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    Schizoid court orders every state to have an abortion clinic

    In a fevered blast of judicial activism and rabid pro-abortion extremism, the 5th Circuit has invented an entirely new constitutional category of rights based exclusively on geography. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which just finished ruling that abortion clinic regulations are perfectly constit ... Read More

    With friends like these....

    Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama both say they support Israel, but they need to back up their vacuous words with action and immediately cut off U.S. foreign aid to the Palestinians -- to the tune of about $400 million of our tax dollars annually -- that's funding and supporting Hama ... Read More

    Harsh condemnation: Israel questions Kerry's abilities

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's recently proposed cease-fire plan that promised billions to Gaza without addressing any of Israel's demands invited stern condemnation from Israeli officials and press alike. More than displeased by Kerry's cease-fire draft plan, which reportedly pledged huge sum ... Read More

    Obama on 'acting white'

    president, Barack Obama commands the attention of all Americans when he addresses matters involving war, the economy, the budget and immigration. But being the first black president, he has a unique authority to address matters of race, particularly in addressing black listeners. He did that the oth ... Read More

    EBT Cards for Terrorists

    What's the over-under on how many EBT cards the Tsarnaev gang had in their heyday? Very conservatively, I'm going to say 15. It's difficult to nail down exact numbers, because these are, after all, undocumented Democrats, and God forbid that their privacy rights should ever be violated. As Rep. Shau ... Read More

    Uncle Sam helps illegal alien children: Do you feel like a boy or a girl?

    Children who have entered this country illegally are receiving food, clothing and shelter as they await their court cases. And now add "reproductive health" and "gender identity" to the list. Human Life International spokesman Stephen Phelan says HLI is among pro-life groups criticizing a $350 milli ... Read More

    Secure the borders before it's too late

    With terrorist threats at their highest levels since 9/11, Americans must demand that the federal government secure the nation's borders immediately. No one should be permitted to enter the U.S. without getting screened and having their backgrounds checked. Nobody. Putting aside the flood of illegal ... Read More

    Candidly Speaking: Obama is abandoning Israel

    In the midst of a bitter war – one that Israel sought to avoid – the statements and initiatives from US President Barack Obama and his inept secretary of state, John Kerry, have convinced Hamas that if they maintain their campaign of terror against Israel and the civilians of Gaza, the international ... Read More

    Obama is adrift and danger is we'll all sink with him

    In between practicing his golf swing and attending party fundraisers, the American President vowed there would be consequences following the shooting down of Malaysian flight MH17. Barack Obama said there would be serious ramifications if his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin continued to meddle in ... Read More

  • "The churches today are just another business. And these are good measures of the success of a business. ..." Comment by Bobinms
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  • "This says it all Kremlin's Obama Tweet Puts His Poodle Up Against Putin's Leopard" Comment by genesal
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  • "Speaking to a reality condition of far too many churches ... they have a board of directors or deacons or..." Comment by rustypat
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