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Kincaid: Rupert Murdoch Should Get Tough on Obama

By Cliff Kincaid

Rupert Murdoch is upset with the Mitt Romney campaign and its failure to go after Barack Obama. Murdoch says he wants to “save us from socialism” but that Romney, who told Bill O’Reilly that he doesn’t want to call Obama a socialist, isn’t prepared for the task ahead. Murdoch refers to the tough “Chicago pros” around Obama. They “will be hard to beat unless he [Romney] drops old friends from team and hires some real pros.”

Murdoch should take a look at his own network. While O’Reilly and Sean Hannity have examined some of the controversy over Obama’s socialist agenda, there is a bigger story to tell—one that could win the channel a major journalism prize. It is the Obama connection to Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis.

Of course, if Murdoch wants to get tough, he could start by bringing back Beck—Glenn Beck, that is. Glenn Beck wasn’t afraid to tell the truth about Obama—and his associates, such as Van Jones, and Obama’s patron, George Soros. That may have been what got him fired.

However, it is because of Beck and his book publishing imprint, Mercury Ink, that we can soon look forward to the release of Paul Kengor’s masterful The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor. Its official release date is July 17 but I have been able to review it in advance. It is a blockbuster that will make you tremble for the future of our country.

At about the same time, Joel Gilbert’s provocative film, “Dreams from My Real Father,” is scheduled for official release. Fox News could and should cover it now. I’m sure Gilbert would provide a copy to them, if they do not already have it. I have seen this film in advance. It, too, is devastating. It will make you wonder what we really know about Obama, not in terms of where he was born, but his political agenda and personal loyalties.

The Kengor book and the Gilbert film both focus on “Frank,” as he was called in Obama’s Dreams from My Father. Kengor explains the basics: “Frank Marshall Davis was introduced to Obama by Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham. Dunham introduced his grandson to Davis in the 1970s, by one account as early as 1970. He did so for the purpose of mentoring. And what a mentor he chose: Davis had been a literal card-carrying member of Communist Party USA. I have seen the FBI pages that list Davis’s actual CPUSA number, which was 47544. I reprint the FBI pages in the appendix of my book. Davis did outrageous pro-Soviet propaganda work for CPUSA organs like the Chicago Star and the Honolulu Record. His writings unerringly parroted the Soviet line. Like other CPUSA members, he was a loyal Soviet patriot.”

The other day James Rosen, of the Fox News Washington, D.C. bureau, did a story noting some of the discrepancies uncovered by David Maraniss in Obama’s book, Dreams from My Father. The Maraniss book, Barack Obama, the Story, is sympathetic to Obama but questions some of the claims that he made about his own family background and associates. However, Maraniss only goes so far in documenting how Obama lied about his upbringing. He plays down the influence of Davis, even while noting that Obama met with the communist “ten to fifteen times” during their years together in Hawaii.

Kengor comments, “…Maraniss doesn’t provide his source, but I’m assuming the source is Obama himself, whom Maraniss interviewed for this book. I haven’t seen that figure cited anywhere else. Already, in my early interviews for my book before its official release, I’ve been asked how often Obama met with Davis. My answer was that I didn’t know, and could only document the occasions that Obama documented in Dreams from My Father.”

Isn’t it incredible that Maraniss is the first mainstream journalist apparently to have questioned Obama about his relationship with a member of the Soviet-funded and controlled CPUSA? And that it has occurred almost four years after his election to the presidency? It makes you wonder if the FBI is aware of any of this, and what conclusions FBI director Robert Mueller and other officials concerned about our nation’s security came to regarding their “Commander-in-Chief.” J. Edgar Hoover would have gone through the roof.

Kengor notes that 10 to 15 meetings “is indeed quite notable, especially given the nature of these one-on-one meetings and their duration—often long late-night evenings together. In my book on Davis, I speculate on specific areas of politics and policy where Davis might have influenced Obama, from redistribution of wealth to nationalizing healthcare to General Motors (plus much more). In his memoirs, Obama doesn’t dare go into any of that. But such lessons at the knee of the extremely political and outspoken Davis could have easily occurred at any of these many meetings.”

Joel Gilbert examines the Marxist influence of Davis but goes beyond Kengor to looking at the issue of paternity. He tells AIM, “While Fox has covered Obama’s book, noting that it is largely a fairy tale, they have failed to ask the next question: what is true? My film Dreams from My Real Father provides a plausible and likely alternative that seems to be much closer to the truth.” That truth, as Gilbert sees it, is that Obama lied about the identity of his real father, who wasn’t the “Kenyan goat herder,” Barack Hussein Obama, but rather Frank Marshall Davis.

We know that Obama concealed the identity of “Frank” in his book. But did the cover-up extend to the evidence that Davis was in fact Obama’s real father? That is the persuasive case that Gilbert makes in his film. “Fox should investigate this theory,” Gilbert says. Lacking DNA evidence, definitive proof may not be forthcoming. But Gilbert has done his homework, based on extensive interviews, fact-finding in Hawaii, and the work of other investigators. The extraordinary side-by-side photos of Obama and Davis over the years are enough to convince anyone with two eyes that there may be a relationship.

These two researchers, Kengor and Gilbert, could explain, better than anyone, the mystery in the Oval Office. All that it would take is an order from Murdoch to Roger Ailes, president of Fox News, to get to the bottom of the controversy over Obama’s Marxist roots. Four years after Obama was elected president, isn’t it about time for what the late Andrew Breitbart called “the Vetting?”

Directing his comments to Rupert Murdoch personally, Gilbert says, “Why doesn’t Murdoch do his job—rather than worrying about Romney’s campaign?”

We’re waiting.


Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, and can be contacted at

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  1. anangrygrammaComment by anangrygramma
    July 9, 2012 @ 12:25 pm

    Amen, Mr Kincaid!
    Fox & Murdoch have long been just as complicit in the massive cover-up of the fraud-in-chief, as Congress itself.
    It is time that “we the people” spend a lot less time whining about this “Manchurian president” and a whole lot more time demanding answers from both Congress and Murdoch! Obviously, Romney is choosing the path of McCain, also choosing to hide his light under a bushel, when he could be exposing all that is known about this fraud. That in my opinion, could just well lead to four more years of this Marxist control, and the end of our republic.

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  2. CharlieComment by vietnamvet
    July 9, 2012 @ 1:54 pm

    The communist, Frank Marshal Davis, was an American citizen.
    If he WAS Barack’s father, Obama could (finally) claim to be a ‘natural-born’ American.

    But … sadly … STILL no birth certificate.

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  3. middlegroundComment by middleground
    July 9, 2012 @ 4:46 pm

    “Murdock want to save us from Socialism.”

    Forget the terms Socialist, Communist and Marxist, judge this administration by its energy policies alone. You can’t build an economy on when the wind blows and the sun shines nor tear down the hydroelectric dams as the rabid environmental wing of the Democratic Party would like us to do, ostensibly so fish don’t have to struggle up those fish ladders. Cheap energy is the foundation of all industrial societies and without our using fossil fuels the population of North America (Canada and the US) would be about what Harrison Brown (1954) calculated it was in the tribal America of the 16th century, about 3 to 4 million. It takes a lot of land to support a hunting, fishing and primitive farming society without efficient means of transport, commerce and industry, about a square mile or two per family unit. For example, the Huron tribe maintained the entire state of what is now Kentucky as a hunting preserve for when times got tough as Daniel Boone and his hunting party discovered to their sorrow.

    What is the Obama energy policy: 1) Shut down our nation’s coal mining and the use of coal; we have about 20% of the “world’s proven coal reserves, but these should be shipped to China” or the mines closed down; 2) eliminate oil and gas exploration on federal land and try to make the permitting process as cumbersome offshore as it is onshore; 3) try to find some way to stop fracking on private land by claiming it is harmful to the environment so you can create a permitting process; 4) push cap and trade or use the EPA to create massive wealth transfer from our carbon and sulfur emitting industries to third-world countries that have no fossil fuels, e.g. Kenya (ref. to the purpose of the Chicago Climate Exchange as the CCX broker); 5) when, for the first time fusion power research begins to look promising, cut funding for this multi-nation research effort from its current 600 million (less than one of those solar panel companies cost taxpayers). Carbon dioxide emitted on the Earth’s surface is used by plants to create energy and when these plants die some of that energy remains to be buried and converted to fossil fuels. The process is called photosynthesis and the process uses solar energy to combine carbon dioxide with water to create hydrocarbons. It is the foundation of all life on this Earth as these plants give off the oxygen we animals breath. Through millions of years the Earth’s atmosphere evolved to its present composition and we animals are alive because some plants used sunshine to create chemical energy and release oxygen as a waste product.

    What is the purpose of the current administration? The only reasonable conclusion seems to be reduce our nation’s industrial output, discourage those who are industrious, overwhelm our educational system with academically unmotivated students who get exposed to trivia education, create an increasing number of people dependent on a centralized government first in Washington then worldwide. It doesn’t work in the ant world, so why would anyone imagine it would work in the less organized human world where genocide is one of our oldest traditions. It’s how we humans became a biologically single species with no near relatives. If you are a compassionate idealist you may imagine this administration is concerned with worldwide problems and that all its appointees are working to solve humankind’s problems of disease, famine, war, overpopulation and the unequal distribution of both human and natural resources, but a mere glimpse of Europe’s current problems should force one to realize that every tribe, every ethnic group, every religion and every country have long held traditions that are in direct opposition this naïve world view.

    Only reality allows sustainability!

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  4. BillzillaComment by Billzilla
    July 9, 2012 @ 5:09 pm

    Obama in my opinion is not a communist, I believe that he’s a fascist. Communist want to control all means of production, including agriculture. Fascist allow their corporate allies, and enablers to control the means of production. It might even be called “crony capitalism”. Both the Fascist, and the communist are far, left wing socialist, and control all media.

    Communist Russian, and it’s conquered satellites were named the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The German Nazi’s were the National Socialist Party. Both became totalitarian states run by an oligarchy, fronted by one man.

    Socialism didn’t work in those two failed states or anywhere else that it’s been tried. Human nature simply gets in the way of the statist. Statism won’t work here either, it’s goes against our nature, and the American spirit. It’s also contrary to God’s nature!

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