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    Quarantine Questions

    To quarantine or not to quarantine? That is the legal and medical question of the hour. Should the good people coming back to the USA after helping fight Ebola in West Africa be forced to undergo a 21-day quarantine? The defense department obviously thinks so. It has announced that all U.S. military ... Read More

    America's Most Incurable Disease Is Spending

    I have had a fulfilling career as a pediatric neurosurgeon, which unfortunately included numerous instances where worst-case scenarios played out in the operating room. Good surgeons plan ahead for these possible events so that bad outcomes are minimized. But of course, few treatment plans will succ ... Read More

    The Spectacular Self-Immolation of Wendy R. Davis

    Wendy Russell Davis is on fire. And I don't mean that in a good way. I mean it in a five-alarm, set-her-own-skirt-aflame, billowing-human-torch kind of way. To say that Davis is smokin' hot is not a compliment. It's a campaign incineration status update. The Democratic darling of the Hollywood Left ... Read More

    The Science on Isolating Health Care Workers

    On Monday, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head Thomas Frieden announced a new policy on health care workers returning from Ebola-plagued West Africa. Parroting President Obama's Saturday radio address, Frieden cautioned that Americans must be "guided by the science," not fear. Sorry. The ... Read More

    Illegal Voters May Decide Fate of Senate

    Control of the U.S. Senate is up for grabs on Nov. 4, and illegal voters may tip the balance. Estimates are that more than 14 percent of non-citizens were registered to vote in the elections of 2008 and 2010, and that could now easily exceed the margin of victory in many tight Senate races. Democrat ... Read More

    Has Mary Landrieu lost the black vote?

    Prospects that three-term Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu will return to the U.S. Senate to represent Louisiana for a fourth term are looking increasingly bleak. Sen. Landrieu has good reason to be concerned. One reason is disenchantment among Louisiana’s black population, which amounts to 32 percent ... Read More

    The Problem with Obama and Czars

    Why would Republicans John McCain and Jack Kingston be so stupid as to call for Obama to recruit a "Czar" to coordinate government medical and communication efforts in the Ebola imbroglio? Minimizing Obama's true breach of his oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United Stat ... Read More

    Profile, or Die

    We all know what an act of Islamic terrorism is — except for our lame duck-in-chief, that is. Now the Canadians know it, too. On Wednesday one of their fellow citizens who had just converted to Islam and wanted to go overseas and join ISIS donned a dark jacket and an "Arabic scarf" and attacked thei ... Read More

    The Terrorist-Sympathizing Opera

    The Metropolitan Opera in New York City is hardly a site for hundreds of angry protesters. But they have erupted over their current selection, an opera called "The Death of Klinghoffer." Leon Klinghoffer was the 69-year-old paralyzed New Yorker who in 1985 was aboard the hijacked cruise ship Achille ... Read More

  • "I find it most interesting, that the most racist ever, Administration, stoops to calling their opponents racists. Is this not..." Comment by freedomfighter
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  • "Commentary: "The objective evidence is clear; it's only a matter of time before this translates into dramatically shifting voter patterns...." Comment by NewsWatcher
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  • "Welfare, schmelfare. I find it interesting that while America's median income has dropped from $54,000 to $50,000, redefining the poverty level..." Comment by billybob55
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