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Limbaugh: Media Might As Well Wear Obama Buttons

By David Limbaugh

The liberal media gave the ceaselessly political President Obama a pass for campaigning instead of performing his presidential duties when they were most needed, while they castigated Mitt Romney for being political when he was the only one of the two acting presidential.

To be sure, Obama is a political candidate for re-election to the presidency, but do we have to remind ourselves -- as he often reminds us -- that he also currently holds that office and that it includes duties that supersede his political activities?

After remaining silent for hours after the attacks in Egypt and Libya, Obama called a news conference to issue a brief statement on the matter and, in response to the first question, turned on his heels and walked off. Yet the liberal media, feigning outrage over Romney's alleged political exploitation, are neither curious nor critical about Obama's refusal to answer questions about the attacks, such as whether he considers them an act of war and what responses he is considering.

Instead of criticizing Obama for being political instead of presidential, of putting his personal interests above the interests of the nation he is charged to lead, the media ran interference for him, ignoring his dereliction of duty and turning their attention to the activities of Romney to manufacture the bogus storyline that he was the one being too political. What better way to detract from Obama's incompetence and politicking?

The media were lying in wait for Romney, who was eager to issue a public statement on the attacks but was trying earnestly not to campaign on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Some "reporters" were even caught on a hot mic, conspiring to trip Romney up at his news conference.

But as a man who is running for the presidency, Romney had to make a statement on the matter. He owed it to the electorate. The media would have savaged him for fecklessness had he remained silent.

The media could hardly have argued with any credibility that a Romney statement would interfere with the official administration position, especially because the administration had been so reluctant to articulate a clear position. In any event, Romney's statement was measured, reasonable and reassuring to American voters who want to restore the presidency to someone who'll vigorously defend the United States and quit apologizing for it.

Romney properly expressed his outrage and disgust with the attacks -- in a much more convincing tone, by the way, than President Obama would -- when he clumsily read his own remarks without any hint of emotion. But Romney's alleged offense was in criticizing the administration for its statement "sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in Egypt instead of condemning their actions" and for its mixed signals about whether to own or disavow the statement.

The statement from the U.S. Embassy centered on condemning "the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims." It said, "We condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions."

Many Americans were outraged that the administration, once again, was bending over backward to condemn those who criticize the Islamists instead of the Islamists themselves, who kill people who disagree with them. Sure, the statement came out before the attacks, but the administration persisted with the apologies after the attacks. It spoke as though the attacks had been in response to an anti-Muslim film, when they now appear to have been preplanned and coordinated for the anniversary of 9/11.

Not only that, but the very next day, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took pains to condemn the video again, insisting that "the United States government had absolutely nothing to do with this video." She continued, "We absolutely reject its content and message," which she said was "disgusting and reprehensible."

Well, that's fine, Mrs. Clinton, but where's the administration's outrage over the attacks themselves, and why are you obsessing over the film instead of the terrorists' atrocities? Why must you keep stressing that this nation honors the freedoms of religion and expression, when it goes without saying that we are more respectful of those rights than any other nation in history? Why do you register such heightened sensitivity toward slights to Islam and freely trample on the conscience rights and liberties of American Christians?

While the media gleefully and supportively report Obama's laughable exercise in projection in depicting Romney as one who shoots first and aims later, they ignore Obama's abdication of his foreign policy duties to free up his schedule for campaigning.

While Obama sends mixed messages on terrorism, which he dare not call by its name, and snubs Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then lies about it, he soaks up the love in Las Vegas and at other campaign stops, all of which he may do, free of scrutiny, because of a press corps dedicated solely to getting him re-elected.


David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book, "The Great Destroyer," hit No. 2 on the New York Times best-seller list for nonfiction. Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at


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  1. JDZComment by JDZ
    September 14, 2012 @ 11:24 am

    I blame the media as much as the far left socialist activists that have taken over the Democratic party for facilitating the total mess we have in this country. The media has been so far in the pocket of these socialists, and of course their leader in Obama, that too many Americans cannot connect the dots on the sad state of the country and the root cause of the problems and have been drinking the Obama koolaid. This is a disaster in the making if Obama is re-elected and millions of Americans still do not get it.

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    • agent007Comment by agent007
      September 14, 2012 @ 11:40 am

      Just make sure that if you’re drinking the Obama koolaid that it is only in portions of 16 oz maximum at one time! :)

      Because it is extremely dangerous for your mental health!

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    • nickster99Comment by nickster99
      September 14, 2012 @ 1:39 pm

      I don’t know if the media realizes but when the Communists took over in the Soviet Union in 1917. The first people that were liquidated (killed) were many of the people in the news media, poets, actors, authors, teaches, professors etc. etc. It didnt matter whose side they were on they just disappeared. Many more were killed during the great purge of the 1930′s by Stalin.

      Obummer’s buddy Bill Ayers in his writings say that as many as 25,000,000 people in this country will need to be liquidated (killed) once the communists take over to purify the populace. Just like Stalin and Lenin did in the 1920′s and 30′s. I wonder if some of those include Media people?

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  2. noveldogComment by noveldog
    September 14, 2012 @ 11:40 am

    Hey David I like that anology, or whatever you call it? The media may as well all wear Obama buttons. You are absolutely right. Their biased reporting, or non reporting, is clearly evident. Their bosses are Liberal One World Government creeps who want the USA to go broke, and with Obama at the helm it will. But try to tell that to those zombies who have been brained washed into following him like a herd of mindless sheep. They refuse to listen. Their brains have been eaten up by the lies and the infection runs down; all the way to their seared, and hardened, hearts. They are on their way to hell and know it not.

    I guess we may as well get use to being Slaves Without Chains ruled by other men’s brains?

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  3. noveldogComment by noveldog
    September 14, 2012 @ 11:45 am

    In Obama’s defense he had other more urgent and important things on his mind. Like going to a fund raiser to raise more money for his reelection campaign. His plans for the evening in Vegas, and of course happy hour. Bring on the Ale King…it is party time…it looks like I am gong to be reelected, they have me ahead in three critical swing states….another round please?

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  4. joe93Comment by joe93
    September 14, 2012 @ 12:17 pm

    Can’t wait for the polls to come out after THIS fiasco! Hopefully the (lying) polls won’t show the race so close.

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    • ptbaaComment by ptbaa
      September 14, 2012 @ 2:33 pm

      Really joe93? Can’t wait for the polls to come out after THIS fiasco? Obviously hope springs eternal within your heart! But, the Lame Street Media is as outraged at Romney’s pointing out Obama’s incompetence as the Islamists in Egypt, Lybia and (as is now clear) the entire Middle East were at someone dissing the Prophet Mohammed. How dare anyone question their anointed one?

      But in their role as the publicity department of the Obama reelection campaign, the media’s job description will call for them to craft the questions in the opinion poll in such a way as to enable them to point out that Obama can do no wrong and Romney is an Evil, Rich, White, Hard-Hearted, Misogynistic, Greedy Oppressor of the masses.

      Woe unto them that call good evil and call evil good.

      The reporting of the opinion polls will tell the blinded that Obama cares and Romney scares.

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  5. CharlieComment by vietnamvet
    September 14, 2012 @ 1:58 pm

    “do we have to remind ourselves — as he often reminds us — that he also currently holds that office and that it includes duties that supersede his political activities?

    Yes, we DO need to be reminded, because his lack of Presidential duty performance could lead us to believe that he DOESN’T have a day job.

    Apparently keeping up with current intelligence is not a biggie on his to-do list, nor is protection of personnel in the diplomatic service … unless they are giving a speech at his latest fundraiser.

    This bozo never knew what the job entails, has no experience in the skills needed to do it, and no interest in spending time doing the hard parts. But, he and The Mooch sure do enjoy the fun parts … don’t they?

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