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Salvato: Western Unrest and the Failure of Social Engineering

By Frank Salvato

While the world mainstream media is focused on the unrest that has plagued Great Britain, they are delinquent in reporting on societal unrest elsewhere in the Western world. In Chile, tens of thousands of students staged violent protests, demanding changes in government-funded public education. In Philadelphia, a rash of “flash mob” incidents has forced that city’s mayor to impose curfews for teenagers in several neighborhoods. And in Milwaukee, authorities are investigating a string of mob-like actionsinvolving large groups of predominantly black teenagers near the Wisconsin State Fair, leading one City Alderman to attributing the violence as a sign of “deteriorating African American culture in our city.”

In all of these instances – from London to Milwaukee, Santiago to Philadelphia, one common factor exists: Young people, who have been endowed with a falsely elevated sense of self-esteem, are narcissistically demanding more from a grossly over-extended government entitlement system instituted by Progressives to create a dependent populace. Why would anyone want to create such an unstable and dangerous societal atmosphere? Power.

In its detailed examination of Progressivism,, states:

“In the progressive worldview, the proper role of government was not to confine itself to regulating a limited range of human activities as the Founders had stipulated, but rather to inject itself into whatever realms the times seemed to demand. The progressives reasoned that although America’s Founders had felt it necessary to limit the power of government because of their experience with King George III, government, as a result of historical evolution, was no longer the menace it once had been; rather, they believed government had become capable of solving an ever-greater array of societal problems -- problems the Founders could never have envisioned. Consequently, the progressives called for a more activist government whose regulation of people’s lives was properly determined not by the outdated words of an anachronistic Constitution, but by whatever the American people seemed to need at any given time... 

“As its name indicates, progressivism suggests movement toward a goal – in this case, bigger government and increased state control. But it is a gradual, incremental movement rather than a sudden transformation. Progressives endorse evolution (rather than revolution), a process by which society drifts gradually but inexorably toward statism. 

“To facilitate this evolution, progressives have sought, ever since their entry into the pages of American history, to infiltrate society's power structure and its key institutions – the schools, the media, the churches, the entertainment industry, the labor unions, and the three branches of government...”

We can see the intervening hand of Progressivism at the root cause of the civil unrest in Britain, Chile and the United States.

To focus on just one avenue that the Progressive movement has been successful in traveling, they have, for over a generation now, maintained a stranglehold on the American education system. Regardless of the fact that every school district is set up to be locally controlled, for reasons meant to benefit the immediate community, labor unions and special interest groups – enabled by over-reaching state and federal governments – have wrestled control of not only the classroom from locally elected school board authority, but curriculum as well. Today, instead of teaching critical thinking skills so that our children learn how to think; so that they learn how to educate themselves for their lives, Progressives have instituted an education system that teaches our children what to think. Putting it bluntly, they have instituted a system of education that indoctrinates our children into a Progressive line of thinking.

Again from

“In 1913, the Progressive historian Charles Beard published “An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States,” which offered a Marxist view of history...It portrayed America's Founding Fathers as basically selfish men who had established a form of government that they thought would benefit them, and only them, financially. From Beard's premise, it was a short logical leap to discredit the Constitution itself as ‘essentially an economic document’ unworthy of the lasting reverence of legislators, judges, or ordinary citizens...”

To spotlight this tactic as it is used today, I need only allude to the many instances and stories emanating from the many classrooms that report the use of curriculum portraying our Founders and Framers as bigoted and racist slave owners, rather than the guardians of liberty who struggled during the debates of both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution over the issue of slavery.

An accurate reading of history includes the fact that Thomas Jefferson had included the abolishment of slavery in the Declaration of Independence only to have it removed after a vicious debate on the subject. It was only removed to facilitate the enlistment of the whole of the colonies in the revolution. Yet, today, Progressive curriculum teaches our children that Jefferson was not only a slave owner, but that he had fathered a child by one of his slaves, Sally Hemings. Today’s history lesson of Mr. Jefferson omits the fact that there were seven Jefferson men with the same DNA at Monticello during the time that Ms. Hemings would have been with child. The lesson also omits, almost in total, any examination of the philosophy held by Mr. Jefferson with regard to humanity, revolution, government or society. Today, Jefferson, instead of being a brilliant visionary and a part of the creation of unique system of government new to all the world, he is a slave owning White man who impregnated a slave.

This singular example of Progressive manipulation established, understood and accepted, one of the most damaging and manipulative tactics used by the Progressive Movement in our education system is the artificially elevated self-esteem of our children. Today, Progressives instill in our children an unearned sense of self-worth; a falsely elevated self-esteem. Teachers and group administrators have been deceived into believing that by manufacturing a faux pride usually reserved for the realization of an achieved success, they can advance the educational capabilities of the child. These useful, albeit in many cases well-meaning, “idiots,” as it were, have taken to eliminating the need to keep score at recreational sporting events, to awarding first prizes to everyone, to making sure “everyone is a winner,” etc.

In reality, depriving a child of “learning how to lose” deprives them – robs them – of the critical lesson of how to learn from their failures – a lesson more valuable than learning how to achieve. And when a child has no skill set that can address failure; no skill set to derive a lesson from the failure so as to turn that failure into a victory, into a learning experience, into a success, what the “system” has created is an angry, frustrated individual possessing an entitlement mindset but who is less the critical thinking tools to affect achievement on an individual level. The Progressive education “system” has been producing individuals who believe they are entitled to everything and responsible for nothing.

When we understand the tactics used by the Progressives to affect a generation of those who they can enslave to entitlement, we can more clearly see just how much damage they have already done.

As British new media columnist John Phelan points out in addressing the riots engulfing the streets of Britain:

“There was always the danger that people on the left would seek to use this unrest as a vehicle for their own pet causes. Ken Livingstone proved again just what an irrelevant lump of 80’s nostalgia he is by blaming, not the current government, but that of Margaret Thatcher. Others have consulted their A-level sociology textbooks and pinned the blame on the rioting youths’ ‘disenfranchisement’ or ‘deprivation.’

“None of this third rate Marxist rubbish holds up if you leave the lecture hall and come face to face with the rioters. It is almost impossible to think of a way these people are disenfranchised. Each and every one of them has the franchise. When they reach 18 they will have the right to vote. They may choose not to use it, but that’s up to them.

“Neither did the rioters I saw look particularly deprived. The closest things they have to uniforms are Franklin & Marshall jumpers, which retail for about £60 each. Most of them were filming their rampages on iPhones which can retail at over £400.

“The poverty these kids have is moral, not financial. Many of them come from broken families which derive most of their support from the state. Neither they, nor their parents, have ever had to face consequences or take responsibility in their lives. If a girl gets pregnant the state pays. If they’d rather pose about like a gangster than get a job, the state pays. And if they commit a crime state punishment is often a joke. So, they behave as they please.”

In one instance a British rioter, admittedly drinking wine at “half nine in the morning” was quoted as saying, “...that’s what it’s all about, showing the police we can do what we want.” Another youthful looter bragged, “We’re getting our taxes back.”

From Birmingham, UK, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Santiago, Chile, the scene plays out the same. Progressives have succeeded in creating a “Dependent Class” out of a generation of intellectually manufactured narcissists, all in the name of “social justice”; all under the wicked institution of social engineering; all at the hand of Socialism. Today, that “Dependent Class” is angry because the utopian promises made by glad-handing Progressive politicians and elitists to create an all providing nanny state has failed at the weight of the cost of those promises...and the world pays the price.

The unrest in the West is not racially motivated. It is not a battle between the “haves” and the “have nots.” It is the result of a reckless experiment in social engineering executed by the power-hungry that used our children as guinea pigs. What we are witnessing is the natural result of a failed Progressive ideology and the intellectual destruction of a generation. What we are witnessing is the result of a true crime against humanity.

Sadly, no court in the world will hold the Progressive monsters accountable for their crimes...because, my friends, Progressives own the courts.

God help us all.


Frank Salvato is the Executive Director and Director of Terrorism Research for a non-profit, non-partisan, 501(c)(3) research and education initiative. Mr. Salvato is available for public speaking engagements. He can be contacted at


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  2. inluminatuoComment by inluminatuo
    August 12, 2011 @ 9:49 am

    I often wonder what America would look like had the modern day Socialist Demons walked the earth in 1776 and had their way with us. Had just one of the Franklins, Jefferson’s, Madison’s, Washington’s become victims of their dark ideology of selective abortion and not survived their evil schemes to live to maturity culminating in Constitutional creative Liberty, this last best hope of mankind would never had been born.. The invisible hand of God must have guided them and hopefully guides us now in our struggle to defeat the dark side of the current American political corruption. Perhaps it is because we HAVE already aborted them in Socialist Progressive ignorance that such men no longer walk the earth today to do battle for our freedoms. We have embraced the lesser Angels of our nature at our own peril, but no longer will we abide their destructive foolishness. It’s back to the basic Life Liberty and the pursuit of Justice,,,No longer Death, Despair and the pursuit of the Socialist injustice of Socialist Privilege.

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    Rating: 4.5/5 (8 votes cast)
  3. onewildmanComment by onewildman
    August 12, 2011 @ 10:52 am

    First let me say social engineering always ends in violence. The false and distorted lessons taught in our schools is a major part of the problem. They exacerbate the situation by using a grading curve that both deprives them of learning the required material and gives them a false impression of accomplishment. This leads to higher cost to the student when they try to get into college. They find they did not learn the required knowledge and have to enroll in remedial coarse in English, Math and Science. As many as forty percent of freshman now require remedial courses that give you no credit toward your degree. Also billions of dollars are spent doing this. This is unacceptable and the liberal education system is responsible. each year the graduation classes get dumber.
    When I was kid if you didn’t learn the required material, you either went to summer school or your were held back a grade. We all know how bad being held back is hard on your self image. That is why liberals came up with grading on a curve. It protects your self image and promotes you to the next grade where you learn even less than the previous grade.
     My Mom, my sister, my uncle and my brother-n-law were teachers and refused to use the grading curve. In stead they did what good teaches do. They spend the extra time the students needed to learn the material. They truly care about imparting their knowledge to their students.
     IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! ! ! ! !

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  4. lwessonComment by lwesson
    August 12, 2011 @ 12:07 pm

    Frank, some leaders of what is left of Europe have had the surprising guts to finally step up and admit that multiculturalism is a complete ruinous suicidal failure.  Briton, France, Germany… leadership are finally waking up out of the long self induced stupor.  Their subjugated peoples, their Subjects that have fought and died in so many wars for “freedom”  –or the Fatherland and not so much freedom– have been waking up to this cancerous suicide for years BECAUSE they have to live NEXT to it as the elite,  the Ivory Tower peoples, do not. 
    The US Founders that you talked about clearly wrote about the need for a united culture, a united people for the system of a Representative Democracy to succeed despite all of the attempts to isolate The People from obtaining the direct reins of government.  This they feared.
    Put it this way Frank, a Home is likely much more safe in the hands of a family that owns said Home than in the hands of a complete stranger.  The more alien the stranger the more likely bad things will happen.
    Just where do you get off Frank in ignoring that Britons are replaced with COMPLETE aliens? You find no intellectual room, no candor in your LONG LONG article to point this out?  You can blather on about moral this, education that, all you want to.  It is safe ground here in the US and in the 1984 Police State of England it is MANDATORY that you think, safely there least you are arrested, fined, imprisoned.  In this regard you march lock step with the Progressives.
    And yes, The Progressives/Liberals/Internationalist-Globalists have taken advantage of utilizing those who swarm into an advanced Western Nation and embrace the Nanny State, provide cheap labor but NO comment about that from you or others like O’Riley or Ann Coulter last night as they spun around avoiding the issue.  “No spin zone”, my you know what.
    Frankly Frank, it is about time that London burns again as it was only a matter of time.  It is a wake up call for those who inherited from those who were brought to fight their “finest hour” for England, for Brittany despite loosing the Empire in the process.  The death of Great Briton will continue on quickly if Britons turn their backs now on their glowing city, their history, their nation, their people!  

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    • lwessonComment by lwesson
      August 14, 2011 @ 5:09 pm

      No comments.  Just little negative stars.  Simple minds, simple stars, simple for suicide.

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      Rating: 3.7/5 (3 votes cast)
    • onewildmanComment by onewildman
      August 15, 2011 @ 8:40 am

      lesson, you are absolutely correct on bot of your comments.
      IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! ! ! !

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    • lwessonComment by lwesson
      August 15, 2011 @ 11:08 am

      Thank you onewildman.  Watching the various riots unfold, it is stunning and frightening at how censored the media strangles it’s own self to obscure the obvious and become mentally retarded in any intellectual thinking on the matter.
      One guess is that we have been lied to for so long about multiculturalism and so many have either bought into it or have turned sheelple and bowed to it that to find that it is all a lie, a pox upon our house that there is a defensive anger going on, a lashing out at those who tell the truth. 
      Herr Goebbels talked freely, more so than our own press, in the need to tell THE BIG LIE to the people vs little lies.  The bigger the better.  Why?  Little ones can be exposed and you quickly loose your credibility.  The Big Lies are harder to figure out and over time are bought into.  The human condition hates to acknowledge that it has been lied to.  So fully vested in the Big Lie, there is a human trait to defend the lie which digs you in deeper into the lie.
      I am surprised that we are not popping our heads out in China!  BUT if the lie is finally exposed, the final defense is an angry one.  Think, domestic abuse case and the cops rescue a beaten wife but the wife then turns on the cops.  Sounds insane but it happens all of the time.  Eventually, eventually you get over the anger and redirect it to the LIARS and Hell comes with that.  Goebbels surmised that you can manage your agenda with propaganda  (both sides did this)   and hopefully get what you want done, done before exposure.  And if you win, then exposure is not so bad.  Don’t loose.
      In the case of Multiculturalism, Western Civilization is the prize.  It’s destruction, it’s subjugation is essential to the various Players out there to achieve domination.  Briton is all too close to subjugation.  The remaining British People are waking up but they are doing so in an 1984 Totalitarian State.  God help The British People!
      Irony that the Empire that the Sun never sat at, an evening twilight zone is now atop of them. —Regards! 

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