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Olivastro: Incredible Burdens

By Richard Olivastro

“There is an inverse relationship between reliance on the state and self-reliance.”

That Truth Shot comes to us compliments of the late William F. Buckley.

And, it sets an appropriate tone for this Tax Freedom Series Summary because:

“Incredible Burdens” now confront every citizen… every citizen’s children… and lie in wait set to ambush our grandchildren.


  • The SPENDING burdens… across all levels of government – which increased incrementally over the generations… accelerated during recent decades… and exploded beginning January 2009.
  • The DEBT burdens… which were placed upon the backs of the people -- already at unprecedented amounts - across government levels -- continue to grow at unprecedented rates.
  • The TAX burdens… which have been imposed upon the people -- by politicians - past and present -- over the years… now have the cumulative effect… of squeezing the breath out… of the everyday lives of citizens.

As a result, more and more citizens - increasingly… experience – as Robert Browning described: “… lives of desperation”.

How did it happen… in the good ‘ol USA?

There are many - micro reasons - to be sure.

But, be certain – for the core reason at the macro level - and our second Truth Shot - is:

  • The ‘Fundamental Lack of Fiscal Responsibility in Government’.

What has caused the ‘Fundamental Lack of Fiscal Responsibility in Government?

Here too, there are many - micro excuses – that can… and will surely… be served up by liberal progressives as… reasons… for government:

  • Excessive Spending; and the,
  • Extraordinary Debt.

Before we draw a conclusion, a brief outline of salient facts and attitudes:


Free Lunch

Free Health Care

Free from all Personal Responsibility

Crony everything


Government is ‘Drowning in Debt’.

Debt wears many disguises. One major example: ‘Credit’.

Redistribution is stealing. “Robbing Peter to pay Paul is a political mindset.

Debt is the rope noose that hangs everyone… individuals, families, governments.


Tax rates are too high.  Types of taxes are too many.

Tax traps include:

  • Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Looming Balanced Budget Amendment

Average taxpayer – nationally - worked 97 days for government – until April 17th. Compares to: Best case - Tennessee (March 31); Worst case - Connecticut (May 5).


The three-headed government monster - - Spending – Debt – Taxes - - is chocking… individual choice… and freedom itself.

Earlier I noted:

  • The ‘Fundamental Lack of Fiscal Responsibility in Government’

Now, put plainly:

  • Most incumbents have failed to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to properly represent citizen taxpayers.

Will that change in November?

Be wary.

One concern is, prospectively, too many new candidates seem to mimic… the very insiders who - for years – have been putting their own elective self-interests ahead of the interests of taxpayers and all the people.

If that proves to be the continuing case beginning again next January, then that would be more… bad news for taxpayers.

This final Truth Shot just might serve all citizens during remaining primaries and the November general election:

Select individuals with Personal Integrity to ensure the restoration of Fiscal Responsibility.


Richard Olivastro is president of Olivastro Communications and founder of Citizens for Change. You, too, can Sign the Declaration. A professional member of the National Speakers Association, he is available pro bono for charitable fundraisers and public forums.  Reach Out to Rich via e-mail at or by phone at 1-877-RichSpeaks.

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