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    Cruz to pastors: 'Uphold sacrament of marriage'

    In anticipation of next week's Supreme Court hearings on same-sex "marriage," Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is exhorting tens of thousands of pastors across the U.S. to champion biblical marriage from their pulpits this Sunday. Cruz, son of an evangelical minister, is a strong advocate ... Read More

    So - would Hillary 'topple' herself?

    Hillary Clinton's idea of "toppling" the wealthiest one-percent in America is an odd statement for a wealthy person to make, says a political analyst. Clinton's "toppling" comment, made to economists earlier this year, was buried in a New York Times story on Tuesday about her economic views and camp ... Read More

    Obama still won't refer to the Armenian genocide by name. He should end the charade

    “The Armenian genocide is not an allegation, a personal opinion or a point of view, but rather a widely documented fact supported by an overwhelming body of historical evidence,” said a US senator named Barack Obama in 2006, before he sought to be elected to the highest office in the land. He was ri ... Read More

    What does the Freedom from Religion group really stand for?

    The Freedom From Religion Foundation's purpose, allegedly, is to maintain separation of church and state. But it appears the group simply tries to make headlines. Otherwise, it's difficult to explain its self-contradictory statements. Earlier this year, the foundation sent letters that appeared to t ... Read More

    Obama orders America to 'welcome' millions of illegals, migrants

    Consistent with his agenda to fast-track his executive amnesty, President Barack Obama is demanding American citizens welcome millions of undocumented immigrants and refugees into their neighborhoods in keeping to his "centralized" plan to "take care of their needs." "President Obama's White House T ... Read More

    The latest downward slide for Girl Scouts: 'Girl' is now optional

    A traditional values leader is exposing the Girl Scouts for its continued move toward far-left causes. The latest announcement, says Linda Harvey of Mission America, is that little boys from kindergarten through high school can join the Girl Scouts, if the boy considers himself a girl. "In other wor ... Read More

    Marijuana party should embarrass state leaders

    As Colorado's 4-20 "holiday" came and went Monday, our new identity was more clear than ever. We aren't best known as a high-tech hub, the Napa Valley of craft brews or the paradise of skiing, climbing and other outdoor sports. That image is just so yesteryear. Today, we are known for pot. It is an ... Read More

    Former Sen. Coburn dispenses some tough talk on medicine today

    It says something telling about the current regulatory state when a longtime physician such as former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn has no interest at all in returning to the profession, even for a little while. Coburn, an obstetrician who has delivered more than 4,000 babies, recently filled in for six week ... Read More

    Living in fear: Twin Cities a hotbed of radicalized young Muslims

    A Messianic Jewish leader says Minnesota's Twin Cities are a "ticking time bomb" where many citizens live in fear of radical Muslims who have an increasing presence in the area. Authorities in Minnesota have indicted six men who they say attempted to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State terrori ... Read More

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