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    Target: A praying coach -- egad!

    The Freedom From Religion Foundation is at it again, this time focusing its efforts against a college coach who has stated publicly he will pray with his players. During the NCAA basketball tournament in March, the atheist/agnostic group targeted several college teams for having "character coaches" ... Read More

    The Export-Import Bank: The Senate's shame

    Unable to win reauthorization of the crony capitalism-fueling Export-Import Bank on its own merits -- of which it has none, except for the cronies -- a bipartisan supermajority of the U.S. Senate voted Sunday to break a filibuster and attach the bank issue to the highway funding bill. It's a weasely ... Read More

    Gun laws don't deter the bad guys

    Thursday's movie theater shooting in Louisiana reaffirms the belief about dealing with the armed and violent: One of the most effective ways to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. In this case, the good guys at Lafayette's Grand 16 theater were the police. Their intervention after tw ... Read More

    Pastor prays at school, district fined $7.5K

    A school district in Mississippi received a $7,500 fine for allowing a pastor to open up an event in prayer and permitting Bibles to be handed out on campus. Not long after a local pastor began a districtwide honors assembly with a prayer invocation, the United States Federal District Court ruled ag ... Read More

    NM bill to end immunization exemptions killed

    A bill seeking to take away a parent’s or guardian’s right to a religious exemption to keep their children from being forced to receive immunizations was just defeated in New Mexico. If House Bill 522 passed, parents would have been prohibited from opting their children out of allowing the governmen ... Read More

    Right from wrong: Eyes wide shut

    Kerry insists he was not 'bamboozled' by his Iranian counterparts during negotiations. On Thursday, US Secretary of State John Kerry spent over four hours trying to defend the nuclear deal before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Grilled by Republicans furious at the Obama administration's tot ... Read More

    McConnell led Senate defeats Obamacare repeal and revives Export-Import Bank in rare Sunday session

    WASHINGTON (UPI) -- In a rare weekend session, the U.S. Senate made a couple moves on Sunday to keep President Barack Obama's signature health care law on the books -- and resurrect a federal credit agency after it remained dormant for 30 days. The Export-Import Bank of the United States operated th ... Read More

    The waiting dead

    In yet another black eye for the Department of Veterans Affairs, an internal report documents that a third of veterans waiting for medical care from the VA already have died. Equally disturbing is the agency's response to its own disregard. Based on a review of veteran death records (as of April), 2 ... Read More

    TX court sidelines Houston's pro-LGBT ordinance

    The Texas Supreme Court has overturned a lower-court ruling that prevented voters in Houston from deciding for or against an ordinance providing special rights to homosexuals. After the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) was passed, many churches backed a petition drive that gathered 55,000 signa ... Read More

  • "Where do these people get the idea that as a "public" employee they have special rights to a guaranteed job?..." Comment by tremors1
    Posted in Tough stance on tenure is Hitler-like? Who knew?
  • "Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; :)" Comment by Scruffy-USN-Retired
    Posted in Target: A praying coach -- egad!
  • "Exactly HOW is a coach asking his students "Does anyone have a prayer request" unconstitutionally Promoting a religion? Now if he..." Comment by ltuser
    Posted in Target: A praying coach -- egad!

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