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    The bitter tears of Nancy Pelosi

    Why did Nancy Pelosi choke up? The Democratic Party leader in America's House of Representatives stormed from the floor of the House before Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had finished saying his goodbyes following his speech to Congress. Pelosi was "near tears," she said, over what she h ... Read More

    Obama's tax policy: One absurd law piled on top of the other

    An analyst warns that taxpayers could be in for a "very rough ride" if President Obama keeps resorting to executive orders in the area of tax policy. The IRS has already decided to pay refunds to illegal immigrants, thanks to President Obama's executive orders that critics consider to be offering am ... Read More

    Netanyahu, Obama and spittle

    Nearly five dozen Democrat members of Congress threw a partisan hissy fit on Wednesday, boycotting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to a joint meeting of Congress. They apparently were as afraid as was President Barack Obama, who claims to have not even watched the address, to hear ... Read More

    La. teacher gestapo'd for criticizing Common Core

    For teachers in one Louisiana school district, any criticism of the controversial and problematic Common Core Curriculum is not only prohibited — it’s a punishable offense that may cost them their jobs. When 12-year junior high school teacher Deborah Vailes posted a criticism she had about the Commo ... Read More

    Netanyahu's strong warning to Congress - and Obama

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a blistering speech to Congress on Tuesday, raising images of the Holocaust and warning that an impending nuclear deal with Iran would be worse than no deal at all. Among his objections to the deal-in-progress as it has been reported: The agreement ... Read More

    Climate change defectors having to weather Democrat led storm

    Top Democrats are turning up the pressure against college professors who aren't on board with their agenda to unconditionally promote "climate change," even when the evidence stacks up against it. "I am under 'investigation,'" declared University of Colorado-Boulder (UCB) professor of environmental ... Read More

    Oscars missed the mark on what Americans really liked

    Christian pollster George Barna and his staff have examined what attracted – and didn't attract – the attention of moviegoers the past year and found a marked disparity between those who paid to see the films and those who bestow industry honors. Birdman might have flown away with the "Best Film" Os ... Read More

    'Abortion president' forces solution to rise in rape of undocumented girls

    As more and more illegal immigrant girls are being raped and impregnated and ending up in care facilities, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has prescribed a “solution” that follows suit with President Barack Obama’s legacy of pushing abortion. HHS has just issued new regulations tha ... Read More

    Jindal: Repeal Common Core along with ObamaCare

    Potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal has made sure his fellow Republicans understand that he has no love lost for the federally imposed education guidelines and curriculum known as Common Core. During his speech last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Jind ... Read More

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