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    Iran Nuclear Side Deals Expose Additional Flaws

    More Democrats are falling in line to support the Iranian nuclear deal, despite recent revelations further exposing the farcical nature of the inspections regime on which it depends. And according to The New York Times, nearly everyone they talk about in this article who either is or might be opposi ... Read More

    Sorting the Candidates

    Despite a nuclear Iran looming on the horizon, the media seem to be putting most of their attention on two candidates for their respective parties' presidential nominations next year. Moreover, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each make their own party nervous. If next year's election comes down to ... Read More

    GOP Should Worry Less About Trump and More About Itself

    Commentators and political consultants are working overtime to divine why Donald Trump's candidacy is explosively successful despite his breaking all the established rules. They're outthinking themselves. They say he is a flash in the pan, the darling of disaffected independents, the tea party's dre ... Read More

    Bernie's Billionaires

    Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is running against some—but not all—billionaires. On Saturday, at a campaign appearance in South Carolina, he singled out the Koch brothers as “greedy.” But Roger Morgan, the author of a book on hedge fund operator and billionaire George Soros, wonders how gre ... Read More

    The Beginning of the End of Religious Freedom

    Just in case you need a refresher: Back in 2012, a baker in the Denver suburb of Lakewood was asked by a gay couple to make them a wedding cake -- two years before gay marriage was even legalized in Colorado. The owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, Jack Phillips, declined to participate in Charlie Craig ... Read More

    Hypocrites Line Up on Sesame Street

    The churning of market forces in television are once again forcing the question of why Americans are spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars a year on public broadcasting. On August 13, HBO announced it was buying all-new episodes of the iconic PBS show "Sesame Street," delaying their debut on ... Read More

    Immigration Excuses

    One of the most lame excuses for doing nothing is that we can't do everything. Such excuses have been repeated endlessly, even by some conservatives, when it comes to illegal immigration. We can't deport millions of illegal immigrants already living in the country, some say, so the wise thing is to ... Read More

    Straight Outta Solutions

    Over the weekend, the hagiographic film "Straight Outta Compton" pulled in $60 million at the box office. The film follows the trials and travails -- but not the woman-beating, gay-bashing, violence-promoting activities -- of NWA, the iconic rage hip-hop group made most famous by their anthem, "F--- ... Read More

    The Trump Effect on the Media

    Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump, he has clearly struck a chord with Americans on several fronts: contempt for the media, the belief that America is far too often a chump when it comes to international dealings (whether trade or national security), and, of course, issues related to illegal immigr ... Read More

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