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5:50 pm
November 28, 2012


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Post edited 6:04 pm – November 28, 2012 by james

We are presently headed on a course towards socialism and possibly communism. Under the auspices of President Barack Obama who, in my opinion, is practicing the theory of Cloward/Piven, we are in danger of an economic armageddon. 

The whole idea of the Cloward/Piven theory is very simple. Saturate the country with entitlement programs until there are too many programs to sustain and then announce cutbacks. Faced with cuts, the recipients rise up and threaten unrest. The government's answer to the threat of unrest is to raise taxes on those who produce in order to placate the non producers, i.e., the recipients of the entitlements. This so called solution causes unrest among the working class. In order to quell any potential  or actual disturbances the government moves in and nationalizes the private sector. This ends capitalism as we know it and introduces socialism aka "redistribution" a stated goal of President Obama.

I don't feel that President Obama's mishandling of the economy is due to ineptness. I think that it is being done by design and is being carried out as planned by him, his mentors and advisors, some of whom are communists.

Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn are both admitted Marxists. They have been close associates of President Obama for many years, serving on foundations with him in Chicago. He launched his political career in their home and both he and the First Lady once worked at the same law firm as Dohrn. In fact, that's where Mr. Obama met the First Lady.

Ayers and Dohrn are still part of the radical leftist movement and have supported such enterprises as the boatlifts of supplies and arms to Hamas and Hezbollah, the Islamic terrorist organizations whose goal is the annhilation of Israel. 

The stepson of Ayers and Dohrn, Chesa Boudin, is the son of two Weather Underground murderers who, along with the Black Panthers, killed two Nyack, New York police officers and a Brinks armored car guard in 1981. They adopted him when his parents, Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert were sentenced to life for the murder. Chesa Boudin has served off and on as an advisor to Venezuela's Marxist president, Hugo Chavez, who along with Vladimir Putin of Russia, and the daughter of Cuba's Castro, voiced their jubilation over the reelection of President Obama.

Ayers and Dohrn have also been involved in the Movement for a Democratic Society, an organization made up of former student radicals and domestic terrorists of the 1960s and 70s. Many of these radicals, formerly members of the Weather Underground and the Students for a Democratic Society, are now professors and college teachers. They are diligently spreading their Marxist views to a whole new generation of college students on over 200 college campus's nationwide. These radicals no longer engage in the bombing of government buildings and the murder of police officers, as they did in the sixties, seventies, and eighties but instead use academia, a cooperative media, and their positions within the government to spread their revolutionary ideas. They are, for the most part, gnawing away at the foundation of our country, in much the same manner that termites destroy buildings.  Barack Obama is their "useful idiot" (a term used by communist's to describe the dupes who push their goals) and is overseeing the leftist agenda as the purveyors prod him along from the background.

These people are all around the President. One of them, a former Weather Underground member, Jeff Jones, is one of the authors of the presidents stimulus package. Others with questionable connections include his inner circle. Valerie Jarret and David Axelrod are just a couple of them. His former Green Czar, Van Jones, is an admitted Marxist and his boyhood mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying communist, with an FBI file that is now open to public scrutiny. The backgrounds on these people and others in the Obama circle can be accessed with little difficulty by anyone curious enough to take the time to surf the web.

Much of what is going wrong in this country, today, is being being perpetuated by former domestic terrorists, radicals, and criminals, many of whom escaped punishment for their crimes, in many cases, because of evidentiary foul ups by law enforcement or statute of limitations laws. I have written a book. It is fiction but it parallels the delemma that I have put forth above. It is a story based on some of my own personal experiences as a police officer. I was on the receiving end of some of the terrorist attacks that were perpetrated by people in organizations that I have mentioned. It also involves current events and explains how those people still plague our society. The names, organizations, dates and incidents are ficticious but were inspired by real events. It's titled "The Rampage of Ryan O'Hara.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007DMGEQ2  It is a story of retribution and should wet the appetites for those interested in looking into the real events that parallel some of the fiction. You will see how the radicals of the past never went away.

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