that a lot of folks feel entitled to a lot of things but when the bill comes for the laundry list of entitlements, not a lot of folks seem to feel entitled to whip out the wallet and pay the bill.   The same folks keep getting stuck with the check over and over again. 

My almost-ten-year-old son said to me today, "Mom, how come President Obama thinks that taking money from us and giving it to other people is going to help us or them?   I know there are people hurting out there right now but taking people's money away to give to someone else is only going to make more poor people."

If only liberals could grasp the concept.

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Happy Anniversary, Obamacare! Now go away., 9.3 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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  1. oldcuzComment by oldcuz
    March 23, 2011 @ 8:45 am

    God bless your almost Ten Year Old Son, he must have been taught at an early age, that there really ”Ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”

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  3. BillzillaComment by Billzilla
    March 23, 2011 @ 5:18 pm

    This Nation is literally teetering on the brink of financial disaster with a real danger of chaos and marshal law following! Is this the Nation we want for our children and grandchildren? I certainly don’t! And I don’t believe that the vast majority of our fellow citizens do either. Obamacare will help speed us over the cliff, it needs to be repealed now! Congress needs to DRASTICALLY REDUCE SPENDING NOW! Nothing should be off limits. The very survival of our Nation depends on it!

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  4. JDZComment by JDZ
    March 23, 2011 @ 6:38 pm

    The liberal mindset in this country just does not make sense.  You would think that rational people could see what is going on here and why the ACA (Affordable Care Act), which most of us call “Obamacare” is not good for the majority of American citizens. It is good for illegals that now will have two ways of getting free healthcare, one by going to the ER, and the other through Medicaid, which is also free.  So, they are happy.  Americans that are on the low end of the income scale that would rather pay for Direct TV or a cell phone, and go to the ER for medical, now can get healthcare insurance subsidized by the rest of the taxpayers at a very low rate.  It is good for the trial lawyers in the country who live off of lawsuits of doctors and hospitals that may have made a mistake during a medical procedure. It is good for certain pharmacuetical companies that have cut a backroom deal.  It is good for labor unions who will get benefits so that they can continue their “cadillac” medical coverage.

    It is bad for the majority of Americans who pay taxes and pay for medical insurance because both are going to go up.  Both the cost of their medical insurance and the taxes (indirect or direct) needed to pay for Obamacare.  It is bad for the Medicare program that will be stripped of at least $500 Billion of income while being forced to cut payments to doctors who are currently underpaid and cutting back on Medicare patients. It is bad for employees of companies that will be dropping their policies due to the increased cost of providing this coverage. It is bad for the states as the number of people going on to state subsidized Medicaid is going to dramatically increase.

    Putting the government in a position where they will effectively dictate policy for over 1/6 of the country’s GNP in addition to its oppressive oversight and regulation of the balance of the economy is pure insanity.  This one additional step (Obamacare) will basically sociaize this country, what else is left?  The government indirectly runs much of private industry through its policies, regulations, and oversight already.  Then, we give it total control our healthcare industry, Social Security, Energy, Transportation, etc. through regulation, and where are we?

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    • clessComment by cless
      March 27, 2011 @ 10:30 pm

      JDZ, where do you get all of this stuff or do you just make it up? I know you did not get it from any legitimately, factual source, because none of it is true. It comes from the GOP Official Brainwash Center for Duping American Voters, right?

      You will not be able to find any of it in any other non-partisan sources. For one example, yes the Dems cut $500B from Medicare, which conservatives don’t have the guts to do, BUT IT WAS NOT INCOME. It was wasteful spending and advantage programs, that cost medicare way too much that goes into the pockets of insurance companies you guys back.

      All of those scooters for anyone, even if they can run a marathon, will be more difficult to get, by the bad guys. That goes for a whole lot of the other stuff making up nearly $50B a year in Medicare fraud.
      I have been on one of those advantage plans for 2.0 years and will feel good about myself when it is phased out. I would get out now, if I wasn’t already tied to its ongoing doctor’s treatments for a severe back condition. I still pay my full $105.00 per month to medicare, OUT OF MY SS INCOME, but nothing to the Advantage Plan.

      However, the ADVANTAGE PLAN GETS $750.00 PLUS COST PER MONTH FROM MEDICARE FOR TREATING ME WITH THEIR EXCLUSIVE DOCTORS AND I STILL PAY DEDUCTIBLES. There is no freedom of medical choice in the deal, which you guys keep slamming Obama about. AND, so far, those doctors keep holding me back from the substantial, expensive treatments, which would cost them part of their profit.

      AND, GUESS WHICH POLITICAL PARTY CREATED THESE ADVANTAGE PLANS AND REALLY, REALLY WANTS THEM TO CONTINUE. IT SURE AS HELL WASN’T OR ISN’T THE DEMS. OH, by the way, if you would read the Obamacare bill, it is not socialistic. It is clearly business related. So, post the real facts to prove me wrong.   

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  5. raziaComment by razia
    March 27, 2011 @ 7:33 pm

    I don’t think Obama wants tort reform but he realizes that it is critical if Obama Care is going to be in place. A large percentage of people who file medical malpractice insurance claims are lower income people. Obama care is giving health insurance to low income individuals. So, not only will the doctors be paid less but they will now have to see high risk patients, for less pay. (see ) We already don’t have enough doctors. If tort reform does not happen we will have even fewer doctors. I am not saying we should have tort reform, but I think that is why Obama is attempting it.

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  6. clessComment by cless
    March 27, 2011 @ 9:39 pm

    Did everyone see ole Newt Gingrich attack Obama for NOT creating a “no fly zone’ over Libya and them when Obama did create one, Newt attached Obama for doing it. Are we going to see this from all of the Repub, Presidential candidates to come?
    It was the same old game played with Obamacare. One Republican committee member would sponsor a provision or an amendment, then another Repub would second it. Then in the debate, several other Repubs would speak for it, plus Dems. Then when the vote was taken, and the Dems would vote for it, all of the Repubs would vote against it. That included all of the Repubs that got it to the vote.

    Then at the end of the day, they would all together walk up to the waiting press, and tell them, for the 6:00 NEWS, that the new provision was a take over of our medical system or would raise cost. Throughout the debate on health insurance reform,

    Republican concepts and proposals were included in legislation. In fact, hundreds of Republican amendments were adopted during the committee mark-up process. As a result, both the Senate and the House passed key Republican proposals that are incorporated into the President’s Proposal.

    Do you people really believe that you will get the creditability for running our country by just opposing every single thing Obama does, including his accepting your contributions to many issues. In my book, you are totally fraudulent in doing so.

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  7. RWComment by RW
    March 28, 2011 @ 8:22 am

    cles, cless, cless….what channel did you see these healthcare reform bill debates? The reason I ask is because…there were NO debates! Then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, explained that, “we need to pass the bill so we can see what’s in it,” with that doofy, blinky-eyed blank faced, botoxed look.
    The first version, 1,200 pages, of that bill was placed on the internet, and I spent 4 nights running, reading every word (and yes, death panels were in it). Then, it got removed and a bill that was more than twice as long, was passed, without publication on the internet as promised. The votes were straight down party lines, too.
    There was NO open debate, Republicans were totally cut out of all discussion, and the bill passed at what? 1 am?
    cless, we are CONSERVATIVES. The other party are LIBERALS. Our party philosophies are diametrically opposed, now more than evah. We MUST unilaterally oppose every darn thing that obama and his cohorts do or want to do. Otherwise, our country is gonna be totally socialistic, which is a hair away from communism.
    cless, you keep demanding proof of this and proof of that, but frankly, until you bring proof of your (outrageous) statement, I just don’t want to read any more of yer words.

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  8. clessComment by cless
    March 28, 2011 @ 3:25 pm

    RW, RW, RW I watched them LIVE just about every day they were on the CSPAN channels, didn’t you. I have “News Multiview”. wherein I can see the screens of 13 news channels on my set, at one time. Therefore, I switch from channel to channel anytime or constantly. Sometimes different hearings or committee meetings would be going on 2, CSPAN channels at the same time. 
    Therefore, I watched the hearings and various committees LIVE, IN SECESSION AS THEY WENT ON, ALL BUT MAYBE 3 OR 4 DAYS OF THEM, OVER NEARLY 9 MONTHS +, DIDN’T YOU.
    At every hearing and committee meeting there were the exact number of Dems and Repubs seated in proportion to the number of seats they filled in Congress. I saw the motions made and seconded to by each party’s members and the pro and con discussions each of the members debated, creating amendments to the motions, seconds and more discussions. Sometimes it took 4 or 5 days for all parties to complete their input on one amendment. THAT INCLUDED ALL OF THE REPUBLICANS.
    Then when the amendment was finally passed, it was put into the record and included in the next day’s reading of the minutes and it was also signed and sent to the Congressional records, wherein, within a day or so anyone could view them. I download a bunch of them and then I downloaded the entire bill, 2200+ pages, days before the open secession vote.
    I also watched the Republicans submit motions and amendments, debate them and then add amendments, then when their work was approved and came to the final vote, they would vote against their own amendment. It took me a while to realize it was an absolute trend, because the votes are taken randomly, not by party. Then one day I watched several Repubs vote in a row and sure enough I noticed they were the ones who presented and argued for what they just voted against. After that, I saw the same thing happen on every single vote.
    Pelosi, who I don’t particularly like, was being facetious in saying that. It was like saying, “Yeah Republicans, we heard that before.” And, being true politicians, they were allowing their fellow committee members to guide them, rather than read it themselves. BUT, IT WAS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE THE WHOLE TIME OR I AM A MAGICIAN.

    If you will go online, you can find dozens of records of the huge number of amendments attributed to the Republicans.

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