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    Will Oakland mayor enforce laws against violent protests?

    We have been living the same nightmare over and over. A police officer in yet another U.S. city kills an African-American man. People take to the streets in Oakland to demand police accountability. Most are peaceful protesters. But come nightfall, people with their faces hidden start busting out sho ... Read More

    Is Jeb Bush already in trouble?

    Why beat around the ... bush? It's reality. Juan Ellis Bush is stumbling around the country, and the more Republicans he meets, the further he drops in the polls. In Oklahoma over the weekend, he finished sixth -- sixth! -- in a straw poll. In Iowa, he's been running seventh. Even in New Hampshire, ... Read More

    McConnell missteps on Patriot Act

    Reforms to the Patriot Act seem inevitable, despite Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's insistence that the bulk collection of phone records should be renewed with no changes. That puts McConnell at odds with many of his fellow Republicans in Congress who want to end the National Security Agenc ... Read More

    What really happened in Ireland? You need to know

    I almost never do this, but I felt it was very important to share a letter with you so that the whole world could understand what really happened in Ireland as this predominantly Catholic nation voted decisively to redefine marriage. After the vote, I posted this on Facebook: What can we learn from ... Read More

    Oklahoma latest state to protect pastors, churches

    Oklahoma legislators are protecting pastors in that state, even as homosexuals are asking them to perform "marriage" ceremonies. Gov. Mary Fallin has signed into law a bill that protects pastors and churches if they refuse to perform or host same-sex "marriage" ceremonies. Timothy Tardibono of the F ... Read More

    Obama backing $100B climate change agreement

    An upcoming climate conference could cost taxpayers heavily. This December, members of the United Nations will gather in Paris for talks on an international agreement to combat what some countries and their leaders call "climate change." President Barack Obama is one of those leaders, with the presi ... Read More

    The long, legal jihad against natural marriage

    As the calendar slips toward the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, there's a storm cloud hanging over America that will release its thunder in late June. That's when the U.S. Supreme Court is widely expected to declare a constitutional right to same-sex "marriage." We are at a moral precipice. Ameri ... Read More

    Another broken promise: ObamaCare in the ER

    Add reducing expensive emergency room visits for routine care to ObamaCare's list of broken promises. Heartland Institute editor Justin Haskins recalls President Obama's 2009 assertion that "if everybody's got coverage, then they're not going to the emergency room for treatment." But writing in the ... Read More

    States crack down on food stamp abusers, limit items

    In an attempt to cut down on America’s $74 billion food stamp program, a number of Republican-led states are limiting what families can and cannot put on their grocery lists, compliments of their state legislatures. While many conservatives are applauding the effort to cut taxes and increase financi ... Read More

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