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Schlafly: Let's Talk About Outsourcing

By Phyllis Schlafly

Among President Obama's disingenuous promises made over his four years, he said he would focus on creating "jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced." Yet he spent billions of U.S. taxpayer's money overseas to create outsourced jobs.

Typical of Obama's passion for outsourcing was the appointment of his jobs czar, Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric. Even as he was basking in the prestige of his new title, Immelt was closing his last U.S. plant making light bulbs in Virginia and opening a plant in China to manufacture more expensive light bulbs, which Americans will be forced to buy.

General Electric also opened a $61 million factory in Vietnam to produce wind turbine components. General Electric and the president's Jobs Council, headed by Immelt, have received over $1.2 billion in stimulus funds.

General Electric placed an order with wind turbine manufacturer ATI Casting, but then canceled it in order to get the parts cheaper from China. ATI offered to match the Chinese price, but GE refused to reinstate its order to the U.S. company. So ATI was forced to lay off 302 American workers.

Obama also promised in October 2008 that he would "invest $15 billion a year in renewable energy sources to create 5 million new energy jobs over the next decade -- jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced." Obama painted the picture of a future in which Americans will build solar panels, wind turbines and a new electricity grid.

It all sounded so exciting. Obama predicted a future where his stimulus-created jobs would help us "eliminate" Middle East oil within 10 years and "help save the planet in the bargain." How could we resist his assurance that going into massive debt would reap such a glorious reward?

Proclaiming that his goal was to put 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015, Obama set up a $2.4 billion stimulus program to support battery production. But nearly half that money went to foreign firms, including two South Korean companies that used their grants to hire foreign nationals in Michigan to do work that Americans could have done.

We surely don't see many electric cars on the road. After receiving a $500 million U.S. loan guarantee, Fisker Automotive is producing its $100,000 luxury electric sports car in Finland.

Obama's stimulus included $8.5 billion in grants for wind farms, and more than half of that money blew overseas, either to foreign developers or to foreign wind turbine manufacturers. Our money created thousands of jobs overseas, while the U.S. wind energy industry lost 10,000 jobs last year.

The largest recipient of Obama's program to promote green energy projects was the Spanish company, Abengoa Bioenergia, which received $2.7 billion in loan guarantees for three of its projects. That's even more than the half billion dollars Obama squandered on Solyndra and another $400 million wasted on Abound Solar, two U.S. companies that went bankrupt after receiving those multi-million-dollar taxpayer loan guarantees.

Two Korean manufacturers of electric vehicle batteries were given $300 million to build plants in Michigan, but foreign nationals are being brought in to work the jobs that should go to Americans. The Department of Energy admits that 11 of the 18 contractors are Asian firms.

North Carolina-based LED maker Cree Inc. received over $39 million from Obama's stimulus and then opened a plant in China. Half of this company's employees are now located in China.

The Windy Flats project received a $218 million stimulus grant and then used wind turbines assembled by Siemens in Denmark. The Danish company, Haldor Topsoe, received a $25 million stimulus grant to construct a demonstration scale biorefinery.

SunPower admits that some of the solar panels for the $1.3 billion stimulus-backed California Solar Valley Ranch will be manufactured in Mexico, not in California. ABB Inc. received over $16 million in stimulus funds to create green energy manufacturing jobs, but then laid off its U.S. workers and transferred the work to Mexico.

An $817,000 stimulus contract was awarded to New Zealand's Connexionz to install bus monitors in the California city of Santa Clarita. The Environmental Protection Agency gave $1.5 million to Indonesia to reduce air pollution in Jakarta.

Parago used stimulus funds to hire hundreds of workers in El Salvador and the Dominican Republic to administer a renewable energy appliance rebate program. Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal's subsidiary received $31.5 million in stimulus funds for a waste heat recovery unit.

A Japanese subsidiary, Eurus Energy, received $91.4 million in stimulus grants for a wind farm using 180 turbines manufactured overseas by Mitsubishi. Solar Power Industries received a $5.4 million stimulus grant and then, because of increased reliance on imports from China, laid off U.S. workers.

Do you remember how we the taxpayers were forced to bail out General Motors? GM then opened a $200 million plant in Thailand to make Diesel engines for the Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck.


Phyllis Schlafly is a lawyer, conservative political analyst and author of 20 books. She is the co-author, with George Neumayr, of a new book released this month titled "No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom."


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  1. GHUComment by GHU
    July 17, 2012 @ 9:18 am

    Wow! When you look up the word “hypocrite” you’ll find a picture of Obama next to it!
    All anyone with a mental capacity of a pea has to know is ……Obama and the Democrats are all liars and thieves. What they want applied to Republicans , Conservatives, people of faith, business, the rich, etc. doesn’t apply to them. They can be rich, they can outsource our tax money and jobs, they can have money all over the world and we are supposed to just accept it. They can use our tax money to murder babies in the womb, and spread the radical LGBT agenda, not just in the USA, but all over the world (whether they want it or not). As long as you bow at the feet of their liberal/ progressive/ marxist philosophy you will be praised and rewarded.

    PLEASE Wake up America!

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  2. godsgirlComment by godsgirl
    July 17, 2012 @ 9:41 am

    Have these companies paid America back for their “loans?” Is outsourcing oil production to Brazil the way we are replacing Middle Eastern oil? Americans, please see through this, and cast a wiser vote in November.

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    • lwessonComment by lwesson
      July 17, 2012 @ 10:07 am

      After casting that vote, (hopefully Obama is out) hold Mitt’s feet to the fire. Keep pressure on the Republicans to do what is right for The Republic, for We the People.

      Keep the Tea Party piping hot!

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    • SFret (Jim)Comment by SFret (Jim)
      July 17, 2012 @ 11:13 am

      We’ve tried that a couple times lately. Mitt is going to be the puppet of the Republicans (they’ll throw a couple small bones to make it look like he is in charge).

      I don’t know about you “party loyal”, but those who want change need to elect somebody other than Obama and Mitt. I have to swallow hard to say this, but many of us Tea Party types are going to vote Ron Paul anyway. We’ll vote Republican for Senate and House, but not president.

      If Obama wins, we have a split government. Under Carter, he actually did some good in his second term. The R’s just padded the wallets of their supporters.

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    • amkfluteComment by amkflute
      July 17, 2012 @ 11:35 am


      Carter only had one term in office.

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    • cxComment by genesal
      July 17, 2012 @ 12:19 pm

      O’ did as much good in his first term as Carter did in his imaginary ‘Second’ term.

      I’ll go you one further. I hope O’ has the same ‘second’ term as Cater had!

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    • fgoodaleComment by fgoodale
      July 18, 2012 @ 6:57 pm

      @SFret: A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Obama. Thinking like that will surely get this clown reelected. Great! We get BO back in the White House, and maybe, maybe, get the Senate and keep the House. So what? Look at BO’s history of weaseling his way around laws passed by the Congress, and laws upheld by SCOTUS. The Constitution and laws mean nothing to this Communist.

      I’m not thrilled about Romney myself, but he is all we have. The first thing we have to do is get Obama out so our country can start the healing process.

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  3. mvotano58Comment by mvotano58
    July 17, 2012 @ 9:58 am

    Yesterday I was ready to give up because of the constant barrage of Liberal BS. Thank you for putting all this information in one place. I get so tired of “Obama this” and “Obama that” and now I can refer the morons to this article so they can be educated in “this and that”.

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  4. lwessonComment by lwesson
    July 17, 2012 @ 10:01 am

    Schlafly could have gone on to mention, that when it comes to applying military might, it is our boys & girls that put life & limb on the line. This maintains, protects, the status quo. The taxpayer, foots the bill. And the game goes on. So get used to it, Great American Sheeple.

    The PLAYERS in Globalization, need the boys & girls for the military, as the de-industrialization of the United States continues, in the divine quest for profits, at any price. Nation States are sooo, passe, and get in the way! You cannot profit as much, if you are not willing to seek, the cheapest global bio labor, (humans), the easiest, read lax, rules, environmental standards… . Communist China is more than willing to have pollution off the scales, in order to achieve 1st World status, and dominance. Remember, Communist China liquidated countless 10′s of millions of it’s own people, so pollution is but a minor problem.

    Communist China, and others, are more than willing to utilize others GREED, and desire for short term profits, to their own advantage. Jeffery Immelt could care less, that Communist China grows into a super power. If bad things, ah, COME TO LIFE™, Jeffery will just jet off. Yea Jeffery!

    I think this is the first election cycle that I have seen that has all of the hyperbole about sending jobs overseas… . BOTH political parties could really care less, as per looking at their treasonous track records.

    It is just a guess, but likely, very likely, after the election, it will be gaming what is left of The Republic, as usual. Milking it for every shiny or tarnished dime, while possible. So what if Communist China, becomes someday, our OVERLORDS? So what if, “The shining city on the hill” eventually looks like Detroit?

    People like Jeffery, will smile on his yacht, at the good run that they had, and perhaps be granted a Commissar Commission for their cha-ching services. And Obama? A huge ugly Stalinesque statue in his honor. Globalism will solidify the World, into a, Brave New World, of widget worker bees… .

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  5. Mort_fComment by Mort_f
    July 17, 2012 @ 10:13 am

    Add one more, DIRECT outsourcing of vote counting to a Spanish company. A Soros company, perhaps?

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  6. joelinpdxComment by joelinpdx
    July 17, 2012 @ 10:21 am

    Obozo is a liar. Are you surprised? Obozo has been lying since he got elected to the Illinois legislature…it is, after all, the way things are done in Chicago.

    The liberal publications Washington Post, and Fortune Magazine have all determined that Obozo’s campaign advertising is BS. Obozo should know that when the liberal media starts turning against you, you’re in big trouble.

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  7. AMVoterComment by AMVoter
    July 17, 2012 @ 10:34 am

    Obama’s campaign’s telemarketer is outsourced to Canada. He travels in a Canadian bus and the travel agency he uses is an international one.

    Obama also outsourced our space program to the Russians.

    His fundraisers have been outsourced to Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Paris and Communist China.

    According to 11 CFR 110.20(b), which states:

    Contributions and donations may not be solicited, accepted, or received from, or made directly or indirectly by, foreign nationals who do not have permanent residence in the United States (i.e., those without green cards). This prohibition encompasses all US elections; including federal, state and local elections.

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  8. SamuelDComment by SamuelD
    July 17, 2012 @ 10:45 am

    WHY IN the HELL doesn’t Mitt attack this idiotic clown with these incredible facts.
    If MOST Americans were aware of this travesty, they could never justify voting for this pure BSer.

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    • lwessonComment by lwesson
      July 17, 2012 @ 10:59 am

      Obama has a case book of curiosities, and yet, Mitt seems incapable of opening it.

      Why cannot Mitt, ask for Obama’s school records? Why can’t Mitt ask about Obama’s removed lawyer license?

      Mitt should attempt to get a National Security Clearance, just to plaster Obama with, as Obama could NEVER get such a thing.

      Very depressing SamuelD…

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    • prairelivingComment by praireliving
      July 17, 2012 @ 4:33 pm

      While I am sick and tired of attack campaigns and would rather hear what someone is going to do rather than what the other person is not doing this information needs to get out. It is time to take off the gloves and go after all the lies that are coming from the left. It is evident, by Obama’s reaction to the suggestion that Mitt might be a felon, that Obama is not afraid to attack on the made up information. Time to let the people know the truth so they can vote from an educated standpoint.

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  9. librabobComment by librabob
    July 17, 2012 @ 11:06 am

    Excellent article, too bad you will never see this information printed in the Times or discussed on any news programs other than FOX. In other words, the truth about Obama will only be known to people on the right. The people on the left remain oblivious to the truth about their beloved president and they do so by choice. They are much like ostriches who put their heads underground to protect themselves from impending harm.

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  10. JDZComment by JDZ
    July 17, 2012 @ 11:58 am

    Romney has to eventually take the gloves off and go after Obama on any number of issues. The cannon fodder just keeps building up and I still do not see the Romney campaign taking advantage of it and doing that well against the Chicago machine working for Obama.

    I just believe that Mitt Romney is too nice of a guy. He comes off as a gentleman who does not have a mean bone in his body and is not into street fighting which is where this campaign is being taken by Obama.

    If Romney doesn’t get it together he will lose in November.

    There are just too many voters out there that do not pay that much attention to politics to start with and are ill informed and just go by the brief news snaps they see on the MSM networks.

    The reason Gingrich and Christie make us feel good is that they are direct and tough talking guys. They are not afraid to challenge those they are debating no matter who they are. They eminate confidence and a basic lack of fear. Obama would get chewed up in a debate by either of these two men.

    I do not see Romney that way. I hope that I am wrong and will be pleasantly surprised somewhere along the way. For example, Romney could say, OK, I will release all of my tax records if Obama will release all of his academic records, including his registration, grades, published papers, etc. Why doesn’t Romney get after the Obama radical background? Isn’t that something the public should be aware of this time around since McCain stayed away from it and the MSM gave Obama a pass in 2008?

    All I am saying is that Romney is in a reaction mode, a counter puncher, and needs to become the aggressor and put Obama on the defense. Go after him across the board on his poor performance, his radical past, his socialist agenda, etc.

    Do not be afraid to call Obama a socialist because that is what he is…or worse.

    This latest Obamna diatribe about how the private companies could not exist or be successful without the government to help them exposes his true weakness and view of the world. Use it to take him down.

    Come on Mitt, get with it!

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  11. cxComment by genesal
    July 17, 2012 @ 12:28 pm

    John Sununu, on Fox News said that Mitt’s Campaign has to ‘Pace’ itself. This is their policy. I call it a ‘McCain Scorched Earth’ policy.

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  12. clarkentComment by clarkent
    July 17, 2012 @ 4:22 pm

    Many people who make comments are right. Romney needs to TAKE THE GLOVES OFF and help America learn what Obama is all about, because the MSM is NOT going to report on it.

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  13. donvoterComment by donvoter
    July 17, 2012 @ 6:31 pm

    The comments are correct Obama has outsourced more of taxpayers money then even covered in this piece. What does Mitt say Obama is not telling the truth.

    The green jobs created in US where assembly and installation the real money was sent offshore.

    If it was not for the oil and gas industry drilling on private land the story would be even worse. NO NO No when we want freedom from offshore oil supply that’s message from Washington. He is only interested in his reelection not the American people.

    Mitt Romney better get his act together and fast the polls show he no sure winner. Maybe Marc Rubio can pull his chestnuts out of the fire.

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  14. how2johnComment by how2john
    July 17, 2012 @ 8:43 pm

    How do we get this consise article into Mitts hands? He should be hammerin on this now. Plus, Obama wrote an IOU from my kids and grand kids to do his outsourcin. If the country lasts that long. We have all had it too easy for too long, apathy and being on the gov teit have produced few extraordinary human beings like Phyllis, Pray for our country

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