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    Climatologist: Obama peddling a non-issue

    President Obama continues to sound the alarm over what he calls "climate change" or "global warming," but one expert on climatology says there's really nothing to be alarmed about. The president is currently in Alaska to see melting glacier and thawing permafrost, and to discuss how rising sea level ... Read More

    Ben Carson ties Trump in Iowa poll

    WASHINGTON -- If there's anyone voters in the crucial primary state of Iowa love more than an anti-establishment outsider, it's a likable one. And right now, GOP White House hopeful Ben Carson is claiming that title -- much to the likely dismay of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. For the first time in m ... Read More

    Can Europe be saved? And can we?

    Karl Marx wrote in 1848 that "A spectre is haunting Europe." That spectre was, of course, communism, and its ill effects were felt in Europe for the next 150 years. Today, another spectre is haunting Europe, and it may well have an even better chance than communism to destroy the European order that ... Read More

    Supporters of Michigan cross holding out hope

    A court order banning a cross in a Michigan city park won't be the final say. At issue is a 48-foot-tall cross in a park display in Grand Haven that allows other things, such as an anchor, to be displayed. An atheist, associated with the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, didn't li ... Read More

    What, pray tell, is a 'family wage'?

    The intellectual midgets of the tallest order have been working so much overtime on America's Northleft Coast that they've fried the last of their brain synapses. Why else would more than 2,600 people in Spokane, Wash., sign a petition forcing to the November ballot an abomination of a referendum kn ... Read More

    University warns students about free speech

    An American university has warned its students that there's no such thing as "free speech" on campus. Students at Rutgers University are being encouraged to report "bias incidents" to the university's Bias Prevention and Education Committee. Robert Shibley of the Foundation for Individual Rights in ... Read More

    Liberal Lunacy: One is a Racist, the Other a 'Victim' of Guns

    In typical liberal fashion, the rhetoric coming out of the mouths of the left regarding Vester Lee Flanagan isn't about him being a racist or gay or even an Obama supporter. Nope. It's just about guns. It's an interesting contrast considering when Dylann Roof killed a group of people in cold blood, ... Read More

    President Carbon: Hypocrisy's trip

    Call it a textbook case of "Do as I say, not as I do." During President Obama's 11-day, 14,000-mile "climate change tour," Air Force One alone will generate about 1.5 million pounds of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas "pollutant" that he and his fellow environmental extremists love to ... Read More

    Hillary should focus on real terrorists

    You know Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to salvage a presidential bid on life support when she libels her Republican rivals as "terrorists" at a campaign event. "Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don't want to live ... Read More

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