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    Media Roundup: Ebola, Joe Biden, Black Activists Speaking Out, and More!

    In this week's GOPUSA Media Roundup, we have the Obama administration making plans to bring MORE infected Ebola patients to the United States, Joe Biden forgetting just how long Barack Obama has been in power, and one of the strongest statements made by a group of Chicago activists against so-called ... Read More

    Holder's prints all over 'Fast and Furious' cover-up, says Judicial Watch

    Judicial Watch says documents it has obtained reveal how President Obama exerted executive privilege in an attempt to conceal details of the controversial "Operation Fast and Furious" scandal. The ill-fated gun-running program, conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives fro ... Read More

    Amid public outcry city claims 'religious' exemption for wedding chapel

    An Idaho town now claims it will not punish a husband and wife who refused to conduct wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples at their wedding chapel. Coeur d'Alene officials threatened to fine or jail Donald and Evelyn Knapp, who operate the for-profit Hitching Post Wedding Chapel, because of their ... Read More

    Election fraud may be rampant in Colorado this year

    Don't let fraud spoil this election. Secretary of State Scott Gessler, county clerks and recorders and poll watchers from all campaigns must remain on high alert. The senatorial and gubernatorial campaigns remain too close to call and could be decided by a few hundred votes -- or even just a few vot ... Read More

    Democrat: Obamaphones 'one of the most fraud-infested programs ever conceived in the federal government'

    After the first round of riots in Ferguson, Mo., residents were offered help in meeting basic needs during a time of disruption. We noticed that most of those waiting in line to have their basic needs met were talking or texting on cellphones. Having a cellphone is a basic need, it seems, and we don ... Read More

    Connecting the dots to despotism

    The pattern of recent events across America clearly shows a nation in decline. Amazingly, our ruling class still won't connect the dots. Recently, I wrote a column suggesting that we are living in an age of insanity. Events since show the madness morphing into soft despotism, which may harden into o ... Read More

    Hillary Clinton: Businesses, corporations don't create jobs

    Now we get our first glimpse of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign strategy -- she's planning to fight the last political war all over again. Ask the French generals who built the Maginot Line after World War I how that plan worked out for them. Yet there was Field Marshal Hillary in Boston on Friday, ... Read More

    Hate-spewing street preachers bend, but don't break, First Amendment

    An attorney who fights for religious liberty says he has mixed feelings about a court decision that favors a group of hate-spewing street preachers. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel sympathizes with Liberty Place, a shopping center that sued to stop a group of black street preachers who rail against wh ... Read More

    Navy's LGBT survey ripped as more 'misuse' of U.S. military

    A conservative military watchdog says a survey currently being conducted by the Navy is nothing more than the latest attempt by the Obama Pentagon to advance the LGBT agenda in the U.S. military. The U.S. Navy is trying to recruit at least 400 of its "gay," lesbian, and bisexual sailors to take a su ... Read More

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