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Adamo: Disastrous Foreign Policy Reflects A Disastrous Presidency

By Christopher G. Adamo

The “unexpected” nature of the pandemic of chaos throughout the Middle East is really no different than any of the other unanticipated problems now confronting the Obama Administration. Certainly, the $831 billion dollar “stimulus” of early 2009 should have had the nation’s economy humming by now, with Main Street thriving on account of all the new businesses, hiring those unemployed people, and giving them Cadillac health-care coverage in the process. Just as certainly, Barack Obama’s flowery but empty platitudes of “hope and change,” the fake Greek columns where he accepted the Democrat nomination for the White House, and the self-adulation of those willing to elect him should have sufficed to buoy the nation beyond its economic doldrums, especially when buttressed by those dollars now flowing so freely from Washington.

To the surprise of the “experts” however, the United States is drowning in a sea of red ink (with the manufacture of red ink being outsourced figuratively, and perhaps also literally, to China). The national debt has now topped $16 trillion, and is still climbing. The cost of every wonderful entitlement program from food stamps to Social Security is ballooning, yet the revenues needed to maintain such programs are just not coming into the national treasury. Despite all of the pronouncements of one “recovery” after another (Starting in the summer of 2009, and then repeated each year thereafter), the economy is as stagnant as it was on the day of Barack Obama’s inauguration. No doubt this is because greedy business owners refuse to spread the wealth. Somehow, things just are not working out as promised.

With total indifference to the suffering and deprivation of the Heartland, he and his wife regularly jet to high dollar vacation locales while the peasantry folk watch from a respectful distance. Eventually, they will recognize that it is their lot to gratefully rejoice at the prospect of being handed shovels with which to embark on their new careers. This is the not-so-dazzling reality behind the “chicken in every pot” subsistence that somehow supplanted the founders’ vision of a people unshackled and empowered to engage in the “pursuit of happiness.”

Undaunted, the liberal political establishment and its media parrots still sing the praises of Barack Obama’s “historic” term in office. But if he truly regards this era as a resounding success, why did he not quantifiably make that case at the Democrat National Convention rather than merely disparaging Mitt Romney? And why did he instead champion the ongoing cultural rot under the phony premise of rallying and leading the opposition to that mythical “war on women”? Certainly, the accelerated unraveling of the fabric of society, to which his policies have contributed, tells a far different and much more tragic story. And women are among its casualties.

Internationally, America was ostensibly redeemed for all of its past wrongs by the mere fact that a majority of its population had voted for Obama. Better still, he was willing to engage in that infamous bowing and groveling to every tin-horn despot on the world stage, while apologizing for the former moral deficiencies of this nation which, by virtue of his position at the helm, have now been atoned. Henceforth, people everywhere should love us and congratulate us for our determination to operate from a position of self-imposed weakness. So should anyone really be surprised that reality has upset this dream, and the forces of brutality and oppression in less civilized regions are seizing the occasion to assert themselves against our country?

The real tragedy of our current plight reaches far beyond the horror of a murdered United States Ambassador and members of his staff, or the outrage of a black Islamist flag being raised over the American Embassy in Cairo, after Old Glory was torn down a desecrated by a seething mob of angry Muslims. Rather, it is that this is the inevitable manifestation of the “Arab Spring,” which was aided and abetted through criminally warped U.S. policy, based in weakness and appeasement, among societies that admittedly never liked us and never will but were reasonably restrained by a respect for our strength, back when we had the resolve to use it.

However, instead of waking up and working to secure the safety of American citizens and shoring up our international standing, the current administration is focused primarily, if not exclusively, on political damage control. Having endeavored to save face after the sudden implosion of its flower-child/Woodstock diplomatic approach, its attention was frantically redirected to Mitt Romney’s criticism of the Obama Administration and the State Department, as if Romney’s words alone posed a more dire threat to the security of America than the virulent hatred of the Islamists.

Ever since, “official reports” from the Administration amounted to an embarrassing succession of fabrications, all of which are clearly intended to convince the public that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have enjoyed stellar successes in their Middle Eastern relations, only tarnished by a few random and uncoordinated acts of violence. September 11, the date of these “spontaneous” anti-American protests, was purely coincidental. The real bone of contention was an anti-Muslim video, posted on YouTube. Only after more than a week has the White House suggested that the attacks might have been the coordinated and premeditated work of terrorist organizations including al Qaeda.

Meanwhile, the projection of weakness and appeasement continues. In what can only be properly characterized as creeping Sharia in America, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the producer of the video, has been roundly condemned before the marauding foreigners by his own country’s government, and was subsequently apprehended for “questioning.” In total abandonment of their sworn duty to protect his free speech and expression, the Administration and its surrogates denounced not the rioting bands of Islamists, but Nakoula, in the harshest of terms. Is this how they intend to refurbish and improve American/Islamist relations that, we were told, should have blossomed under the leadership of Barack Obama?

Just how does the public castigation of Nakoula really impact the time-honored freedoms of speech and religion once enjoyed by every American? In essence, those entrusted to protect and uphold his rights have decided that he somehow abused and forfeited them by going on the attack against Islam. It is noteworthy that they never make this case against the anti-Christian “artwork” which is so prominent among America’s counterculture. All too often it is even subsidized, meaning that taxpayers are forced to foot the bill for blasphemous such displays.

Secondly, though the government harassment of Nakoula is clearly being perpetrated to impress upon those militant Islamists that they have friends in high places in the U.S. government it is also intended to send a stern and not-so-subtle message to the rest of America. Islamic states demand that any disparagement of them and their religion be suppressed, and the Obama administration intends to comply. Americans who cross the line by offending the Muslim world do so facing the likelihood of retribution from our leaders as well.

No doubt, it is believed at the highest levels of the U.S. government that these exhibitions of liberal enlightenment will usher in a golden age of mutual respect and understanding among the nations of the world, just as the collectivist domestic policy is still expected to eventually create a socialist utopia within our shores. Unfortunately, reality is slow to impress the idealistically blind. If the devastation on Main Street over the past four years is not sufficient to persuade these committed leftists, it is hardly likely that the venomous anti-American attitudes of the “Arab Street” will infuse common sense into their thinking either.


Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming and has been involved in state and local politics for many years. He writes for several prominent conservative websites, along with AMAC Advantage, the quarterly publication of the Association of Mature American Citizens. His contact information and article archives can be found at, and he can be followed on Twitter @CGAdamo.

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  1. TomPFComment by TomPF
    September 20, 2012 @ 10:09 am

    OUTSTANDING recap of the damage done so far Chris! So glad to hear guys like you reflecting on these kinds of things because I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who sees the ineptitude of this administration! That there can be found more than a handful of supporters of this administration STUNS me and I wonder if I woke up in opposite land! Keep ‘em coming!

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  2. middlegroundComment by middleground
    September 20, 2012 @ 12:31 pm

    The Democratic Party in Washington has been acting more like an army of occupation than an elected party governed by Constitutional restraints. The president passes out Royal edicts that exceed the powers held by King George III in 1776, and Harry Reid as the Majority leader in the Senate just pocket vetoes any bill sent from the House. Britain fought a civil war in the 17th century over this type of power abuse and beheaded the abuser. Yet this president still seems to have rabid supporters in spite of seizing the powers of a dictator. His appointments to the Supreme Court are as partisan as they can get, and the Pelosi House gave him absolute power.

    The UAW gives Obama money and he appoints a czar to run GM and Chrysler and the czar stiffs all the non-union employers, bond-holders, suppliers and Republican dealers; the taxpayers spend billions to save these two companies and then the czar sells Chrysler to an Italian company and much of GM to China. Others, probably OPEC, seemingly gave Obama money to create “clean energy” and stop as much domestic energy production from fossil fuels as possible by using the environmental movement as a front. We wander into Libya before we know which side we are supporting and we encourage the unrest in the Middle East with vacillating, seemingly irrational policies.

    We have a president who believes in disarmament, including nuclear, at a time when others are increasing their military spending and building up nuclear arsenals and missile technology. The entire Democratic Party since it took over Congress in 2006 has gone on a spending spree, seemingly increasing our national debt 40% in just 4 years with little or nothing to show for this gusher of money except an increase in those receiving entitlement money and campaign contributors. This president’s EPA is shutting down our coal-fired electric plants so we can ship more coal to China. Even as this president is claiming he is working on energy independence, he uses an edict to stop a pipeline to move North Dakota oil to where we still have refineries and a distribution network on the Gulf Coast.

    Our national media must be filled with those who lack vision and can’t see that if this continues we are laying the groundwork for an extremist government to take over and clean up the mess. Although Obama is an extremist, I believe he and his followers will be the ones blamed rather than the ones who take control.

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    • downdraftComment by downdraft
      September 21, 2012 @ 1:48 pm

      RE: “we are laying the groundwork for an extremist government to take over and clean up the mess…”

      So who?

      It seems that “extremist government” is the one we now have…all the blocks are in position that support the final move…

      …to take complete control of America sans Constitution…

      The US Supreme Court is geared to back any shady moves that may be challenged…

      The DOJ has paid off members of that body so as to take the “fall” for such illegal boon-doggels as Fast and Furious…not challenging the Black Panthers at voting sites…etc…

      Allegiance by Obama to the Muslim Brotherhood…(connect the dots)..

      Unbridled spending…destroying job opportunities…squelching small business growth, taking over the auto industry…

      I can go on but it doesn’t take too much brain power to see that Obama is not just doing the things that will ruin us…HE IS DOING IT ON PURPOSE…

      On the other hand…its not too clear that he is the brains behind his actions…in fact its unclear just who is in charge…

      I note he has some polish, some education,a socialist mentality, and a distinct hate of America and for which it stands…and has a desire to “put it in its place”

      I believe Obama is well groomed by another element we haven’t seen and directed to do as told… that he has been well compensated for what he is to do for them…

      …paranoia?…maybe, but don’t bet against that theory.When we have a LIAR like Obama, one finds it difficult to trust anyone associated with his government.

      Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING he has done is other than American…he is destructive, not productive…and has done so arrogantly as though daring you to “stop me if you can”

      Some believe there is evil in our world…the War with Hitler demonstrated evil very well…it helped me to see what evil actually looked like…

      Well…Obama is smooth, slick, arrogant….and makes the evil I learned about WW2 look like child’s play…yes, Obama is evil…trust me

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  3. prlizComment by prliz
    September 20, 2012 @ 3:07 pm

    Great article as usual, Chris. I am really scared for our country and our safety.

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