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Levy: Medicare, War on Women and Augusta National

By Mark P. Levy

Dear Mark: President Obama and his minions are squealing like stuck pigs that the Romney/Ryan ticket wants to "eliminate Medicare as we know it." They are spreading lies without having a plan of their own to fix the problem. Will we ever be able to have a constructive discussion about the real issues facing America? -- Tired of the Talk in Tennessee.

Dear Tired: I'm afraid that as long as Americans would rather receive government checks and play video games than actually pay attention to dire the financial situation we face, politicians will spew empty, divisive rhetoric in order to garner votes.

The "thinking out of the box" question should be what is wrong with ending Medicare as we know it. Automobiles ended the stagecoach as we know it, while airliners ended train travel as we know it. The Internet has changed information exchange as we know it, so why not change Medicare?

Medicare has proven to be extremely inefficient and by all estimates will be broke in 12 years; so it would be stupid and irresponsible not to come up with a new plan to provide for our seniors' health needs? Call it Medicare II if it makes you sleep better.

Dear Mark: I am tired of Democrats accusing Republicans of engaging in a war against women. I'm happily married to a conservative man who treats me and our daughters like royalty. He is supportive in all of our endeavors and wants nothing but success for our girls. When will the Democrats stop this foolishness? - Happy Homemaker

Dear Happy: As long as there is rabble to be roused and votes to be had, Democrats will fight any straw man possible. The latest is uber-liberal California Sen. Barbara Boxer who, in a speech to Planned Parenthood, screeched: "There is a sickness out there in the Republican Party, and I'm not kidding. Maybe they don't like their moms or their first wives."

Having a member of the party of John and Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner complain about a Republican war on women is laughable.

Dear Mark: Let's hear it for the women's movement and Augusta National Golf Club, which, after 80 years, finally admitted two women into its membership. This is a historic step for women everywhere, as another Southern "boys club" tradition bites the dust and another glass ceiling is shattered. -- Hear Me Roar

Dear Hear Me: The two women you are referring to are former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla Moore. Is this really such a big deal, especially when you consider that today we have women in all kinds of powerful positions?

From CEOs, politicians, athletics and editors to university presidents and NASA, women are playing prominent roles throughout our society. In fact, when we elect our first female president, it will be historic but hardly noticed as earth-shattering to a generation that is accustomed to women in powerful positions. I wonder how the ladies at NOW feel about a popular Bush Cabinet member being one of the first women admitted to Augusta. Hee-hee.

I have to confess that I feel guilty about my criticism of President Obama and all of the golf he managed to play while the economy was headed for the fiscal cliff. I now know that those 100-plus rounds of golf were part of his secret strategy to get women into Augusta National. I still bet the president would lose to Condi Rice even if he hit from the ladies' tees.


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  1. CarmineComment by Carmine
    August 27, 2012 @ 2:10 pm

    He will only lose to Rice if the score is recorded legally. Othewise, it will be rigged in his favor just like the vote is going to be.

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  2. Eagle OneComment by Eagle One
    August 27, 2012 @ 2:28 pm

    Yes, it is time to do away with medi-scare as-we-know-it. It is like the dinosaurs of old and needs a completely new face. It’s bloated, poorly regulated and has been abused by the masses. Just Sayin’…

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