The 9,000 Pound Elephant in the Living Room

Financial advisor Dave Ramsey put forth an interesting scenario recently on his nationally syndicated radio call-in program. Taking a hypothetical phone call from John Q. Public and his wife, We the People, in one brief illustration Ramsey demonstrated that no one in Washington, D.C., is really serious about cutting spending. Ramsey has a way of boiling large numbers down to their essence and showing us the absurdity of our debt crisis.

From Liberal to Invisible

Where is Barack Obama? Is he still in office? As he jets off with his family for a taxpayer-paid vacation in Rio, does he realize the world is falling apart around him? Does he realize that the radical unrest and disturbances in the Middle East are driving oil and gasoline prices so high that a double dip recession - this time with inflation - is increasingly likely?

Where is the Constitution?

President Obama swore an oath to '...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.' He should have sworn to obey it. Congress, alone, has the power to declare war, and to make all the laws necessary to engage in military conflict. The War Powers Act defines precisely what is required of the President before military action may commence.

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No Compromise, Defund Planned Parenthood
The face-down in Congress on the federal budget must be about principles as well as absolute spending. No drunk will sober up if he only thinks about how much he drinks and not about why. There is nothing more repugnant and flagrantly misplaced in the federal budget than the $360 million taxpayers annually send to Planned Parenthood.

GOPUSA Poll: Should Congress be called back into session to vote on the legality of US actions against LIbya?
As the saying goes, what goes around, comes around, but seldom has it ever come around with such perfect irony as with Obama's new war. Liberal heads must be exploding as they watch their anti-war president open a third front of his very own in the Middle East. Oh, my!

Action in Libya could last 'awhile,' official says
ZEITOUNIYA, Libya - The international military intervention in Libya is likely to last "awhile," a top French official said Monday, echoing Moammar Gadhafi's warning of a long war ahead as rebels said they were fighting to reclaim a city under the Libyan leader's control.

Nuclear Consequences of Japanese Earthquakes
As the situation in Japan continues to unfold following the massive earthquake in the northern City of Sendai, the news coverage has been increasingly focusing on the Japanese nuclear facilities.

Earthquake in Japan: Dependable Aid from America
There is no dependable way to foretell the next natural calamity that will befall planet Earth. Actually, the only thing mankind can say about the next planet-shaking catastrophe is that after whatever horrendous event has ended, America will have aid en route.

US Is the Unilateral Power in a Multilateral World
One thing on which there seems to have been agreement during the monthlong debate about how the United States should respond to the uprisings in the Middle East -- in particular to the anti-Moammar Gadhafi rebels in Libya -- is that we must not act unilaterally.

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Letters from the E-mail Bag

Re: Leadership from Gov. Kasich (Linda Chavez)

Excellent piece on Gov John Kasich! As a featured anchor of FOX News "Heartland" a few years ago, he endeared himself to the conservative base across the country. Ohio is fortunate to have such a dedicated American as their governor. Maybe 2016 will see Kasich for president?
-- Grace M Alvarez, Twain Harte, CA

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