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Norris: Waging War on the Trifecta of Tyranny

As a six-time undefeated middleweight world karate champion, I have a pretty good idea what makes a warrior. And there's presently one particular presidential candidate in the political ring who wears those gloves better than the others. It's one thi ...

  • "There is no effective check on the power of federal courts. We need an amendment to the Constitution to..." Comment by lowlife
    Posted in Supreme Court Disasters
  • "The marriage laws have not changed. The Supreme Court cannot change the law and neither can the President. ..." Comment by jurban
    Posted in Supreme Court Disasters
  • "Whether "President Rainbow's" relationship with Davis would've hurt his campaign is almost beside the point. The point is that the most..." Comment by lakeworthcane
    Posted in Scholar Speaks on Obama's Red Mentor

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