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    At issue: Purpose behind school dress codes

    A Florida mom has been getting a lot of national media attention with her claim that it was unfair for school officials to make her daughter wear a "shame suit" as punishment for violating the school's dress code. But not everyone disagrees with the school's action. Dianna Larkin believes Oakleaf Hi ... Read More

    Wanna be a cop in Kansas? Good luck if you're a homeschooler

    Thanks to the Kansas State Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training, it's a lot more difficult for homeschool graduates to become a cop than other privately schooled or publicly schooled graduates. Instead of just accepting a high school diploma for eligibility — as it does for traditiona ... Read More

    Mob justice through social media

    We're living in some very scary Orwellian times. If it's not the government or NSA spying on you, it's hackers who can steal your identity, photos off your phone and other private information. And sites like TMZ that play to them can destroy your life. TMZ released a scandalous video of former Balti ... Read More

    Cross on chainsaw monument draws ire of angry atheists

    A city in Indiana is standing strong, so far, despite an atheist group's objection to a monument in state park. Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter objecting to the donated monument at Whitewater Memorial State Park in Liberty, Indiana. Attorney Roger Byron of Liberty Institute says the c ... Read More

    Obama shamed into action by his friends on the left

    Was President Obama just shamed into going on national television to finally articulate a strategy to deal with the barbaric Islamic State group? Did a good portion of that shaming come from some in the liberal media, who prior to the horrific beheading of two Americans thought the president could d ... Read More

    They're not Islamic and it's not war!

    I could have sworn we were going to war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). But the president, a well-known theologian, has informed us that despite what the Muslims of ISIS say, the Islamic State "is not Islamic." So I guess we're in a war against SIS -- the State of Iraq and Syria. ... Read More

    No atheist should be permitted to serve in the U.S. military - Do you agree?

    The United States Air Force has refused to allow a sergeant to re-enlist because he will not say "so help me God." The Air Force is doing exactly the right thing here. There is no place in the United States military for those who do not believe in the Creator who is the source of every single one of ... Read More

    An anti-terror starter kit for Obama

    Today, the 13th anniversary of 9/11, it's time to demand that our leaders in Washington do whatever is necessary to prevent another horrific attack on U.S. soil. Let's remember that al-Qaeda pulled off the 9/11 atrocities with under $500,000. What type of carnage and destruction can ISIS inflict wit ... Read More

    Today is not an ordinary day

    This Thursday, as on each Sept. 11 until our nation fades from existence, we should at precisely 8:46 a.m. pause from whatever we're doing and silently reflect. We should not need to be reminded why. This is not a normal day. Thirteen years ago on this day, normal things and assumptions vanished int ... Read More

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