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First, do no harm.

By Kay Daly

In what can only be called a modern day "Little Shop of Horrors" case, Philadelphia prosecutors have brought eight counts of murder against an abortion doctor.  Dr. Kermit Gosnell is accused of one count of murder in the case of a botched abortion  performed on a woman and seven counts of  murders of  babies who had been born alive, but then had their spinal cords cut with a pair of scissors.  

Because there are no records that were found, it is not known exactly how many babies had been murdered at the "Womens Medical Society" during the 30 years that Dr. Gosnell's practice was in business.

The description of Gosnell's office sounds like a set of a horror movie.   Jars with the severed feet of babies?  Bags, bottles and jars containing aborted babies?  Does anyone else reading this taste bile right about now?  Just let this sink in:  "Jars with the severed feet of babies lined a shelf." 

Like a trophy case? 

This "doctor" earned close to two million dollars in this past year in his "practice" which spanned close to 30 years.  It is hard to comprehend the mayhem this one man death machine has wrought.  The innocent blood that was shed in the name of "choice" is nauseating.   What happened to "first, do no harm"?  

All about "choice", is it?  The actual point when "choice" should have come into play was before the baby was created.  Truly empowered women can proudly say no and avoid all kinds of serious consequences not the least of which is the death of an innocent child. 

We hear the hand-wringing of ardent pro-abortion forces at the thought of women dying at the hands of unqualified hacks in back alleys should abortion be outlawed.   They don't seem to have the same concern for the babies whose lives are snuffed out, of course, but their arguments should ring hollow when stories like this surface. 

At every turn, our society has devalued marriage, the intimacy sanctified by the covenant of marriage and very life that was intended to be created within the loving boundaries of a union blessed by God.    With these basic moral principles tossed aside in the wake of a misguided feminist agenda and predatory doctors looking for a quick payoff to remove an inconvenient biological byproduct, is it any wonder that women don't seem much happier for all of this "choice" they have been marinating in since 1973?  

Everything that women seek -- respect, security, love, kindness,  honor, trust -- just cannot survive in this crass atmosphere of almost total indecency.   And Dr. Gosnell's role in this rapid slide toward total moral anarchy?   Gosnell is more symptom than cause,  although it could certainly be argued that his actions are a catalyst for a more rapid decline.   But the Gosnells of the world are merely mercenaries looking to make money off of tragedy.   There is a lot of money to be made on the crumbling of a society by those who aren't burdened by a conscience.

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  1. kathryninalaskaComment by kathryninalaska
    January 20, 2011 @ 12:34 am

    This is the most disgusting story in my memory.  I don’t know how I will sleep tonight.  This is the yield of a society that does not respect life.  Utter Horror.

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  2. caggro59Comment by caggro59
    February 3, 2011 @ 1:09 am

    This IS like something out of a horror movie.  Babies spinal cords being cut with a pair of scissors??  Too horrible to even think about.  Gosnell is not a symptom of anything, nor was he in it for just the money.  He is a cold-blooded, psychopathic murderer who found a way to carry out his horrific crimes under the guise of a “legal” procedure.  The guy is a monster who should rot in jail for the rest of his life.  I hope they throw the book at him.

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