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    Radical College Crybabies

    Deray McKesson, the professional agitator whose racial rabble-rousing began at tax-subsidized Teach for America, proudly unveiled his new enterprise on the Internet Thursday: A website chronicling "THE DEMANDS" of his radical brothers and sisters on college campuses across Northern America. "We rece ... Read More

    Time for Obama to Reverse His Refugee Plan

    Across America, the prospect of resettling as many as 10,000 Syrians has put citizens on edge. The Paris massacre and related events—ISIS' bombing of a Russian commercial airliner, the Beirut suicide bombers who killed 43, Germany's emergency evacuation of a soccer stadium prior to a game that Chanc ... Read More

    Obama Pushes France into Putin's Arms

    President Obama’s deliberately defeatist foreign policy has scored another major victory for Russia. He has pushed NATO member France and its weak socialist president into the arms of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. It may be that François Hollande felt that he had no alternative to deal with the internati ... Read More

    Refugee Screening Is a Sham

    At least one of the bombers in the Paris massacre last weekend allegedly sneaked into France posing as a Syrian refugee. ISIS is infiltrating refugee camps to penetrate Europe and the United States. But on Monday, Obama dismissed the danger, doubling down on his plans to settle at least 10,000 Syria ... Read More

    No, It Is Not Un-American to Prefer Christian Refugees to Muslim Refugees

    On Friday, Muslim terrorists murdered 129 people in Paris. At least one of the ISIS perpetrators apparently entered Europe as a "refugee" from Syria -- he was found with a refugee ID. ISIS has already claimed that they have infiltrated the Syrian refugee population to the tune of thousands of terror ... Read More

    Are We Still a Nation of Laws?

    Hypothetical situation: A father uses a stolen credit card to make a big FanDuel football bet. He's taking a risk because he wants to have the best Feliz Navidad ever for his family. But to his shock and dismay he finds out there's a big difference between futbol and football and his entire "investm ... Read More

    Rethinking support for Rubio

    I have written numerous laudatory columns about Marco Rubio, the young Republican senator from Florida, now a serious presidential contender. It is not hard to get enthusiastic about Rubio. He radiates star quality and seems to hold promise as the kind of new conservative leader we seek. And yet, na ... Read More

    Stop the Bleeding

    There was a painful irony when France's immediate response to the terrorist attacks in Paris was to close the borders. If they had closed the borders decades ago, they might have avoided this attack. Someone once said that the First World War was the most stupid thing that European nations ever did. ... Read More

    Terrorism, not Climate Change, Kills People

    On November 13, the same day as the terrorist attacks in Paris, USA Today ran a full-page ad from billionaire Tom Steyer’s group NextGen Climate highlighting the alleged global threat from climate change. As hundreds of people were being injured or killed in Paris, the ad featured these quotes about ... Read More

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