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Brown: Ground Zero Changes No One Should Believe In

By Susan Stamper Brown

Life is messy and full of unexpected twists along the way leaving even the most obsessive control freaks among us feeling a bit undone, considering so much of the change introduced into our lives is rarely invited and not always good.

You see, I speak with experience, having been forced to join the ranks of the widowed some years back. Those of us left behind tend to cling to our loved one's last gifts, last words -- pretty much last anything. As I write, I am wearing an old brown Ann Taylor sweater, size "smaller than it used to be." It's the last gift my husband gave me. His last piece of advice before taking his last breath? "Susan, take a deep breath...just inhale." I feel as if I've been inhaling ever since. Over time, this radical event helped to mold me into a better version of myself, or so I've been told. However, this is not about me.

A handful of Americans learned a similar lesson as well, on what began as a normal Tuesday morning in September of 2001, when they learned the airplanes they boarded would not reach their planned destination, but would instead rocket them to an unplanned and final one. Most had no idea the goodbyes they shared with loved ones that morning would be their last. Nor did the rest of us realize the savage acts of a malevolent few would change our lives forever.

In an instant, American patriotism seemed to be resurrected from Ground Zero's ashes when people of all stripes laid aside their shallow biases to focus on things that really mattered, to wit, our unity as "one nation under God."

But that was then. Watching the Democratic National Convention last week, I found myself asking the question: How did we go from two mile-long lines to donate blood at Ground Zero to Democrats losing their minds over the insertion of the word "God" in the party's platform? Baby steps, I suppose.

For the past five or so years, President Obama has preached to the country about what he views as a dire need -- to bring fundamental change here in America. It really should come as no surprise to anyone that mentioning God's name at the Democratic Convention would inspire booing. I guess the sacrifice of his son wasn't enough for them; maybe they think God has not yet paid his "fair share." Hah.

Obviously, not all change is positive. The "change" that President Obama and now former President Bill Clinton espouse should give all freedom-loving Americans reason for pause. In case you are not quite sure what Obama's definition of change is, President Clinton spells it out in a new campaign advertisement. The part where Clinton says, "President Obama has a plan to rebuild America from the ground-up" tells us everything we need to know about what an Obama second term would entail.

You see, one cannot build something from the "ground-up" unless there is a "ground zero" to start with. Look back over the past four years of the Obama presidency, and you will see the handiwork of a Progressive wrecking ball which has wrought havoc on the very essence of much of which makes this country great.

Writing about change, C.S. Lewis once penned the words, "And what matters is the nature of the change in itself, not how we feel while it is happening." Unplanned events leave us with little choice except to decide whether we will wither in its wake...or flourish. However, some things we can control, specifically Obama's plans for "change," wherein both "the nature of the change" and its process stinketh to the core.


Susan Stamper Brown is an opinion page columnist, motivational speaker and military advocate who writes about politics, the military, the economy and culture. Email Susan at or her website at

©2012 Susan Stamper Brown. 

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  1. braines57Comment by braines57
    September 11, 2012 @ 12:22 pm

    I have only one thought to share with Osama and Slick Willy:

    I’ll keep my guns and my money – you can keep your change!

    The only “change” we need is on November 6, 2012 –


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  2. camzComment by camz
    September 11, 2012 @ 3:31 pm

    Although I’m sadddened by her loss, I’m glad the author sees the writing on the wall. Obama is the proprietor of a Marxist revolution that, unlike others around the world, is somewhat subtle and without violence. He is trying to sneak it in, so to speak. Stalin, Castro and Chavez weren’t the problems. The masses that allowed them to proliferate were and are the problem. Our problem stems from our own population of voting bums and their elite, pretentious keepers. These people might be unionized, welfare junkies, gay crusaders or some other genre of people that share the same fault…..they only care about themselves. Our enemy is the diminishing goodness of the American population. When the conservative masses put their collective foot down to impede the destruction of our Nation and the impending “new world order”, blood will flow. If Obama is re-elected, that will be his legacy.

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  3. lupelib1Comment by lupelib1
    September 11, 2012 @ 4:10 pm

    Susan writes so eloquently. I agree with her whole heartedly. I have often asked myself how did we get here so quickly. This presidant was so obvious in his interest, his beliefs and agenda. He never liked the principles this country was built upon. Why would people vote for this man over a man wno gave so many years for his country? I wasn’t a fan of McCains but he was so much better than the alternative. I am scared to death that the masses are like the people of Germany when Hitler took over. Uneducated and with their own little agenda not really caring about anything else.

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  4. CharlieComment by vietnamvet
    September 11, 2012 @ 8:05 pm

    The movie “2016: Obama’s America” explains that while he uses some Marxist tools, Obama is actually an anti-colonialist. It is something he inherited when he adopted those dreams from his father. (As limited as his talents are in other areas, it’s sad that he couldn’t even come up with his own dreams.)

    The moochers and leeches here will back him as long as they think he will take from the rich and give to them. But, as the movie explains, his heart lies with the ‘poor nations’ that were raped by wealthy empires.

    Instead of ‘spreading the wealth’ to Americans looking for handouts, Obama will take ALL of America’s wealth, prestige, and power and pass it to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Somalia, and anyplace else that ‘was prevented from advancement by the rich western colonial powers’.

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  5. rawhideComment by rawhide
    September 12, 2012 @ 12:46 am

    There is one major problem with the movie – 2016: Obama’s America. Obama didn’t know his father, he had only met him a couple of times and the time he spent with his father wasn’t enough for his ‘father’ to indoctrinate him with his anti-colonialism. Obama’s problem and hatered of the U.S. didn’t come from his ‘father’. Obama’s REAL father was Frank Marshall Davis, a communist from Chicago. And he was documented to have this hatred for the U.S. and he was a mentor of obama during his teen years, more than enough time to indoctrinate him with his opinions.

    So D’Souze got it wrong, Why? I don’t know. But everyone has an agenda and maybe his is to distract attention away from obama’s maxist/communist ideas. That would be my bet.

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