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Segel: The Real One Percent

By Thomas D. Segel

 The malcontents, riffraff and anarchists who make up the “Occupy” movement remain busy attacking those they call the “One Percent”, or the 3 million Americans who provide most of the funding that run the great American engine. It might be more fitting for the same body of individuals to take a few moments out of lives which are, for the most part self serving, and think about the real 1% of Americans who have always “paid it forward” for their country.

It should be obvious we are referring to the Armed Forces of the United States of America, known to many as members of the Warrior Clan.  They are made up of slightly more than one million men and women now on active duty and the approximately 2 million who are standing ready to serve again on the military retired roles of the nation.  It is only because of this small one percent of Americans that others in our country can protest against what they perceive as everything wrong in America.

This is the one percent that gave of their lives, their blood, their bodies and their youth so almost half of the citizens in the country can pay no income tax.  They fought, thus allowing others to demand greater union benefits, higher paying jobs, nicer automobiles, quality welfare care, increased government funded medical support, extended unemployment benefits, subsidized housing and mortgages, and a liberal leaning educational system.

The real one percent didn’t spend nights in various forms of debauchery or destroying the property of other citizens.  Instead they spent their time marked by years away from those they loved, attempting to sleep in mud, sand and bug infested conditions, or staring into the darkness waiting for a faceless enemy to strike.  They endured freezing cold, jungle swelter, and mind burning  temperatures for weeks and months on end.

Perhaps the “Occupy” group would like to know how it historically came to be that they are free to spend their days and nights making slums of various neighborhoods around the country.  It is possible because 625,000 of this proud One Percent died for us during the Civil War.  Another 116,000 gave up  their final breaths for us in World War I.   405,000 of the One Percent making up the Warrior Clan died during World War II to protect the freedoms we all enjoy.  Another 58,151 sacrificed themselves for you, the “Occupiers”, and me during the Korean conflict.  At this moment,  in what the politicians call “The War on Terror”,  another 6,300 Americans have given of their lives in combat, and we are still counting. If we could ever get an honest number out of the government we would find somewhere in the range of 45,000 more military personnel have been wounded in action during this more than ten years of conflict..

People might be interested in knowing that half of those in uniform have now served more than one year in combat.  More than 30% have been in either Iraq or Afghanistan for longer than two years.  This leaves nearly 20% of our Warriors who have served their nation three, four and even five years in combat.  For those who would like to compare, that is more time under direct threat of death than the total length of the Civil War or World War II.

With that bit of history, lets take a quick look at how our “ungrateful nation” rewards these gallant brothers and sisters.  The Obama Administration thinks they are over paid and have far too many benefits.  He thinks they should pay for part of their medical care, even though politicians sending them into combat brought about most of their medical requirements.  The President thinks he can save a lot of money and benefit more of his needy constituency by removing hazardous duty pay.  His new budget makes major cuts in military expenditures, including health care for active duty and retired personnel.

Where a monthly stipend while serving in a combat zone has been the law of the land for decades, the Obama Administration believes that is far to generous for the troops.  He would have them receive a daily sum of money totaling $7.50, but it would only be paid for those days when the enemy was actually shooting directly at our servicemen and women.

This administration also wants to force our military into his nationalized “Obamacare” program by more than tripling the fees military personnel, retired personnel and their dependents will be required to pay for services.  For some this can mean an additional medical cost of more than $2,500 a year.  Added to these drastic demands is the $500 billion taken from Medicare to pay for his new medical entitlement programs.  Because senior retirees past age 65 have been moved into Medicare the cuts also impact them.  At the same time none of these changes will be passed on to anyone receiving healthcare under the President Obama Union favoritism program. All union employees are exempt.

By the way Mr. President, unions are not very high on the people’s favorite organizations fan list.  The military…or the Real One Percent ranks right at the top.  You might remember that come election day.

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  1. galexComment by galex
    March 6, 2012 @ 2:49 pm

    It is up to us to make sure he is reminded!

    Let us not shirk our duty!

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  2. bfranklinComment by bfranklin
    March 6, 2012 @ 7:47 pm

    As a former veteran of the US Air Force who served during a time of war and now has health issues as result, issues which the same government and country I so faithfully served refuses to help me with, I can see a couple of sides to this issue, which should all be addressed, not just the fact that the military personnel are for the most part, the best we have to offer in this country.

    However, the civilian personnel who are in charge of this military, these days, are the worst our country can offer, in all three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial.

    The problem comes down to massive corruption- which the founding fathers warned against.

    Why does our country allow veterans who served honorably to be denied care generation after generation, for dangerous and unneeded toxic experiments on them? Why were the veterans exposed to radiation experiments, Agent Orange, and toxic chemicals and vaccinations with Gulf War Illness be refused treatment or be told its all in their heads. That’s simple- follow the string from the military to the big corporations that profit from the poisons, and relationship is clear. The Congressional hearing on GWI in 1999 clearly found that the VA and DOD were trying to not treat veterans with GWI, simply to save money; moreover, they insulted and disparaged the veterans by making them out to be mental cases when in fact they were not.

    So, back to OWS. This movement is not totally focused on Wall Street, but also the corruption in DC which ties the two together. Sure, there may be all kinds of people joining to protest, but this is what our country is made of – many different people. To be sure, there are professionals, veterans, and others who were there are supporting this as well. If there is any doubt about the revolving door between Wall St. and the US government- the documentary Inside Job by Matt Damon is a must see. One trader on a CNN interview even boasted that Goldman Sachs runs the countries that run the world.

    In conclusion, if people in this country still have a spine left, then it is time to take our government back peacefully, and remind them that this is a democratic republic, not a fascist -socialist state, and that we will no longer stand for criminals running it and making themselves rich along with some of the bad corporations who are involved, and that is is time people asserted their power, which we only LOAN to the government. If they are abusing this loan of power, subverting our Constitution, and making this country more abusive than it ever was under King George, then we have every right to take that power back.
    I believe Congressman and presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul is one of the few honest and honorable men left who can help. On the other side of the fence, Congressman Dennis Kucinich seems to be an honest man as well.

    On a final note, the founding fathers in their first act of government dedicated this country to God at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Manhattan, on the corner of the 9/11 site. Pres. Washington prayed that this country would never turn from God, from whom the US the victory of the British came. That same church was the only building still standing after 9/11. I think God is talking to us still today, and that to turn the country around, the people have to come back to him. Even the evil city of Nineveh in ancient time, had enough sense to repent when warned and God spared them. Those people immediately repented after Jonah’s warning, from the King on down.

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