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The curve balls that life throws at you....

By Kay Daly

Fresh Ink (Clear)

When I first started writing for GOPUSA, I had it in mind to keep it all on politics.  But one can't always help where inspiration comes from.

My husband truly does mean the world to me.  I didn't know that it was possible get to marry someone who was your best friend, the love of your life, a soulmate AND someone who worked, lived and breathed the same professional field with the same intensity.  A few years ago, my back and neck just basically started to fall apart.  Degenerative disk disease along with the host of diagnoses and symptoms that go along with it.  My husband stepped up to the plate and without a complaint took on more than most probably would by taking care of our three young children while I went through three spinal surgeries.

Heaven knows, it hasn't been easy.

But last weekend, the tables turned.  My husband's appendix ruptured and he was rushed to the hospital in terrible pain. A ruptured appendix can be a dangerous thing if it isn't caught -- just ask Harry Houdini -- but thank the Lord and the good doctors who treated him, he is recovering nicely.   But he sure gave us all a scare!

In watching the doctors who have both treated me and my husband through these health issues, I couldn't help but think what kind of a nation we are going to turn into if ObamaCare is not repealed.  The immediate assessment and treatment of my husband's condition, the access to a CATscan, the medications that were available all made what was once a fatal condition, treatable. 

I think about the amazing doctors who kept my father alive for two decades despite a serious heart condition, thanks to the development of and access to angioplasties, stents, newer, smaller, remotely monitored pacemakers and the amazing array of medication now available to cardiac patients.

I think about the amazing advancements just in the past few years in the treatment and care of both chronic pain and spine ailments associated with them.  The medical bills are enormous, close to insurmountable, but every inch of titanium that allows me to stay out of a wheelchair and playing with my children makes it worth every dime. 

And then I think about those around the world who don't have access to that kind of medical technology and what they and their families do -- and sacrifice -- to come here and get the best medical treatment in the world.

My son has a young girl from Africa in his class that his school sponsored to come over and have several surgeries done for a severely cleft palate, among other ailments.  She left her family and everything she knows to come here, to the most free, most advanced nation on the planet so that she could access the health care that she needs.  No doubt, this little child from Rwanda has seen more than we can imagine -- her haunted eyes tell me more than I need to know.  But the initial terror and distrust I saw in her face has given way to grace.....and a pure joy that we might not ever fully comprehend not having experienced the devastation she has in her young life.

It is easy to sit back and nitpick at all the things that could be improved in our medical system and boy, do I have a list of my own.  But it is still the most amazing medical system in the world, and just when life throws you that curve ball....when your loved one's life is placed into the hands of that medical system, ask yourself a question or two -- if this American medical system we have isn't the best that there is....if those American doctors are not the best you can possibly find......then why are you gambling with the life of your child or your parent or your soulmate?  Would you prefer to wait several months and watch your loved one in agony?  Would you prefer to have a system run with all the competence of a governmental agency and have your loved one die because what your loved one needed just wasn't available because of rationing?     

The answer is simple.  As many problems as our system of healthcare has gumming up the works, it is still the best that there is, bar none.  There are improvements to be made, but not in the image of the nations that are currently failing their citizens.  People are not fighting to get into any other nation to have a chance to access their healthcare system in droves as they are here in the good old evil capitalist pig USA.  And God bless it, flaws and all.

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  1. RWComment by RW
    October 13, 2010 @ 4:15 pm

    As one who lives with constant, unremitting pain, and one who has had serious bouts of ill health in her lifetime, I not only salute you as a fellow wanderer in the confusing maze of treatments and medical advances, but I thank you.
    You have the courage to speak up as one who will always be close to the medical field and sees the incredible people who work treating you, and I and many others who could NOT imagine living in Canada or England or God help those who do…in a Third World country.
    And you did not write as a victim, but as a grateful American.
    I have sat in pediatricians’ waiting rooms and heard mamas complain, “The doctor couldn’t see me at 5 pm, when I get off work! I had to come in at 4 pm. How inconsiderate!” I have to literally bite my tongue to keep from saying, “yeah, Honey, and if this were England, yer kid would be even sicker if not dead before a doctor, let alone one of yer choice, saw your child!”
    In Canada, unless someone has been critically shot or bleeding or unconscious, he/she is turned away and told to call Health Service in the morning!
    I am fortunate to live 4 miles from an incredible, Top 100 hospital in the country.
    However, even the worst of our country’s medical caregivers and medical facilities, are far better than any other country’s.
    May this never change.
    Thank you pointing this all out.
    I am glad yer hubby is ok, and may yer health take a turn for the better.

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  2. Mawloud Ould DaddahComment by Mawloud Ould Daddah
    October 13, 2010 @ 5:31 pm


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  3. Mawloud Ould DaddahComment by Mawloud Ould Daddah
    October 13, 2010 @ 5:40 pm


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  4. The SentinelComment by The Sentinel
    October 13, 2010 @ 8:22 pm

    Just had my prostate cancer caught and after the removal of the prostate – no more cancer is apparent 3 months after the operation.
    This would be unlikely under the “new” Oblame-a-care. Prostate cancer is still a major killer in socialist medicine countries like England and Canada.

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  5. Fred CampbellComment by Fred Campbell
    October 14, 2010 @ 10:31 am

    My experience parallels Kay’s.
    Thank God for capitalism and the superb medical service that it provides.
    Without it I too would be curled up in a wheelchair, unable to take care of myself.

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  6. Mawloud Ould DaddahComment by Mawloud Ould Daddah
    October 14, 2010 @ 11:41 am


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  7. bobnipComment by bobnip
    October 14, 2010 @ 12:04 pm

    In the last two years I have had to contend with Prostate Cancer, a double hernia and skin cancer. I had terrific health care while working at Home Depot through Kaiser Permanante, so all those conditions were dealt with successfully.
    But then, the economy started to go in the tank. Home Depot, in typical corporate fashion, decided they needed to do a little “Age Cleansing” to improve their P & L. After all, Associates of advanced age are more expensive to employee than the youth who they can hire to work at barely above minimum wage. Home Depot is firing older Associates, making up false charges against them, all in an effort to rid themselves of the extra financial burden. I have a list of 24 “Aged Associates” just at the store I worked at that this happened to.
    I blame the Obama Regime for creating this atmosphere of economic morass that caused a giant in Corporate America to turn to such drastic methods for saving their company’s bottom line.
    I know, let’s have Obama’s governmental takeover of Industry include Home Depot! Then CEO Frank Blake can bow down and kiss his ring like Obama kisses the Ring of the Saudi King….

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  8. oldcuzComment by oldcuz
    October 14, 2010 @ 12:19 pm

    I might add my two cents and agree with all here. After going through kidney failure twice since I turned 70, and due to the blessings of some of the greated Doctors in the world and mostly caring hospitals and medical staff I can say that I have lived a mostly comfortable life and even having endured short periods of Dialysis both times, then fortunate to have been free of it for the past three years and been mostly able to live pretty much a normal life. I don’t think that under Obamacare I would even be alive today. I truly thank God and the current American medical system, warts and all. I have heard from some that in most Socialized medical plans, they will not even authorize dialysis for those over 65.

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  9. welder4Comment by welder4
    October 14, 2010 @ 12:48 pm

    Obama hates America and its way of life , he should be impeached and that will be the theme of my letters to congress when we take back the house . Sue a state indeed what world did he come from? He has lied so many times he should be impeached and thrown out of office, never to hold a public office again. He should disbarred if he is in fact a lawyer . I doubt that also because he has hidden all his public records . Don’t look at the man behind the curtain .

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  10. bobnipComment by bobnip
    October 14, 2010 @ 1:11 pm

    Let’s take it one step further. Obama has violated his oath of Office to protect the citizens of the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic. He has shown us that he is the enemy. By going to the UN and filing an International Complaint against the State of Arizona, he has invited the UN “Peace Keeping Forces” to enforce International Law. Remember, 95% of the UN are enemies of the United States. That means UN forces entering our borders! I venture to say he can be removed from office for that very reason. Treason is what we are seeing from this Pseudo-President.
    The question becomes, can the Supreme Court declare a Presidential Executive Order unconstitutional? If they can, and Obama’s personal records are made public, it will definitely show he is not American born. At that point he should be tried, convicted and incarcerated for fraud perpetrated against the Citizens of the United States. Follow that with deportation to Kenya, Indonesia, or any other Nation that will take him.
    Don’t forget that Hillary Clinton helped mastermind this attack against America…and that she and her hubby will be presenting her as the “Moderate” alternative in 2012. Ironically, she is every bit as much a Communist as Obama.

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  11. jbibleComment by jbible
    October 14, 2010 @ 4:36 pm

    I had been in & out of hospitals all summer with everyone trying to find out why my eye was bulging & bloody & swollen together, when finally I was sent to Emory Hospital in Atlanta to find a ruptured artery behind my eye socket….had emergency surgery for 5 hours through the groin to my brain by a neurologist there. Drs. had to drill through the artery & place titanium in there to keep it open. At age 66, I am so greatful to those people who worked diligently to save my life because I found out how serious this condition was after the fact & that I live in America where I was not thrown aside because of my age. I pray Obamacare will be repealed because as I age, I would like to live as productive a life as possible to enjoy my grand-children, friends, my wonderful husband, etc. Thank God for America & for the caring people that serve in the medical field. I am indebted to them & to God who gives them that knowledge & I pray their hands won’t be tied because of Obamacare!

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  12. JDZComment by JDZ
    October 15, 2010 @ 7:52 am

    And you have people like Michael Moore putting out a movie telling the naive American public that this country is ranked 37the in world in medical care, and the liberal politicians use this to pass the Obamacare mess, all because WE have a problem.
    Moore and his hollywood cohorts coupled with the liberal media have done a job on this country. Al Gore is another one, and cap and trade are coming next, which is the largest tax increase for the American public in the history of the country, and it will be pushed through to solve the so-called global warming problem.
    WE have allowed this to happen. WE have continously elected liberal politicians into office over and over again who love to spend our diminishing taxpayer money. They love to go on these DO GOOD missions to provide EVERYONE with comparable life styles, etc. They want the government to take over our lives. They want the government to run our private companies. ETC.
    Yes, it is our fault. We have let it happen.
    We are about to have the best healthcare system in the history of the world dismantled and undermined by liberal politicians and a government that has never run anything well.
    Next will be our national defense, and then it will be basically over.
    If you want Obamacare repealed and the liberals out of control of our government, then get out there and vote!

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  13. threlkeldjComment by threlkeldj
    October 16, 2010 @ 2:59 pm

    I agree with the above that although we have health care problems—it is still the best in the world. I also have had a successful back surgery years ago and 3 years ago had breast cancer. I may need a knee replacement in the next year or so but I am very afraid that it will not be available to me because of my age (67). If it is not a clue that our health care is the best, why do people who have money come here for our care instead of staying in their countries, Mr. Obama, Ms. Pelosi and the rest??? My other fear is that good doctors will leave the profession because of reimbursements/paperwork and government interference.

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  14. GoatladyComment by Goatlady
    October 19, 2010 @ 2:26 pm

    Some of us Seniors are already feeling the effects of ObamaCare. WE’re seeing higher copays in our Medicare Advantage insurance and refusal of care in a few instances (already!).
    In 2005, I fell and sharrtered my right forearm. I was working at the time, and insurance paid for the initial repair and two followup surgeries. However, I was “RIF’d” in 2008, snd hava not been able to find employment since, so am now forced to live on Social Sevurity and have Medicare for my healthcare needs. One of my bones never healed, so the arm is held together with plates and screws. About a month ago, the arm got hot, sore and swollen. My PCP sent me for an XRay and we discovered that one of the screws is loose and another one has sheared off so there is a loose piece of titanium floating around im my arm. Now comes the bad news. There is only one orthopod in the area that will attempt the needed surgery, and his PC will not accept my Medicare Advantage insurance.
    With the changes that take effect next year, only God knows when (and how) I can have this fixed. In the meantime, I am in pain every day and it’s getting increasingly difficult to care for my totally disabled spouse.
    What next? I hope everyone is VERY aware of the importance of the upcoming elections.

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