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Levy: Paul Ryan and Obama Knuckleheads

By Mark P. Levy

Dear Mark: The White House stinks with B.O., and we are past time for some change. We need some R&R. -- Can Smell it from California

Dear Smell It: You are of course referring to the Romney-Ryan ticket of which I have received numerous e-mails and comments both pro and con sprinkled with a variety of "colorful opinions."

Overall, I think the selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan is a fantastic choice. Some spineless Republicans are lamenting Romney's V.P. pick because he might be an easy target due to his Medicare plan, while the majority of Democrat pundits are licking their chops for the same reason. To those Republicans I say suck it up, and to the Democrats I warn be careful what you wish for.

Ryan's selection derails the Obama strategy of throwing up as many superfluous issues as possible in order to distract the electorate from Obama's dismal record. It brings the election debate back to substantive issues and forces Obama to discuss his Medicare plan or lack thereof. Ryan is an articulate unassuming man who knows the federal budget inside and out and knows Obamacare better than its namesake. He has faith that Americans can handle the truth about our dire financial condition. That position was bolstered by the 2010 Republican victories.

Ryan is the one politician who has boldly taken the entitlement issue head-on. Almost all politicians and pundits acknowledge that Medicare, Social Security and other entitlements are bankrupting this country, but none of them have put forth a plan with specifics to address possible solutions. Love it or hate it, at the very least Ryan's plan is a good starting point for debate and a good starting point for solutions.

Crocodile tears are flowing from the left about Ryan's budget, but it's the Democrats' fault for not getting together to try and find areas of agreement or sincerely discuss areas of disagreement.

Ryan had the guts to send his Medicare reform plan to Congress, and the Democrats' response was an ad featuring a Paul Ryan impersonator pushing Granny off a cliff. That was the Democrat "substantive" counter-argument to a serious problem facing our country? They may not like Ryan's plan, but to falsely attack and demonize those who support it without a plan of their own is childish at best. For three and a half years, Obama has offered gimmicks and totally ignored his own Simpson-Bowles Commission, while Ryan has acted like an adult and offered solutions.

Paul Ryan may not be the flashy choice for vice president, but he's the responsible choice.

Dear Mark: Barack Obama has been sending out his wife Michelle to campaign for him, and she might be even more liberal than he is. I find the whole thing rather distasteful and prefer to see the man fight for himself and not hide behind his wife's skirt. -- Manly Man in Maine

Dear Manly: Our country has a long history of first ladies and candidates' spouses campaigning for their husbands. However, their speeches tend to be vanilla with a whole lot of rah-rah and little controversy, so I'm not sure about your distaste for Ms. Obama's speeches.

What I find ironic in the first lady's speeches is she is telling the crowds to "drag that knucklehead friend of yours" to the polls on Election Day to vote for her husband. Isn't that what put us in this mess in the first place -- a bunch of knuckleheads voting for Barack Obama in 2008?


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  1. inluminatuoComment by inluminatuo
    August 20, 2012 @ 7:03 am

    I’ll take a Conservative Knucklehead over a Liberal Knuckle dragger any old day. These Obama’s still cannot discover the missing link between work and success, successful production jobs that produce wealth and consuming government jobs that destroy wealth……or the missing link between honest discussion which results in solutions, and dishonest discourse that keeps us in Joe Biden dependency chains, whose links continue to grow faster and longer than Jacob Marley’s did in a Dickens “Christmas Carol.”

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  2. clarkentComment by clarkent
    August 20, 2012 @ 8:05 pm

    Ryan. A great pick. (Better that Obama’s) He will bring to this election some truth and ideas. R & R for everybody. Romney & Ryan, Rest and Relaxation. No lies!

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