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Miller: Plan B Fails

By Duane Miller

Speaker Boehner and the Grand OLD Party got slapped pretty hard when the second part of “Plan B” failed to get enough support from Republicans to even get to the floor of the House for a vote.

You might remember that earlier in the week, the Speaker had removed some of the conservative members from their committee posts rather unceremoniously.  The Speaker felt that the members were renegades on party votes, particularly taxes, and needed to be taught the lesson that he and the old guard were not to be ignored.

So, Thursday night, the Speaker was taught the same unceremonious lesson.  Conservatives are sick of the Speaker and the OLD Republicans ignoring them in their “negotiations.”  That’s politics!

Conservatism Is Not Dead

Since Obama’s reelection it has become chic to once again blame the loss on the Tea Party and its recalcitrant members.  In some ways, the blame is justified, and the flap over “Plan B” is evidence.  When conservative members told their constituencies they would not vote to raise taxes, they meant it and they showed their serious commitment in the caucus meeting.  Perhaps, if the party had listened to the conservatives, a different candidate might have been chosen and the outcome might be different.

But the party didn’t listen, partially because they believed the media that banged the drum for a Romney candidacy.  Unfortunately, the nation does not receive objective news, it receives editorialized propaganda that supports a liberal, socialist agenda.  During the cold war, the Soviet Union had such a media, it was called Pravda.  NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, most of the print media, and even to a degree, FOX are no better.

If one takes the time to actually investigate, the national election was very close.  There was no landslide victory for Obama’s agenda.  The liberal, socialist democrats did NOT receive a mandate from the country to turn as hard left as possible.  It just didn’t happen at the polls.

The Democrats ran a very savvy campaign and won the states necessary to garner sufficient electoral votes to win the national election, and I give them credit for their politically astute campaign.  But, the popular vote was as close as it has been in every election since 2000.

The fact is that this nation is divided.  It is about as evenly divided as it can be.  Race-baiting, class warfare does nothing to unite us, but simply divides us, emotionally, even further.  The Joseph Goebblels style media has trumpeted that the nation wants Congress to support every Obama idea and “get things done.”  Conservatives are not about just getting things done, the want to get the right things done, and showed that in the caucus vote Thursday night.

Don’t Sell Out Our Principles

In the past, the Republicans just “went along to get along” while the Democrats persistently pursued their liberal agenda.  What Boehner and the so-called moderate Republicans have learned is that there is a new breed of Republican that is as dedicated to a conservative agenda as the liberal Democrats is to his and the new breed will not “go along to get along.”  He stands on principle, something that has been lost to this government for far too long.

During the Revolutionary War, our Continental Army lost some significant battles.  We were ridiculed as being just a rag-tag bunch of people fighting the “machine” that was the British military.  Our chances of victory were less than 1 in 10.  Even though we lost some battles, our principle of freedom from tyranny motivated us, dare I say, drove us to an impossible victory.

The stakes are as high today.  Our country’s soul is at stake.  We fight now, not with muskets, but with votes and ideas.  We may have lost a battle last November, but no one should assume (and Thursday night was proof) that the conservative movement is dead and that Washington business as usual has returned.

Congratulations to the Members who voted “NO” on Plan B.  Keep your chins up, your shoulders square, and your principles close.  YOU represented us well and we thank you.

Duane Miller, President of NuVOICE Nation

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  1. ssmcdonaldComment by ssmcdonald
    December 22, 2012 @ 9:51 am

    Any Republican effort was dead days ago because Nero2 is not going to be bothered during his vacation in Hawaii

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  2. BobinmsComment by Bobinms
    December 22, 2012 @ 9:56 am

    I know it wasn’t easy voting no. My local liberal paper wrote an editorial criticizing our US Representative for his “NO” votes. That editorial was picked up and published again by the largest paper in the state. I wrote a letter to the editor defending my representative and to my surprise they published it. I was surprised again when the representative’s office called thanking me for the supporting letter.

    My congressman once said that in Washington he sometimes feels like he has been dropped behind enemy lines. So give these guys some moral encouragement. They need it.

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  3. middlegroundComment by middleground
    December 22, 2012 @ 10:35 am

    The GOP needs to study how Ross Perot in 1992 explained spending and its inflationary consequences using graphs. The 8 Bush years with the decreasing debt compared to the explosion of Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending and debt in just the last 4 years is spectacular on a graph. Explain how the stimulus was used to cover the spending by fiscally irresponsible states and why Geitner’s Quantitative Easing would have been and may still be a capital crime under the 1792 Coinage Act which was designed to create a stable monetary system.

    Right now the GOP – Obama positions are being presented by the media as if the GOP were spoiled children who didn’t want the rich taxed rather than as guardians of the nation’s monetary system.

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    • greyhairComment by greyhair
      December 22, 2012 @ 11:30 pm

      Bush’s years. Two wars kept off budget by borrowing the money to fund them. Then Bush is gone and the wars go on the budget.

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  4. foxmulderComment by foxmulder
    December 22, 2012 @ 3:45 pm

    The GOP just sealed its fate with that idiotic vote. Now the Democrats can honestly say that the GOP only cares about the rich. The right wingers are so extreme that they would not raise taxes on the rich in order to prevent the US from going over the fiscal cliff and taxes being raised on everybody. 53% of Americans view the GOP as “extremist” and votes like this one reinforce this view. Idiots!

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  5. boomergolightlyComment by boomergolightly
    December 22, 2012 @ 9:04 pm

    Wrong, wrong and wrong foxmulder. The Democrats don’t “honestly” say anything. Either way the Republicans would have voted, caved, or pandered, they would have been accused of causing the very disaster caused by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending cult who never yields to the blame they are owed. To have taken a stand against this corrupt lot, since they will be “accused” no matter what they do (a set-up), the Republican conservatives in the House are the grown-ups in Washington. Obama assumes a mandate, not understanding how our government works, not willing to give anything up because “he won” and false promising “future” spending cuts which never will materialize.

    Wrong again, 53% of the people that voted this election is who you are referring to. Millions of registered voters did not vote for your Obama, they voted for no one, especially him. So add that amount to the amount that voted for Romney and see what the majority is. Obama got every vote he could muster by bribing the electorate with entitlements, trinkets and baubles on the proceeds from taxpayers. He has no where near 53% of Americans in his camp and absolutley no mandate. Barack Obama will be the author and owner of everyone’s taxes going up in about ten days, he wants it, he needs it to pay for the spending explosion he also owns. He cannot pay for his entitlements, trinkets and baubles without heavily taxing the enormous middle-income earners. I commend the House conservatives who stood up to these thieves.

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