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    Hate-spewing street preachers bend, but don't break, First Amendment

    An attorney who fights for religious liberty says he has mixed feelings about a court decision that favors a group of hate-spewing street preachers. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel sympathizes with Liberty Place, a shopping center that sued to stop a group of black street preachers who rail against wh ... Read More

    Navy's LGBT survey ripped as more 'misuse' of U.S. military

    A conservative military watchdog says a survey currently being conducted by the Navy is nothing more than the latest attempt by the Obama Pentagon to advance the LGBT agenda in the U.S. military. The U.S. Navy is trying to recruit at least 400 of its "gay," lesbian, and bisexual sailors to take a su ... Read More

    Schools challenged on their radical bathroom policies

    A legal group that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith has sent letters to school districts in three states telling them to reject policies that would allow students to use bathrooms reserved for the opposite sex. Over the past several weeks, Alliance Defending Freedom s ... Read More

    Houston mayor accused of 'abuse of power' by Civil Rights commissioner

    An official with the U.S. Civil Rights Commission is warning the mayor of Houston, Texas that her city's actions are violating the rights of local pastors. U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow has written to Mayor Annise Parker, an open lesbian, who is allowing attorneys to subpoena five pa ... Read More

    Gone: The jobs Obama doesn't want

    For six years, under heavy pressure from environmental groups, President Obama and countless Democrats have blocked passage of the Keystone project -- a Canadian energy pipeline that would have shipped oil from Alberta to the U.S., creating thousands of jobs. A U.S. State Department review found tha ... Read More

    Federal judge swims upstream: No constitutional right to gay 'marriage'

    A federal judge and his court decision have given new hope that traditional marriage will survive legal attacks by homosexual activists and sympathetic judges. U.S. District Court Judge Juan Perez-Gimenez, in fact, suggested that other judges have taken liberty with theWindsor decision that was used ... Read More

    Owner of 'Muslim-free' gun range speaks out

    A journalist and gun-range owner in Arkansas continues to get a lot of attention for her recent article titled" Why I Want My Range to Be a Muslim-Free Zone." "That article was prompted by 12 years of studying Islam," said Jan Morgan during an interview Monday with Bryan Fischer on American Family R ... Read More

    'Closet Democrat' in KS threatens GOP's Senate hopes

    A conservative activist says voters in Kansas shouldn't be fooled by an independent Senate candidate who is trying to convince them he isn't a Democrat. Greg Orman is trying to unseat incumbent Republican Pat Roberts. Roberts is not popular among conservatives, many of whom supported Milton Wolf in ... Read More

    Ministry leader: Every church, every pulpit in U.S. under attack

    The leader of a Christian ministry is asking Houston Mayor Annise Parker to meet with them over the city's "anti-discrimination" ordinance that has resulted in subpoenas being issued against pastors. Citizens of Houston obtained more than enough petition signatures to call for an election to overtur ... Read More

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