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    Homosexual activists ask UN to define therapy as 'torture'

    Homosexual activists are pushing states and the United Nations to declare reparative therapy for people with same-gender attractions as torture. The move stems from the potentially false allegations by an Iowa man who says he had a horrific experience with a therapist and his father who he accuses o ... Read More

    Attorney wants high court to rule on CA t-shirt case

    An attorney says a public school incident over t-shirts in California is also a test case for free-speech rights. In 2010, school officials at Live Oak High School prevented five students from wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo to prevent possible problems with Hispanic students. Robert M ... Read More

    Terrorist Support Group Shows Up At Court

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev just wanted his 72 virgins, but yesterday he had to settle for a handful of hand-me-down harridans outside the federal courthouse on Northern Avenue. The questions for the prison groupies were obvious. One was asked if she wanted to marry the Joker. "It's not a teen crush," she rep ... Read More

    Some homeschoolers finding it difficult to avoid Common Core

    More and more parents fed up with the tightening reigns of the federal government on public education through the Common Core are leaving the schools to homeschool their children. But few realize that the same "politicized" and "dumbed-down" standards they tried to avoid are showing up in their livi ... Read More

    Don't get too self-righteous opposing torture

    Colorado's outgoing Sen. Mark Udall helped renew the country's longstanding debate about the morality of torture. Oddly, what may be the senator's most defining moment comes at the end of his one-term career. Udall was sharply critical of the CIA after winning a long-fought battle for release of a t ... Read More

    Education KS judge: Homeschoolers prepped for life in the 15th century

    After a recent custody battle in Kansas, a lower court judge made some overtly denigrating comments about homeschoolers — in so many words saying that they are unsocialized introverts fit only for a centuries-past society. “Socialization and interaction with other students, which are important … can ... Read More

    Obama administration a conspirator in IRS scandal?

    The Obama administration is reportedly caught in the midst of yet another scandal, this time for allegedly conspiring with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to collect confidential taxpayer data used by the White House to try and inflict damage against its political enemies. An attorney for Preside ... Read More

    FL state capital OKs Satanic Christmas display

    With annual lawsuits contesting the constitutionality of Christian Christmas displays around government buildings becoming as much of a winter staple as Black Friday and photos booths at the local mall with Santa, many are finding the decision of officials from Florida’s state capitol confounding, w ... Read More

    Sen. Coburn's farewell warning: America is a republic in danger

    In his farewell speech, Republican Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn left his fellow United States Senators with a solemn tear-filled warning that the continued existence of America as a republic is in grave danger. Alluding to President Barack Obama’s persistent trend of avoiding the system of checks and ... Read More

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